WG seeks WoWs alpha-testers

Source: http://world-of-ru.livejournal.com/2728397.html

A post on Russian forums announces that Wargaming is looking for alpha testers for World of Warships.

Apparently, only Russian forum members (or rather, Russians – or at least people who speak Russian) are to post their application in any form into the abovelinked thread. What criteria are considered for an alpha-tester, in order of importance:

- World of Warships forum activity (at least 250 good posts, no spamming)
- WoT and WoWp alpha test veterans do get a priority
- experience in alphatesting other games
- being a professional tester, or an IT specialist
- proactivity and decency

What has NO effect on the application:

- amount of battles in WoT and WoWp
- winrate
- age
- country
- city

So I guess even the foreigners can apply, as long as they speak Russian? The demand of speaking Russian is not mentioned anywhere, I concluded it since this appeared on RU forums, might be wrong.

20 thoughts on “WG seeks WoWs alpha-testers

    • Looking at WoWp development I think its safe to say game will be released in like 2 years. So no, its not time to fap about ships.

  1. Its about time… And for once, WG is on schedule.
    Cast off…
    We are off to great adventures and extraordinary discovery’s.
    NA and EU Alphas should be 2-4 weeks behind the Russian one. If they are coming at all.

  2. As usual ASIA gets the short end of the stick. We don’t even have WoWP beta yet so WoWS will be a long long way for us.

  3. And now people are going to go make annoying posts on the forum trying to be constructive…

  4. So they require one to speak Russian of all languages, which basically excludes the vast majority of the world from even THINKING of applying. Well…to hell with them. It’ll be as big a flop as WoWP was anyway.

  5. I saw actual gameplay of WoWS at E3. I am really looking forward to this game and I reaaaaaaly want to alpha test. I asked the q&a guy when it would go to alpha and he told me they only did in-company testing. I guess not and now I need to test!