8.9 summary

Hello everyone,

the article spam about the 8.9 patch is kinda over. For your comfort, I’ll just add one more quick summary, so you don’t have to look for it all over the place:

German 8.9 TD’s – screenshots, modules, stats
8.9 premium tanks – screenshots, modules, stats
8.9 detailed vehicle stats and armor models (all vehicles, including premium)
List of vehicle stat changes in 8.9
List of vehicle model/armor changes in 8.9
List of additional 8.9 info and corrections for previous posts

8.9 impressions – tier 1-8 tank destroyers
8.9 impressions – tier 9-10 tank destroyers
8.9 impressions – premium tanks

21 thoughts on “8.9 summary

  1. I didn’t mind the 8.9 article spam. You guys are like my “WoT Daily” newspaper. Each and every update keeps me up to speed on what’s going on in WoT. The summation you’ve compiled helps index everything for latecomers.

    • There is not much to test about that on test server. First, everyone starts with 0, so the skill MM is initially effectively disable. Second, I am not qualified to review an e-sport format I never played before. But fair enough, I’ll try to get an opinion.

  2. Every patch consist of: some new tanks, a new map, some tweaks here and there.

    Its getting pretty booring… bring up them historical game modes!

  3. Nice one for links towards all the 8.9 articles (thumbs

    But… just one thing…
    Tier 1 to 8 TD, you sure…?

  4. Great coverage of 8.9 SS! I hardly visit the official WOT website since I found your blog lol!

    • Indeed, awesome work.

      I read this blog literally every day even when I’m not actually playing WoT (I take frequent breaks)

  5. Quick question:
    The transition form Marder II to Marder 38T, on which subbranch will this happen? Gun (like Hetzer) or engine?

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