Golden Donkey competition results

Hello everyone,

well, the Golden Donkey competition is over and I’d like to thank everyone for participating. Recieved over 150 contest entries and I had a great laugh sorting them out :)

The quality of various entries was various, some involved anatomic donkey details, others involved SerB AND anatomic donkey details (ugghhh). Oh and there have been three “y u play when u insult wg fuuu” e-mails, I had a good laugh about them too, thanks :)

It was actually really hard to pick one winner, but in the end, I picked Sethes:


Furthermore, as promised, I picked one of the entries randomly – it was JPKERR‘s entry that won.


And some of the contributions, with author names. Thanks everyone for participating, I hope you had fun :)

































103 thoughts on “Golden Donkey competition results

  1. Why didn’t the glory hole guy or the god & Adam painting guy win? Those are hilarious!

  2. that’s some funny entries there xD grats to the winners! this should be featured on WG main page lmao

  3. Wow, mine got shown :O It is a huge pleasure :D All of them made me laugh, it was pretty funny making the entry itself too :D

  4. Congrats to the winners!!!! Lots of fun.

    WG well deserves bashing for all in game fails this year and epic style of EU community alienation. The idea to ridicule they Golden Joystick aspirations in a way of that contest was splendid.

    • ROFL….if nothing else mate i had a good laugh at your work xDDD that hamster in the corner is epic xDDD

  5. I really love the Serb’n’Donkey parody on that god’n’adam painting… and so many other nice ones too :D The golden donkey award just shows ss have bad taste haha :P

  6. Что за шлюхи вас рожали,ах точно в европе все шлюхи

  7. What’s happened to this blog? A bunch of fan boys making fun of a developer of a game they play every day? Wth

    If you don’t like the game why do you play it? I play it because to me its a great game that I’m good at, runs on my old laptop, and it has quick matches which makes it easy to play between activities. It also has tons of tanks that although might not be completely historical have performance based on the real tanks. This isn’t a simulator so that doesn’t bother me. Now to me War Thunder is a sim so if its tanks aren’t historically correct that would bother me. To me World of Tanks is like the Gran Turismo of tanks. Lots of real life tanks in a arcade/semi-sim game. Now there are certain things I don’t like and I wish they would add more game modes but this game to me this game is still very good, why I play it a lot still. I’ve been playing it for more than 2 years now.

  8. Поляки с горящими жопами, так приятно. Пшеки, пошли нахуй из игры! :D

  9. Что то поляки развонялись. Пора им хвост прищемить. Надо польщу вновь поделить. С внуками фошиздов.

  10. These images are as bad as the point they are trying to make.

    On a 1-10 art scale, it’s like -2.

    • Smoleńsk is great Polish tragedy. It is very sad that 30% of our society belongs to PiS lemming herd. And other 60% to PO and SLD lemming herds. (all those are political parties)

  11. “Polska – zaścianek cywilizacji, która w rzeczywistości nie ma żadnego znaczenia w świecie”- Stanisław Lem

  12. знатно у поляков пуканы подарвало.

    польша стронг бля кококококо

  13. Saito_Himea copied most of his from my thread!!!

    I named it ‘ the touch of serb, I posted that pic but without the donkey and joystick. The DARTH WORAS friend remade it making it look better!

  14. I was scrolling and wondering. How come no one thought of making one with the famous Creation of Adam in the Sistine Chapel but with SerB and Stalin.

    Scrolling a bit more…AAAH…theeere it is!(granted it’s a stalinist donkey but hey)

  15. Что за биомусор эти картинки создавал наверно поляки?

  16. The Poles constantly of something burnt. Poland – it’s ass in the middle of Europe, from which streams run burning shit to the neighbors.