IS-3 model changes in 8.9

Source: Daigensui’s post on US server

The darker one is the old one, lighter is new (warning big pictures)

As you can see, the area around the driver’s hatch became bigger, easier to hit.



From behind (posted by _mdu)





51 thoughts on “IS-3 model changes in 8.9

  1. I like the new one, it looks more “new” with the color changes, + the changes are an improvement. The old one is one of the ugliest tanks in the game right now.

    • Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, I thought the IS-8 looks gorgeous, with the shermans being one of the ugliest vehicles in the game (ignoring some of the French tanks).

      • IS-8 is a beauty but a good gun and speed only beauty :( , i dont like it its not my KAMIKAZA IN YOU FACE style

  2. Wow, the new one looks much better! I hated the “old” IS-3 with its’ bland colors and boring appearance.

    • I disagree, I think the new model looks more bland than the old did in terms of colour scheme. It’s the same boring colour a lot of the russian tanks have in the game, compared to the rugged look it used to have with heavy grey shading. It had a better look before in terms of colour. And I also don’t like being set on fire twice in my first game of 8,9, by a comet (that rate of fire), within an interval of 20-40 seconds.

  3. I noticed that the turret has also been remodeled, in my opinion it will be more penetrable now (don’t know the specs of the new IS3, I might be wrong). Did they think it was OP and choose to nerf it?

      • Like Daigensui said: 220/220/220 -> 249/172/100… doesn’t mean it got thicker, actually it got thinner. I observed that the side of the turret is a little bit more “flat” now and also the front of the hull is a little bit more “flat” (even though the stats are the same 110/90/60), that’s why I said it will be more penetrable and that it got nerfed.
        I didn’t bother too look at the stats the first time, just had a glance at the picture (and i specified that I might be wrong). But now after i had a glance at the stats, I ask again: what’s with the nerf?

        • It is not a huge nerf, the reduced armour on the turret will most likely not make much of a difference since anyone who was shooting at the sides and rear previously had to be really stupid with the low hull armour to shoot at. The main nerf is to the pike, due to the lower angling of the pike nose in the new model guns of the same teir easily pen the pike nose. A friend and I tested the IS-3 against a Chinese 110 using the 215 pen gun, even from a couple hundred meters he was able to penetrate the upper glacis of the IS-3, while the BL-9 on the IS-3 is unable to penetrate the 110s upper plate even from point blank range, this does not mean 110 is necessarily better as I was able to penetrate his large weakspots from range as well. The nerf does seem a bit odd to me as looking at pictures of the IS-3 in museums the old model seemed closer to real life.

          • Agreed, the new model looks off in more ways than what you would expect. In terms of historical accuracy it doesn’t seem much better than the old version. The gun performs the same, however, so I still like it, but it just looks clunkier and less compact than before, which is my overall assessment, historical accuracy aside.

  4. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. IS-3 both old and new model is quite good looking. Though for me, the BEST looking tanks in the game are the JagdTiger and the gorgeous IS-8…
    Shame IS-8 sucks epicly. At least JTiger is made of pure win.

    • IS-8 is pretty good, actually. It’s just meant to be drived as a fast heavy. Its gun easily makes it a great t9 tank. High standard ammunition pen, very good penetration with HEAT ammo and a pretty good rate of fire for an IS-line tank.

      The armor is shit, but can bounce a few mediums, you are not meant to rely on your armor in that one, unfortunately. Also, it’s armor values are unlikely to be historical accurate on that tank, it’s frontal armor is weaker than the IS-3 before and after 8.9.

  5. Why they are changing hull model to less historical? Hull angles are completely wrong, especially lower plate is much more sloped than in RL… Driver’s hatch also was more correct in the old model… Historical accuracy my ass.

  6. Actually, the armor suffered a bit of a nerf, the angle of the UFP is more vertical. The driver’s hatch also became a lot larger and less armored and can be penetrated by most guns on the battlefield.

    IS-3 turret armor was majorly reworked, the flat cheeks became a bit stronger and the armor model a lot more detailed. Overmatch strip is the same size frontally so no buff happened here.



    Another tidbit, the BL-9 became a lot shorter.

    • Interesting, this means that T6′s and 7′s will have a better time with it. (And from the driver’s view port might even help out the auto-aim noobs).

      Currently the IS-3 is almost immune to guns with less than 200 pen and almost certainly 175 pen guns.

  7. Use the direct link… link on the second ling (the .gif) since the hosting site apparently removed the second frame from the preview