Just a quick update guys, since a few of you wrote me PM’s, why I didn’t reply:


As you can see, BigBadVuk strikes again. Got a 7 day hard ban (not just RO) on EU forums for posting in this thread – you can see what BBV wrote there and my reply was one single picture:


Edited by BigBadVuk, Today, 12:19 PM.
is post has been edited by a member of the Moderation Team, due to inappropriate content. An official notification has also been sent. BigBadVuk

SerB is inappropriate :D There’s a reason we all love BBV :) Nah, not really, I think he’s an idiot. Anyway, I didn’t manage to reply a few PM’s, will do when the ban is over.

Czech: Také to znamená, že 7 dní nebudu na foru nic překládat, protože jsem líný si dělat další alt. Možná budu překládat i tady na FTR česky, uvidíme.

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    • First? I’ll show you how I got my first warning pont:

      -Why the hell do you WG belives it is good for buisness to let those Fucking russian communist BBV ruin the forum.
      How am I suppose to use the new vehicles and gamemechanics when the forum is full of fucking russian communist moderators.

      I have yet to see one single fuckup by a forumuser, but every day there is modding and general harassment from fucking communist russian moderators.
      Fucking fuck fucking fuckers from fuck fucking fuckland.

      I hope all your fucking fuckers from fucking fuckland would fuck off. Go and fuck your fucking fuck Lada. Burn in hell fucking fuckers, and take your fucking behavior with you. All you fucking moderators should starve to death in your fucking fuckland, or even better go and fucking hang your fucking self, fucking russian communist moderators.

      Maby you, WG, should bring Staling back to life and make him beat some manners into their fucking retard fuckheads.
      People like Pol Pot, Kim Il Sung, Sadam Husein, Idi Amin and George Bush all behaved better than those fucking russian communist moderators.

      Just to recap: Go and burn in hell fucking russian communist moderators !!!

  1. BBV is one of the worst (if not THE worst) moderators I have ever seen, but despite that, he is still moderating (Kubrick wont even respond to appeals aimed at BBV) and going full retard every few days without sanctions.

    Mind boggling.

    • yeah, got 2 warnings for saying “i knew you were taking drugs!” to BBV in that thread

      • I actually asked BBV if he could ban himself… and he replied with that they had tried, it didn’t work.

    • So…

      EU forums = random bans by retard mods
      SEA forums = mention any game/post screenshots or videos = instant warning/RO ban
      (For example WarThunder, Pikim, GTA, even complete random stuff like anime flashgames)
      NA forums = ???
      RU forums = Get banned for asking SerB questions

      • NA Server has stupids mods on spanish forums (Argentina, Chile, Mexico…). They always try to ban spanish speakers because they dont understand us. For example: tarado (retard) and idiota (idiot) are real words, not insults :/
        WG should hire someone who speaks spanish, because this language is more complex and has more words than english :D

        Sorry for my english, i dont speak gringo ;)


      • NA is like the notorious American “Wild West” days. People flame like mad there, they ignore stickies and their posts/threads stay, and get mad and PM you when you report them or something they like… meaning, the “moderators” there, are in bed with many of the players, giving out info they shouldn’t, like who reported who/what and for what reason. That is, when the mods are awake. When they banned Garbad, their work was finished, and went on vacation.

        At first they ruled with an iron fist. But, then realized that in NA we have a thing called “freedom of speech” built into our constitution, and then went lax on the censorship quite a bit, allowing us to express how disgusted we are with WG. I’m sure many of the mods are just as disgusted and that’s part of the reason anyone can express their disgust for how vile and ignorant this developer really is.

      • NA = Complete censorship of anything that makes WG look bad, or is truthful no matter what. Actions range from deleted posts with R/O warnings attached to either permenent forum and/or game account suspensions. Hell i remember about the last controversial topic WG started and asked for players input just to bait ban everyone that did not see things WG’s way (which was practically everyone that posted).

        Personally i can’t wait for War Thunder’s Ground Forces to be released, WG as a company needs a serious kick in the nuts and be taught about buisness ethics when it comes to treating your fan base like complete dog shit.

      • Yes, the EU mods are trigger happy. I’m myself a moderator in one quite large forum, and was simply amazed wtf these guys are doing most of the tmes. Don’t get me wrong – sometimes a ban hammer is needed, but it exists as a last resort. If you are issuing warnings for no reason whatsoever you are simply confusing the user… But what do I know, all hail Wargaming.

    • Reminds me of a certain trigger-happy mod on Steam forums who finally permabanned me after I said that his behavior most likely resulted from being molested by his parents and that he should contact police instead of venting his anger on forums.

  2. Could you please post the content of your thread as a screenshot or so – the forum says there is nothing to be found… probably moderated ;)

        • Kacsa1 is a fucking retard….before i got permabanned i recieve a few warnings from him for absolutely nothing…like i posted a picture of fucking 9gag grumpy cat with some harmless caption on it and i got warning for “trolling” Seriously??

    • This is not about beeing harsh, this is total random punishment for non-existing/imagined offenses.

      This will lead to nebs having their questions answered by other newb that have not yet ben punished for nonexisting/imagined offenses.
      Old players will simply stop helping new players when we experience this.

  3. ye, the moderators on the forum are some serious idiots :D im getting several warning points every week for doing something i didnt do… getting warning points for profanities and attempt to bypass the language filter while there are no profanities in that post etc… unless “people who dont have brains” and similar are profanities and attempts to bypass the filters… (ye, i guess those 5 words could be shortend to “idiots” or “retards” or “morons”)

  4. What did you expect from someone who calls himself BigBadFuck (or how is that exactly pronounced?)

  5. BBV was the mod that gave me a 3 daz RO ban for posting three girls in bikinis on a tank. As of innapropiate content and sexism. One week later there were three girls in military themed bikinis prmoting WoWp alpha on the main portal LOL…

    I just love that retard.

  6. Not again. Why the **** are these overly eager mods even allowed to moderate these forums. I once made a topic about a terrible/bot 3-man platoon (guys with 32%, 35% etc. WR) with all the names blurred out and it was deleted because the people in those pics identified themselves and asked for it to be removed.

    Pfft, yeah right like guys with that bad stats read the forums. It’s nice how they identified themselves so fast. I guess not just everyone can have as bad stats as they have. >_>

  7. Apparently its against the rule to post pictures of the WG developers. I got nailed for it a few months back.

      • sorry i didnt understood correctly. so they ban him because serb picture? thats pretty retarded. that BBVKUK or whatever that shit nickname is, has serious social issues.

    • No, he got banned then he called him an idiot, because he really is.
      It’s just retarded and power-abusing to hand bans and warnings randomly for imaginary law-breaks.
      And Frank just posted one such case.The forum is full of off-topic and other stuff and only a few got banned because such retard was logged in at that time.
      I’m trolling the forums, posting off-topic most of the time and swearing, but still, I never got any warning points for that.
      Frank posted a SerB picture and got banned 7 days…

  8. BBV is the biggest A******* ive ever seen! I Wrote ONE Word in german at the Company Chat (First time and i DONT KNOW the rules (language english)) and get 1 Day ban. What a ballless ******

    Bannung or closing, thats his Life…

          • My message to him “Are you Parents proud of you?” and this is the reaction:

            Dear Bytez
            This message has been sent to you to inform you of a sanctions received regarding the post presented below :

            Please see the violated rule regarding the issue:

            Insults towards moderators, administration or developers of the most serious nature Insults or provocation via PM after being set to RO status or warned for a violation Abusive or offensive private messages of the most serious nature http://forum.worldof…24-forum-rules/

            Please be respectful of the rules and proper forum etiquette in your future communications on these forums and avoid prohibited behavior.
            The warning you have received is for an infraction of severe level and grants you 3 warning points and 7 days of read only status. Please be advised that repeated offences of such highly inappropriate tier will not be tolerated on our forums and may result in more severe sanctions.
            Kind Regards

  9. You think BBV is only mod that’s bad? You think Chez portal is a mess?
    Imagine a Balkan forum where BBV and his lackeys (Pretruzzi, new guy who just started to do job there and already managed to issue over 50+ warning points) are free to do whatever they please. ban ppl for such things like saying words that can be interpreted in two ways (it’s always presumed bad for WG image or their developers), where ppl can’t freely say anything.
    Just check how much warning points have every Balkan forum member. Much of them gave up, not coming to forum anymore, many are perma-banned.
    And about things we got translated I better not comment.

    I’ve never seen such nazi forum in my life, and I’ve been on many forums. Every day i post something there i expect to be perma-banned since I’m lingering on 10 warning points for some time, just as many of other Balkan forum’s users.
    If you say something bad about BBV’s clan mates, kiss your ass goodbye.

  10. BBV gave me a RO ban because he can’t grasp irony or sarcasm. The guy clearly has some emotional issues. Guessing he is in fact 5′ tall, 110lbs and still lives with his mother. The nicest thing I can say about him is that he is a prick.

  11. I don’t get how WG picks the mods. Maybe they brainwash them and a major degradation in IQ was one of the side effects so they will listen to their stupid orders.

    • Well, most reasonable people don’t have time or don’t want to spend eternity on some forum.

      On the other hand, powermongers, retards and the lesser-minded usually have or make the time and that feeling of (virtual) power makes them wet… so there you go :)

  12. The more core players they ban from the forum, the less helpers there are to guide their new costumars.

    I got a one day RO ban in May, for an offense that did not take place. Ofc I cannot acknowledge a nonexisting offence, so my one day RO ban have now lasted half a year.

    Being a forum moderator myself (on a aquarium forum) I know the value of core users. With that in mind, it looks like the WoT-forum-moderators belive the opposit is good. -Get rid of experienced players, and let guessers ‘help’ new players.

    • The wot forum moderators are brainless drones, doing the only thing drones can do, for lack of independant thinking capability: Blindly follow and apply rules as far as you can understand them (and their understanding is *very* superficial).

  13. Hehe. I once posted a comment “Which idiot programmed this shit” about the new matchmaker (which regularly took over 2 minutes to find a match for me) and I got a 7-day ban for insulting a WG employee.

    Babs out!

  14. BBV is not the only hero in the european forums. The german section has a guy called xOlsenx, he has the same style: no brain but a big mouth. Where did WG hire such dumbasses?

    • Yeah I had a Stalin avatar after they announced the reintroduction of these inscriptions => RO. Because mass murderers are not allowed ingame.

      That is xOlsenx

  15. We should rally together creating multiple acc and posting shit that breaks the forum rules so we annoy the forum mods >:D

  16. *Imagines SerB as Captain on USS Enterprise*

    “Captain, photon torpedoes are ineffective!”

    Capt. SerB: “Photon torpedoes not effective? Don’t use photon torpedoes.”

  17. Well he`s not an idiot, in fact I know the guy from many other IT related forums in Serbia besides WoT, it`s just that working for WG for a while makes you a dumbass :)

    • He is not an dipshit it is only working for WG that makes him a dumbass. Yeah sure…how about NO?
      And you are a dipshit for trying to defend a dipshit.

  18. That mod has an inappropriate name btw – we should mass report him so he is forced to change his name. Bit like when “FochYou” on Circon’s stream had to change names because it was inappropriate.

  19. SS is a very painful subject for WG moderators. So whenever he posts something it’s checked and double checked and then it gets triple checked for some kind of revenge. I’ve been moderating a forum that was filed with idiots and some smart guys, and the only war I had was with these guys who had a brain instead of beans, so don’t get to angry about BBV, btw BigBadVuk stands for BigBadWolf, meaning he only want’s to eat RRH (RedRidingHood) :) :) :)

  20. last few months i’m scared to post anything on forum, i must control every word like in some catholic school. Their moderation system is weird

  21. some people just like to kiss too much ass, and then they become moderator, those are the kind of people who 1. need to fill their ego and 2. have been bullied all their life. give a man power and you will see the real asshole they are.

  22. On Friday, I got seven days RO ban by BBV, because I reacted to his offensive post. The explanation said that such topics, but after a short while pops out of track. And what should be the job of a moderator? His job is to take care that the posts do not deviate too much from the topic and not delete themes that potentially could be “dangerous”.
    I am very disappointed procedures BBV, which in principle is not doing its job. So I would like to launch a petition to the shift because those people can not moderated forum.

  23. I was once told that “Vuk” would mean “Wolf” in some eastern European language when complaining about his vulgar forum name … now “big” is English, “bad” is English, and when you read “vuk” after that, how would you pronounce it and what would you associate with it? I think “big bad fuck” is what will come to mind, and actually that is right on the spot. The guy is not just an a$$hole, he is the a$$hole of an a$$hole.

  24. And I thought I was a bad mod, seem like there are still worse out there.

    Me? MichaelTheGhost, former Thailand Moderator at World of Tanks Asia forum.
    Who never bad or give warning to people.
    All I use is red text when edit their post (when censor some profanity word), word, and reason.
    I try to be diffident because I’m very active forum member. Try to settle thing down with conversation instead of WG that just DELETE all day, Hiding the problem instead of fixing it. I just want community to be better.

    Then they said I’m a troublemaker, and dismiss me.

    (sorry for bad English, education system in Thailand is such a failure.)

    • Well sit, you made a mistake in an assumption, that a soviet-minded company would want to hear any type of a feedback, to improve the user experience. Blindly follow orders, and shut up = that’s their mentality.

  25. Here is what SerB is thinking: “They are all idiots, and I am their boss …”


  26. My last crime on forums, worth 3 warning points (total of 20, and first time i was “awarded” with more than 1 WP for a single offense) was for calling someone a simpleton, apparently that is a serious offense and falls in same category as racial, ethnic and political insults.

    You can guess the mod who gave me the final warning points :D

  27. I hope that once Warthunder has tanks out, it will kick Wargaming in the a$$ so badly that they can lick Gaijin Entertainment’s toes for 6 months at a stretch. Wargaming.net = successfully replacing competence with arrogance for 10 years (or how long they may ever be existing).

  28. Hmm, I wonder, if I go post this FTR’s page link in the Off-topic section of the forum, what will happen?

    I’ll get banned for insulting a moderator using the url of an allowed third party website?


  29. Is BBV actually a living person or is it WG’s ‘scapegoat’ moderator alt for doing all totally idiotic stuff?

    Coz honestly, no living person can be SO stupid as BBV…

    • Actually, heavy bullied kids tend to do that when any kind of power is handed to them.They abuse such power to hell.

      So does the BBFuck.

  30. Forum full of of idiot mods? Dont use forum and dont give any money to people that hires those idiots.
    Works for me well.

  31. Here`s a warning for posting a picture of SerB showing a finger in that deleted thread :)


    You have been given a warning by moderator.


    Dear DeCoy78
    This message has been sent to you to inform you of a warning received regarding the post presented below :

    Please see the violated rule regarding the issue:

    Off-topic posting, such as attempting to derail serious threads or creating topics in the wrong forum section
    Making non-constructive posts, or creating threads on non-constructive topics
    Inappropriate Signature, Avatar or Image/Video
    Posting for sole purpose of causing unrest on the forums.

    Forum Rules

    Please be respectful of the rules and proper forum etiquette in your future communications on these forums and avoid prohibited behavior.The warning you have received serves for educational purposes. You may receive two more such warnings prior to being issued with more severe measures or sanctions depending on the level of infraction
    Kind Regards

  32. BBV is the biggest retard I have seen. Give an idiot a power and you will see what the hell looks like…

    • I will insult in game moderatorn now and see what they will do to little “mi” :) <3

  33. awwwwww, what’s the matter? you don’t like getting banned? how do you think we feel when you ban us just because you don’t like what we say?

  34. I got ban last year, and i told to BBV that ill kill him into the game eather he is on my or on the enemy side. HARD MORON!

    • Yeah, 30% off is inappropriate ingame content and there will be no Top of the Tree specials anymore. BBV banned it :(

  35. they banned me too :’(
    Off-topic posting, such as attempting to derail serious threads or creating topics in the wrong forum section
    Insults towards moderators, administration or developers of a minor nature
    Posting for sole purpose of causing unrest on the forums.

      • Wait, what?! UNREST on forums? Seriously? As in “unrest among the subjugated populace”? I visited the forum from time to time, but those days are now definitely over.

  36. Word of advice:take screenshots of ALL your posts so you can contact support if this happens again.


    10. Insults towards Wargaming Staff (including moderators)

    so don’ talk bout moderators!!!!!!!!!!

    u shall not pass!!!

  38. Meh, WG forums are nothing when compared to Nexus. Their moderators will happily permaban you for questioning the content and creator of, for example, a child nudity mod.

  39. So, I see that WG EU is full of jerkass, then? Good thing I don’t play at EU, full of insolent pricks

  40. Saw BBV in General chat once, it was hillarious.

    Someone made a remark about the game which was negative (with a word i sadly don’t remember) and BBV instantly Banned him for it.

    Then someone jokingly pulled up a wiki dictinary link of that word and said “hey BBV, look the word does not have to be insulting, it can also mean ;)”

    BBVs reaction was to chatban that guy too.

  41. Ok i have interesting post about BBV and other balkanic moderators.

    So, it’s the off-topic section of the forum. Topic is: “more and more veteran players are quitting WoT” Totally non-important for this situation. So at some moment players started to recommend and remember some old games they used to play. And there comes the BBV and also made a recommendation.
    He recommended Panzer Elite game instead of Panzer Commander basically. Nothing much important.

    Next post that is important is this one: http://pokit.org/get/img/762bdab49a664b7778455b2b6aaa08bf.jpg

    The player who saw BBV’s post replied to his comment. None of the bad words were used while writing it. He complained that he did exact the same thing as BBV(recommending some games) to other player also in off-topic part of the forum(nothing is wrong about talking about other games in off-topic part). He was recommending some old single player RPG games and his post was deleted and he got a warning, but without a penalty for that matter. cDa was the nickname of the moderator who deleted his post and he also said to him that this is the last warning before he’ll issue him a warning if he do it again. Apparently he was guilty for mentioning other games than WoT(same thing BBV did) So he asked BBV about the double standards and this is the BBV response.


    So even if the post that other player made was in off-topic it was deleted because it jeopardize the golden joystick award xDD Apparently his post was in topic which was directly connected with Golden Joystick, but he also explained why his post is ok. So the topic was “veteran players quitting WoT” and since people started to talk about everything and not only on topic he(BBV) felt it was fine for him to recommend few games(which are btw about tanks) in this topic. And he also said he’s gonna ignore all the reports players from the topic made because he thinks they are unfounded. He also rudely warned everyone to not abuse report option.

    So tl;dr Moderators are allowed to talk about whatever the fuck they want even if their posts are promoting other games about “tanks” while regular players are gonna get warned and their posts will be deleted even if they only promote games which has nothing to do with WoT or with tanks whatsoever.

  42. I mean the official mods are idiots, I got permanent ban for making a thread discussing all medium and heavy tanks having 53-57% WR and hence OP, in the same fasion people make TD whine threads saying TDs which have 50, or below 50% WR are OP. You can also see the thread on the forums. I have violated rules before, but I dont fucking see how discussion medium and heavy tanks OPness is against rules? I guess peoppe got too butthurt.

      • T3azz, you’re acting very butthurt and slamming the mods heavily (18 posts in this thread so far, oh my) as if you’ve been victimised and bullied by them, you poor innocent ickle darling. Oh wait…

        Let me reveal something to you: You’re not a victim, you’re an idiot. You’ve posted *numerous* ill-considered and inept threats attacking whatever game mechanic you’re unhappy with at the time. These threads inevitably devolve in to trolling and ridicule whilst you farm ‘dat negrep in vast quantities. You attack anyone who disagrees with you or has the _audacity_ to make fun of your silliness.

        Your masterstroke was demanding the removal of platoons because they’re overpowered.

        That’s right kids, teamwork is overpowered in a team game.

        Case: rested.

  43. Fuck you Ectard, BigVladUK and all other motherfucker forums staff, If I see yopu in game chat I will insult you and TK you.

    • Fuck official staff, they are butthurt, you are not allowed to discuss subjects which differ from the general mindset on the forums. Eg. discussin OP artys and TDs is totally fine, but not criticizing medium and heavy tanks because they are most popular, making people rage and causing unrest on the forum. 50% of times I have gopt warned or banned is because I have discussed subjects wish the majority of community dont agree with, like some OP medium and heavy tanks, platooning in randoms, russian bias, etc.

      The mods cant deal with negativt publicity of the game, so the lock and ban the person making those threads instead. I still dont see what is wrong listing all medium and heavy tanks having 53-57% WR, why people so mad about that?

      • Well still no ban or an explanation why it is deleted.

        I even sended an PM to him to ask why he deleted my topic but no reaction yet.

          • Restriction was given for breaking the rule EDUCATIONAL WARNING in moderator strikes again.
            Verbal warning only.
            Dear 0romis
            This message has been sent to you to inform you of a warning received regarding the post presented below :

            View Post0romis, on 14 October 2013 – 02:28 PM, said:
            only thing to say on this ban is
            Posted Image
            Please see the violated rule regarding the issue:

            Making non-constructive posts, or creating threads on non-constructive topics
            Posting for sole purpose of causing unrest on the forums.
            Forum Rules
            Please be respectful of the rules and proper forum etiquette in your future communications on these forums and avoid prohibited behavior.The warning you have received serves for educational purposes. You may receive two more such warnings prior to being issued with more severe measures or sanctions depending on the level of infraction
            Kind Regards

  44. Same fucktard that gave me a permaban for raging at a noob who openly admitted that he’s deliberately team killing certain players.

    • All staff are pricks in EU forums, they are pussies in real life and in game as well. Misserable sobs. Wnder how tough they would be in a “real enviorment” :)?

      • Why don’t you ask the challenger and the chieftain to meet you in real life lol,, I am sure both of them would love to point out the “real environment” to you.

    • Lol what a ugly motherfucker, look like a bullied junky ass. If I had the looks of BBv I would also be depressed.

    • That`s not him, but if you want to bug him use his gmail address. Same as the nick in WoT ;)

    • So that’s what he is … a butt-ugly, retarded looking, neglected kid that can finally give himself the feeling of being someone … infact that’s not a bully, that’s a bullying victim. What a sad creature.

  45. BBV je jedna debela kretenčina (is one fat moron) i može nam se svima napušit kurca (and he can blow ours c..k). i hope he will read this!

  46. Well, no wonder BigBadVok is not a smart person. Look at his stats:
    I am not a statwhore, but it almost looks like they have like preordered accounts with good statistics and then he started to play for real. Just look the progress – there is none. Never seen that before (even in absolute newbs there is always a progress seen after few hundreds battles). Just strange…

  47. BBV is a fucking faggot and I’d love to roll him over with a tank IRL. He always gave me warnings for shit reasons.

  48. me a BBV have a long history of unrelated warning points :trollface:

    but then again i have a long history of unrelated posts so yeah go figure, been trolling that guy since closed beta xD

  49. BBV is BigBadShit. The worste moderator on Eu Forum.

    He has iq smaller than rain worm. Pathetic scum there is no wor which can describe how shity is he.

    Also he is responsible for devastating balkan part of forums where he bullys the people which are not from his nationality. And there is no one to stop him.

  50. Ahh BBV strikes again. He must have chatbanned me at least 15 times now, most of them for something petty such as swearing. My last one from him was for saying the word ‘prick’ -_-

  51. Not suprised. BigBadVuk would run his car over his own family if the forum rules would dictate it.

  52. Not much better on the US boards. Half the forum moderators appear to have trouble reading and understanding posts longer than one paragraph.

    I am completely serious about that. When you look at what they do, it becomes clear that some of them can barely read. I don’t understands how WGNA keeps hiring morons like that.

    I have never seen message boards with moderators who are as dumb as the WGNA mod brigade.

    • “Hard to read or understand”… LOL… freakin’ NA mods. They don’t live by that though, because half of the forum users would be banned. They just use that card to target and ban people they don’t like that calls them or their buddies out, or, stomped them in game.

      • I can imagine the NA moderators are even more tarded than the EU ones….sad world we living in really. Too many ex-bullied people getting positions in the virtual world. I say, once bullied, for ever bullied. I mean why the fuck hire bullied people anyways?

  53. Well bigbadvuk is legendary by banning. He thinks he has some power and he uses to show how powerful he is.

  54. What do you expect when EU staff is recruited from bunch of unqualified kids who got their contracts basing on few years of “volountary” (that’s how you call it, when you cheat on taxes by paying someone with virtual currency for the job, which is illegal in most of the Europe) chat moderating.

    Most of the EU moderators barely can speak proper english, all that tech support can say is “uninstall the mods” and of course there’s a cherry on top of this cake, Quasar the “developer”.
    No wonder they proudly manage to keep up the at least 1 fail per week ratio since soooo long time.

    Silent Stalker you should get an official counter on your blog: “Wargaming’s days without fail: 0 “…

    • WG staff specially on the forums are incompetent, as well as the support. I bet they dont even get paid with real money, but with premium accounts and gold. Misserable fucktards. Really I cant understand how anyone would be moderator för WG anyways.

  55. Actually BBV is a cool guy (offline friend). The fact that he`s filtering your sh*t is to be commended , not hated…but you are spoiled kids and can`t be proven wrong….my 2 cents

    • He could be a cool guy IRL, but he is a total douche of a mod. The times he has inflicted RO bans on me for practically harmless coments that didnt offend anyone are too much to count.

    • Spoiled, lol read some of the comments, people have been warned and banned for things not even violating the rules, including me, many times. Thats the problem. The problem is that they interpret the rules as they want, and funny enough they dont ban those people that kiss moderators asses for sure. Just look on the forums and you see, only certain people are getting banned, usually those who question the game and the WG staff, etc. I got banned got disussing OP heavy and medium tanks, because the thread caused “unrest on the forums”. Lol, not my fault that the generall community is heavy and medium tank biased and cant a bit of critique towards their toys. On the other hand….making 100 threads about OP TDs and artys is apparently okay…..dont understand that mentality really.

  56. BigBadVuk is a fucking idiot. No, he is the king of morons.
    There was a thread that was about saying how much warning points regular posters had, and I said ” I need only 1 more to get banned, so I should be carefull ”
    Guess what? He banned me for that, saying ” You knew you were going to be banned, so you were banned” or something along those lines.

    • I understand, think I saw that thread on the forums. But totally stupid to ban some one for that. Whats wrong saying that you are aware of your warning points? The BBV idiot giving out warnings and bans like they were free, and in some times for totally BS stuff that arnt even against rules from the first place.

  57. How about stop writing usefull stuff on the forums? Let the trolls and idiots overtake the forums, who cares? I don’t read them anyway. One reason is the mods.

  58. BBV just had poor childhood and he got bullied in school. Now hes paying back hes horrible childhood in internet while crying himself to sleep every night.

    • I probably think thats right though. Alot of bullied people hang around internet and cyber-bully in return.

    • KGB, what is that? Some OP russian tenk or what? KGB-153…russian OP TD with 153mm smoothbore gun, super stealthy, 1650 alpha, 500mm penentration, 0.31 accuracy, 2.1 s aimtime, 5 shoot autloader. 450mm effective frontal armor, 100mm sidearmor, 80mm rear. 1900 hp twin turbo diesel engine, 30 d/s traverse speed, 55 km/h top speed. 2250 hitpoints.

      Or, KGB-7, super OP russian heawie tenk, 127mm smoothbore gun, 590 alpha, 289mm pen, 5 shoot autloader, 0.35 accuracy, 2.5 sec aimtime. 450mm effective frontal armor, 150mm side armor, 100mm rear, 1900 hp engine, 32 d/s traverse speed, 60 km/h top speed. Turrer armor 200mm front + 170mm gun manlet, 170mm side sloped, 150mm rear. 2700 hitpoints.

      Even better, KGB-105s, retarded OP medium tenka, 105mm smoothbore gun, 450 alpha, 299mm pen, 0.32 accuracy, 2.1 sec aimtime, 9 rof. Effective frontal armor 266mm, 80mm side, 70mm rear. 1300 hp engine. Super OP bouncy turret, autobounce on all angles, nuff said. 38 d/s traverse, 65 km/h top speed. 2300 hitpoints.

      OP light tenks, hold on this is gettin fucked up. KGB-90, 90mm smoothbore gun, 300 alpha, 235mm pen, 0.34 accuracy, 2.3 sec aimtime, 10 rof. Effective front armor, whopping 220 mm, side 60mm, rear 50mm. Autobounce turret. 1200 hp engine, 43 d/s traverse, 70 km/h top speed. 1300 hitpoints.

      OP arty party, KGB-300. 300mm smoothbore illegal german captured cannon. 4000 alpha, 120mm pen (HE), splash radius 45 m. 0.55 accuracy, 6.5 sec aimtime, 1.45 rof. Effective frontal armor 235mm, 50mm side, 30mm rear. 1450 hp engine, 31 d/s traverse, 55 km/h top speed. 600 hit points.


  59. This post got 260 comments till this moment, this is something which is worrying about status of that moderator. Its a big indicator how bad BBV is moderator and this could maybe be usefully to WG to make some changes and do regarding there bully moderator.

    If someone from WG reading this do something. Remove moderators which are bullying community.

  60. Don’t pick fights with BBV, he’s a powertripping asshole. Probably some surpreme loser IRL, this is all he has and he will fight to the death anyone who slanders it.

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