FTR Golden Donkey mock-a-thon

Hello everyone,

tired of the Golden Joystick hype? Of WG EU community shoving it down your throat?


Well, here’s a competition just for you then :) You see, thanks to generous donation of player Takato, I have here two bonus codes for 7 day prem + 1000g (Gamescom codes – please note this code will NOT work if you redeemed one code of the same type already).

Your task is simple: create a picture (I don’t care what size, if it’s a poster or an avatar) mocking Wargaming and Golden Joystick competition. Its motives can include (but are not limited to) a Donkey, Stalin, WG cheating the competition with bot votes, SerB – or anything else you can think of.

One abovementioned code will go to the funniest picture, the second will go to a randomly selected participant :) The results will be published. There are no serious rules, but stay within at least basic decency limits (can’t publish it if there’s a huge donkey dick across the whole picture for example).

Important: Send your submission to this address:

You have until Sunday (competition ends on 6.10.2013, 23:59 CEST). Don’t forget to write your nickname!

70 thoughts on “FTR Golden Donkey mock-a-thon

  1. –(can’t publish it if there’s a huge donkey dick across the whole picture for example).


  2. Absolutely brilliant! You won’t mind me posting the same entry on the “official” one for added lolz.

  3. Oh, so that’s a golden joystick, not big yellow middle finger to entire EU community on iScending’s avatar?

  4. generally I m really tired of your hate of WG or whatever it is – you do great job of getting informations – but otherwise you really hateful

    non mature guy with a huge complex, that is the definition of you in my eyes – at start i was quite “fan” of you year ago when you posted some shitty stuff in WG community – but enough is enough – shit happens everywhere – WG bring to the community one of the biggest and greates free online game and if you have any other which you like more go for that (i doubt, otherwise you would be not posting on this blog) and vote for that game

    do I care about WG ? i dont rofl why should I ??? I care about real life

    do I myself has issues with game ? yes I have

    do I (still) like this game and play it ? yes I do

    what will happen then ? if I will not like this game I stop playing it and stop supporting it

    good lord Silentstalker its time to grow up I m quite fed up of your hate towards them

    • Why are you even reading this then? Please go elsewhere.

      WG fails too freaking much and they deserve the golden donkey reward for this. Seriously the game is OK. It could have been great if they actually tried to stop being stuck up wannabe Russians once in a while and actually did something to improve their crappy service or their amateur rookie mistakes in every portal post / special / event.

      Not like other game companies are holy but WG seriously needs to improve their service towards their customer base.

    • If you are fed up with SilentStalker, just leave. Noone will miss you.

      WG deserves bashing, especially from EU. They have proven it again and again that we are trash to them. SilentStalker is not inventing WG fuckups, he is pointing to them. And if those fuckups are real, they deserve bashing for it.

      Don’t like the facts WG fanboy? Then don’t visit the blog that shows the truth.

    • *shrugs*

      Look at it this way: despite various claims of neutrality, everyone usually takes some kind of stand, or rather, position, that reflects his views. More than anywhere else can this be seen on blogs (or magazines and newspapers, if you will). If we compare it to politics – if you are a right-winged person, you won’t go reading newspapers known for their affiliation with some communist party, right?

      Same goes for this blog. Several times I felt like I need to steer this blog in some direction, to entertain certain audience. This matter goes back months: back then, there was an option of some collaboration. You know, on community contributor level (hell, back then there were no CO’s yet I think, but anyway). I was perfectly happy doing the original translations on the forums thread. Well, there was no will or anything to do that, there were only Ectar’s smartass comments. So I simply profiled this blog as anti-WGEU (notice that the relationship with WG US and WG RU are quite positive). Works for me just as well.

    • How can you say that you’re pleased with the game info, but don’t like to read about WG’s disrespectful actions, and then say you “care only about real life”?? For example WG (read serb) actually made a blatantly racist statement towards the polish during the stalin inscription affair, which pretty much was “f*k all polish whiners, i piss on your genocide and f*k all you EU players too”. You can praise SerBs trolling all you want, I can admit it’s funny some times, but crossing a line is crossing a line, you don’t go around doing fucking heil hitlers for laughs either do you?

    • Since the early start of the internet i heard of ppl like you that cared about the real life yet they felt the need to state it ON THE INTERNET
      If you sir are tired of SS `s hate , why are you on this blog ? dont you have a mature real life ?

      • I like the idea and welcome the contest! WarGaming and their anti EU bias deserves to be honored by a golden donkey for constantly fucking up! =)

    • Generally I’m really tired of all you WG white knights coming in here and tell SS what he can and can’t write on HIS own blog. GTFO.

  5. How about cartoon-like idea, where SerB would just say “First!” and *le wild donkey appears*
    This idea is so bad that it really is bad.

  6. Yea, let’s insult the company that creates and is improving the game you’re playing all the time.

    That makes sense.

    “Don’t like the facts WG fanboy?”

    What facts? That you’re playing WG’s game even though you don’t have to? It reminds me of all those people using Windows and insulting Bill Gates.

    The game is not perfect, but unless you’re very young you know that the world is not perfect either.

    • Apart from the fact I play now very little (waiting for 8.9), I generally make a difference between WGEU and WG in general. I like the game, I don’t like some community elements. Golden Joystick hype was one of them.

    • “Then don’t visit the blog”

      Oh, and this. Just because I visit the blog doesn’t mean that I consider SS is perfect, and his blog religious dogma. Some things he writes and puts on the blog I disagree with. For example, all the unnecessary insults of players or WG, and unnecessary nit-picking and complaining.

      But guess what – that’s perfectly normal. Unless you’re someone’s clone, there will be things you will disagree with.

      Is WG perfect? No. I don’t like many things they do, but the fact is they’re still the best at what they do, and they have a product that’s playable, unlike so many today’s games. What game can you exactly play today? Look at the entire MMO genre. After you try it once, it’s dull and boring, with zero skill and creativity. It’s not like it was 10-15yrs ago. Nowdays you either have MMO’s or 10th sequel of once-original and fun game.

      So why don’t you go and insult other companies which fail even more than WG?

    • If you don’t like it you don’t have to read it. Or if you don’t like it you can always write a counter article/blog and get that published. Don’t go losing your head over it as you might need that someday…

    • Your argument is invalid in a free to play game. I can play for free as long as I want without bringing in profit but consuming their resources.

      I must be very young to realize this. Wise elders just burn their cars when they have a problem with the company that made them. THAT will teach them not to mess with the wise elders.

  7. I am really disgusted by the WG hating that is going on here and on the EU WoT forums.
    Also, I really dislike Silentstalker being such a “closet” hater.
    If you don`t like the fucking game, just stop playing it.

  8. No need to mock WG first gameplay of Warthunder Ground Forces just destroyed World of Tanks

  9. OMG. This was so funny I almost got in trouble at work. Should have a warning at the top. Lol.

    Nice work on the blog.

  10. SS: You’re an ass.

    I enjoy reading this blog and now I’m going to present to you my own opinion about things.
    1. You are insulting.
    2. You area a donkey.
    3. The last week this blog has been overrun by idiots.
    4. Your posts are making no sense anymore.
    5. The “Golden donkey” belongs to FTR.

    P.S. I will get hammered, who cares. All I see here is the rage and nothing else. Go and drown yourselves with your E-100.

      • LOLWUT

        You put “an” before vowels only. “R” is not a vowel, therefore you should put “a” there.

        PS: Actually, you shouldn’t put anything there, it should be “You’re/you are russian”, and that’s all. It could be “You are a russian person/player”, but never “You are an russian”. Cheers.

  11. I have made a pic and emailed it. I dont know if you will like it but I laughed while making and singing it XD

    Thx for the inspiration to make something like this.


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