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Disclaimer: I am posting this because I think it’s a worthy cause and that David “Lister” Listy is a good blogger and author. If you are not interested in paper books, feel free to skip this article.

Hello everyone,

remember that poll on the right side, asking whether you’d be interested in a historical book, describing one WoT nation at a time? Well, what I did not tell you is, that the book author would be Listy.

Yea, David “Listy” Lister, who wrote some portal articles and currently is a resident blogger at Overlord’s blog. I won’t go into details (I am not sure what he wants disclosed and what he doesn’t), but basically, these books could be published with Wargaming backing (they do actually publish in Russian already under the Tactical Press brand).

Several (thousand) of you showed interest in such a project in the poll and now it’s time to push it even further. You see, Listy needs a bit of your help. Nothing terrible: he needs to show that there is an interest for such a project and – more importantly – who is interested.

How? It’s easy. Listy has a “Facebook page“. If you are interested, go there and “like” it.

Now, before you go all “lol likez curing kids in Africa” – no, this is not to gather an amount of likes, that would be pointless. The important point is that Facebook has an easy tool to show you statistically where the people interested in the book are from, how old are they and such stuff. Anonymous statistics of course, but it’s exactly these demographic readings that Listy needs. This is how you can help.

So, to all those interested and willing to help: thank you, from both me and Listy. Because I don’t know about you, but I sure would buy a book like that.

25 thoughts on “Listy’s Book

  1. Thanks again for your help Silent.

    And to everyone else, when I get any of my articles, I always stick a notification up on that page. SO those articles Silent sometimes mentions? Well all those were posted there as well.

    Plus I don’t use it for personal information, that is strictly History related stuff.

    Thanks everyone.

    • They are to me.

      All I get is a display saying:
      X number of people are from this country.
      X number are this age
      X number are this Gender.

      Facebook on the other hand has allot more data, but due to the Data protection act (at least here in the UK) can’t and won’t share it with me. IT would be illegal for them to do so.

      • What slice of the pie? You get more funding that way. Sure, some of it goes to kickstarter, but you get the most of it.

        • Kickstarter would be useful if one had to acquire funding for the book and publish it, in this case the data is useful for Listy to persuade his publisher to print an english version in the west.

          • Kickstarter could prove there are people who would pay money for the book. You know, pay X dollars on Kickstarter, get a book when (if) it comes out. Show the data to publisher. Publisher sees that people want this indeed.

            • I could like a facebook page, but I dont prove that I would pay for the book in this way, since I dont put any money on the line. The $ is more effective at persuasion than the Like.

    • I approached WG, they said “Cool idea on paper, give us a book proposal.”
      So I wrote one, and asked someone we know at WG to check it over, and he suggested some alterations before officially submitting it. One of those included demographic information.

      I asked SS and a couple of others to help out. The easiest way I could think of getting the demographics was to use the Facebook page, plus you lot get weekly (at a minimum) cool articles. So both sides win.

      I wouldn’t have gotten this far into the project without both Silent and Jingles’ help, in raising the question to you lot.
      Secondly the massive response from you lot, the reader both here and on Jingles channel, enabled me to present a good case for the book existing. So if this does happen, its all down to you.

  2. I am interested, I guess each European nation have at least several thousands tank entusiast. Think only about the military man who served + military fan boys.

  3. I’d surely buy them, can’t like on facebook since I’m not registered there. Oh well. I surely hope this does happen!