About the donkey stuff…

Hey everyone,

just a quick request: I know it was me who encouraged it at one point, but the donkey stuff is seriously getting out of hand. Please do me a favor and take it easy with it, I really don’t want it to be under every post anymore. I rely on your decency, guys, I’d hate to have to start enforcing it. If you seriously want an outlet for your inner donkey, go post it on EU forums :)

Thank you

72 thoughts on “About the donkey stuff…

  1. Well said.. TBH it (and the ‘I’m first’ stuff) was putting me off from bothering to read the comments anymore. :(

  2. As Anonymous, I shall be the one who breaks this very tradition in this ancient blog. And thus happens the end of the eeee-aaaa.

  3. “Go Post it in Eu”

    Yeah cause we want that shit there. Gj on encouraging them you stupid asshat

      • There is no “sea of shit”. And it does not matter. Encouraging this makes SS a asshole. You don’t like it?!, too bad.

        I go to this blog because it’s somewhat informative. SS is still a butthurt kid, who is anti-WG all over the place. That’s why he always try’s to make a big fuss of every mistake they make.

        Furthermore when he translates russian posts, he does not completly translate everything and thus leaves out critical information. Like he did 2 week ago with the premium tanks.

      • There is no irony you retard. I read the post, and instantly replied. Just because I read something, does not mean I have to agree on every shit the author says. Not everybody is a cocksucker like you.

  4. SilentStalker finally came to his senses. You took your sweet time, but I approve. That thing was annoying.

  5. Donkey was kinda funny as long, as it was just a minor joke. When it got too popular you guys just ruined it.

  6. Donkey was a measure against the evil of “first!”,but then it became an even bigger evil.
    I blame the jews~

  7. All I can say is that it was fun when it was used correctly. It became a bore when some idiots were using it on legitimate/constructive first comments.

  8. And now they start to mention Lorraine40t …..i am confused now…was that tank the one meant to stop the donkey?

    In the beginning (i still dont know when it exactly started) it was a nice way to stop “FIRST!!!” Now “Donkey” is “first”. Was funny in the beginning, but is not funny anymore.

    What is going to be the next thing?

  9. You win Lorraine, You win

    One More time…

  10. Well if there’s no Donkey they’ll just use something else. I’ve seen some posts of a “Lorraine 40t” being used instead, which while just as stupid at least has something to do with tanks (personally I’d suggest a Jagdpanzer E-100 or an FV 215b 183 instead).

  11. I have a 30 day RO ban and 2 new warning points on the EU forum for “insults towards WG staff” aka telling the truth… was thinking about donkey posts there though:3

  12. If you guys go easy with the stuff, frank wouldnt have a problem, but you guys are going above and beyond, taking it to a while new level. Dont overkill things, it ruins all the fun

  13. FWIW, I’ve been trying to stop this whole “Donkey” thing by making the first comment to every article something related to its content, but since I’ve never been in a position to make the first comment to everything…

  14. +1
    Although the “FIRST!”, Donkey a.k.a. Big D, and other animals (I clearly remember hippopotamus, dolphin and kraken) as well as the Lorraine were kind of meme here (nearly as widespread as “How terrible…” before it got widely known…
    Best regards,

  15. How about you guys just comment on articles instead of using the comments as an excuse to have stupid circlejerks and injokes.

  16. Thanks for making this point SS it was getting ridiculous, like a kiddie playground. The first few times was fun, after that I just stopped bothering to even read comments.

  17. Thank you very much, Silentstalker. It was both not funny anymore and becoming a source of conflict between your excellent blog’s readers.

  18. Pfft…!!

    I’m off to Cyprus on my holidays then…

    Now, which bank was it Vik was using…??