FredTMK’s 8.9 review

Hello everyone,

okay, here’s the thing. Remember that T-34-3 video I posted by FredTMK? Well, it didn’t gather too good feedback (in fact, quite the opposit) and I took it down as a result. But, since I do believe Fred has some potential, I decided to cooperate with him on the 8.9 patch review, mostly by checking his scenario and the video content.

The result is, in my opinion, pretty decent, so here are two of his videos for you. Enjoy!



120 thoughts on “FredTMK’s 8.9 review

  1. The Tier 9 Waffenträger ist the most awesome of them. Hide in bush, spot enemy at 400m, shot at him, dont get spotted. With Camo skilled etc. this tanks is pure awesome.

    • I love the Marder III, it’s like the gun preformance of the Marder I and mobility of the Marder II on crack.

    • t8 one is better: better camo and 15cm on t8 rocks.
      But yeah t9 is very nice as well… it’s just looks ridiculous

  2. The Movie is better then the last! But i liked the Movie of BohemianEagle more, but thats just my 2 cents.

      • no what he means is all the negative feedback.
        For example mine here:
        1. i don’t like your voice
        2. i hate people that drive around like noobs(you in some cases) to tell how a tank is,when they
        clearly have no idea.
        3. I come here for information on tanks, not for the opinion on tanks by some medicore player.
        4. Who the fuck is stupid enough to just bright yellow in a video? Are you trying to make the worst
        video ever?
        5. Anybody hunting you? Slow down a bit and instead pronounce every wors a tad more
        6. Either don’t open stat popouts or give us time to read em! (i rather prefer the right click
        dropdown menu information like jingles does it..)
        7. Xou a native english speaker? Doesn’t sound like it.
        8. slow down, smooth mouse movement, no zapping through tanks etc…
        9. With stats like yours “NEVER EVER TALK IN ABSOLUTES” cause i highly doubt u will get
        everthing correct, and there are most of times more than one way to do things in wot..
        10. Did i mention that YOU VOICE IS ANOYING???
        mfg eXterminus

    • I don’t ride on MJ’s dick like some of you but I have to agree. Jingles is a better player than this guy.

    • He doesn’t know shit.
      He is a noob, maybe medicore player at best.
      What to expect from one of these who doesn’T take his own skill with a grain of humor (see jingles)
      mfg eXterminus
      PS: SS get rid of this please!

  3. I hate to harp on like so many already have before me but…

    This guy is horrible to listen to.
    Its all so monotone and fast that I fear the guy is going to pass out from lack of breathing.
    Not to mention the constant use of the same words and he himself harping on the same things.

    Yeeees we get it the armor is crap and the guns are powerfull; thats the point of the entire line – just say something interesting alreadyyyy!

    • If every tank in that line does have similar characteristics, what else am I supposed to say? All tanks have weak armor/good guns, thats it already?

      • Prettymuch yeah,

        If you really want to say it; word it differently or make a joke about it.

        “This tank changes the whole formula!”
        “Actually no it doesn’t – still as well armored as a wet cardboard box but still containing the rabid weasel inside”

        For example.

        • Humor us, don’t bore/frighten us!
          Slow down, get a tad of humor in there.
          Maybe if all have some characteristic make yourself a list of different ways to tell it for every single one like:
          1. Marder!!: bad armour
          2. Hard to achieve, but its armour is even worse
          3. lokks like Hummel, hey armour is even as crappy
          4. WOW what a big gun on Nashorn, gues they had no more steel left so they used cardbord as armour and so on
          GET IT?
          mfg eXterminus

  4. Why the fuck are you so enamored with that person? Is he your e-buddy or something? No, he doesn’t have potential, his videos (like the majority of videos by WoT vloggers) are mediocre or worse and he doesn’t even give good advice either.

    Let it go.

    • Then surely you can make better videos than me! Constructive criticism seems to be a foreign word to you.

      • >Then surely you can make better videos than me!

        Fallacy. Copy paste from another post: “Are film critics film-makers? Music critics musicians? Food critics chefs?”

          AND YES I HAVE GIVEN constructive critique higher up in the comments.

  5. I dunno what u all ve.

    I know a really wide spread of ppl commenting over Youtube Vids and first of all:
    His micro is wonderful and he has a clear English language, which is ofc really important for non native speakers.

    Maybe he is fast at some points and its maybe hard to follow him if u r not comprehend with English, but thats just one bad thing I can notice. So maybe SS u can tell him to be more relaxed on making the vids.

    He makes a good video for the casual gamers out there and at least thats the point: Not for pros, just for the average Player and they ll know the things he is telling us in the vids.

    So all in all I like this kind of vids.

    The only vids I really like atm, r bout WT from entak if u wanna ve a look at.

    Well done. Thanks for the replay and that i dont ve to get that 5gb.

    • This has nothing to do with making videos for “casual gamers”. The dude provides incorrect or flawed information.

      Also, fuck “casual” siemas with 300WN7. This blog should not cater to these people.

      • I think this ppl dont read FTR. I think the most ppl reading this blog ve 50%+ WinRate, cause thats r the ppl interested in game mechanics. So I dunno what u mean with incorrect informations (I just heared one which is corrected by Letters on the vid). But as u dont like it, lets see a vid from you, maybe yours r better. ;) :P

        • >So I dunno what u mean with incorrect informations

          The whole video is bad and not really an eye-opener in how to play the tank and the reviewer is not a unicum in it either.

          >But as u dont like it, lets see a vid from you, maybe yours r better

          Nice logical fallacy there. Are film critics film-makers? Music critics musicians? Food critics chefs?

          • So I have to have unicum stats to be able to make a preview/review? Check Jingles stats then, or maybe SideStrafe´s.

            • If i want to see what the tank is really capable of, I do watch videos from a purple player (reviews or replays). And I don’t watch Jingles videos either. I do watch quickbaby’s and gabad’s videos from time to time though.

    • Clear English?
      His language is worst.
      His dialect is too much for my ears. And the monotone tone gives it a deadly shot. When i watched it, i had to turn the sound out. Buah
      He should making it in german. I would watch it. :D

      • Thought about making videos in german. Thing is that I dont speak any English outside of YouTube.

      • Yes fred, not all youtouber are unicums,
        but Jingles is just damn funny, has the perfect voice and pocounciation.
        so please SS get ride of these Videos, you can see we don’t want em here.
        mfg eXterminus
        PS: AT LEAST post only link, no embedded vido oky?

  6. Well it’s not the worst, but when there are good youtube vids around, why introduce someone who still has to work his way up?

  7. Much better, I would recommend more punctuation for pathos. Maybe some more humour like the little sentence about the Pz.Sfl.IVc being “a very large target” followed up by a laugh or something you think is fun.
    It’s really good if you enjoy yourself while streaming – it takes away focus from the form of the presentation and adds familiarity and connects with you as a person.

    Many of the other streamers have a lot of things going for them, find out what makes you stand out and put emphasis on that. You clearly know German – maybe that can be helpful when reviewing the German tanks.

    But the most important thing is pathos – it’s a rhetoric technique that Mr. Jingles uses quite a lot. It Implies depth and underlines points. Of course it’s much easier for him being older and wiser than most of us ;)

    When going through dry stats make them interesting. Underlining points become VERY important when doing that, especially if backed up by either game play examples or other visual feedback.

    Regarding the end of the video (the most important part for you as a streamer):
    NEVER say “whatever you can do down there”. If you look at Quicky baby – he is a master at this. Don’t copy him but stay in touch with what your competition is doing.

    Hope you find this constructive. Producers rant over.

    Good luck.

    • it would probably be too harsh to say “why create those videos, when others are way better at this”.

      you mention QuickyBaby’s videos and it’s true. He is pretty smooth doing those and i don’t want to tell anybody to stop doing video reviews when they are clearly inferior to what others do, but i don’t see the point in advertising those videos. you would rather show good reviews and not ones that are clearly lacking.

      it’s a two edged sword with jingles. he does pretty thorough reviews, but does spend too much time in the garage talking about every numerical detail of the tank, but i can see some viewers probably wanting that. the “replay” part of his reviews are kind of meh, because he is not a very good player and so he will not show how to really make some special tanks work. his replay reviews are most of the time replays where he is lonely top tier (like in a tier 9 tank with most of the other tanks being tier 8 or 7) and somehow manages to carry his own weight. let’s be honest. Jingles may be a nice guy, but he is far from a good player. all i hear is his annoying voice saying “aargh, they got me again, i am so unlucky” when he streams with others like QB and co. he is just always the first guy to die so this does take away a bit of his expertise to evaluate tanks.

      • >Jingles may be a nice guy, but he is far from a good player.
        I would have to heartily disagree especially after looking at his noobmeter stats. ‘Good’ isn’t unicum, nor should it ever be. Those are the sorts of standards which simply cause unnecessary grief to people who don’t have the time to make WOT a job. I do not need a pro CS tourny winner try to learn tank fu just to tell me how this tank shines. From Jingle’s EU account, he has a WN7 of 1400 and an overall winrate of 55%. Take a look at his last 1000 battles, and that Winrate jumps to 67%. He shows a good grasp of the mechanics of the game, his stats rank him as a cut above the rest, and his gameplay shows he is a constructive and alert member of the team.

        >because he is not a very good player and so he will not show how to really make some special tanks work.
        Which I haven’t seen and you don’t really need. He reviews new tanks and hands the player a review with a stiff whiff of the potential that his impression was. He’s not supposed to be an online instructional guru with 1000 battles in a Type 59, that would take way too long and would require more tailored coverage than what he does in the first place, likely complete with stat breakdowns of the competition.

        • i give you, that my definition of “good player” does not conform with “noobmeters” wn6 measurement. the amount of “f*ck ups” he does while platooning with other youtube streamers is just too high to take him seriously. i would probably say a 1700 wn6 player is a good player. noobmeters measurements are just so low because they compare against the one brain-cell masses that play this game. having to brain cells and knowing how to drive in a straight line does not make you a good player in my books, but that is of course subject to personal opinion.
          last 1000 battles are not really looked at by serious clans, because everybody knows how you can pad the different values (for example driving the marder 2 for over 300 games).

          i did watch quite a few of his videos and it just becomes obvious that he is a rather limited player.(and this is coming from someone who is not that good at the game himself). if a player like me sees his obvious lack of skill i think good players would see that as well.

          this is not to say, that newbies to the game should not watch him. it’s totally ok for starters and mediocre players, but players with 10 k or something will not have much to learn from him.

          • >you can pad the different values (for example driving the marder 2 for over 300 games).
            Out of 10,000. 3% is hardly padding in any sense of the term. Secondly, while 1000 battles isn’t everything, it shows he is capable of doing very well for long periods of time on random servers.

            >this is not to say, that newbies to the game should not watch him. it’s totally ok for starters and mediocre players, but players with 10 k or something will not have much to learn from him.
            He does tank reviews and analysis of old and new tanks. His focus was never on teaching pro skill gameplay, it was to assess what this tank is capable of and to deliver his views on the matter in a timely format. In this, his standardized performance is actually a valuable asset when you want to compare rival tanks, or even to gain a feel for a tank you haven’t played yet. Additionally, if one wants to become extremely good in the field of rockin’ der panzerwelts, they cannot just receive that wisdom from paging one forum topic. To master an element of world of tanks, you have to read a ton from a large body of work, or play three times as many games to hopefully learn it alone. New tanks are both new datapoints for understanding a role and new tools to do it.

            On a side note, I additionally feel that world of tanks is set up so differently from other games that the traditional dynamic of success and failure is completely uprooted. Tanks provide roles with very little insurance that they can do their job; every heavy tank has a weakspot, every spotter tank has a bush to spoil their spotting, every gun can bounce or miss (RNG is very high even on accurate guns compared to COD or CS), and every fast tank has tracks to shoot. I haven’t even touched on the fact that World of Tanks is a team based third person shooter with an extreme role diversity.

            I don’t know what you’ve seen of Jingles that made you think this way, but the reason why I stated all the problems in the previous paragraph is because, simply put, fuckups are expected and inevitable in WOT, not just from him, but from everyone. I’ve seen tier 10 tanks with WN7s of 2000 who got caught in situations where they simply could not win against a lightweight 1200 or 2 just a tier lower. There was simply nothing they could do about it. Even the mighty JPz E-100 only bounces the least, not never. I’ve managed to bounce them, the Foch, 704s, Jagdtigers, and the FV215B 183 Death Star in an E-50 before. Part of it was the knowledge that a good slope on that front plate is effective as hell, but the other fact is that my tank just had the stats to exploit it in the first place. I couldn’t have done that in a batchat, much less a Leichttraktor.

            I think that Jingles isn’t pro, nor does he intend to do more than play or understand the game for fun and personal satisfaction. With his intelligence and understanding of how the game operates, the impact of him not having 20,000 battles and a WN7 of 2000 under his belt is negligible compared to what he brings to the table: standardized, timely, easily digestable reviews of new tanks in one place, from one author.

            Good talk, we should do this more.

    • Thank your for the quite useful feedback. About QB´s line at the end… I dont watch his videos so I really dont know what sentences he is using. You see, there are so many YTubers out there that its hardly possible to not say anything someone else has said before.

      • maybe im a noob,
        but i started watching jingles about two week ago and im learning stuff from him everyday……..
        Mabye i have been playing wot wrong, or am just learn resistant, but for me jingles vids are THE BEST!
        Besides: At least jingles tries his best ,(even correcting videos weeks after and such), and i “FUN TO WATCH” (i belive some of the other comenter agree from what i have read) .
        mfg eXterminus
        PS: You really wana argue stats? Than both jingles (noPro but fun) and FredTMK ar diqualified from making videos)

  8. The biggest problem for me is that I can’t help comparing him to Jingles, and noticing similarities, such as similar expressions. It seems as if he watched TMJ and picked up some stuff without realising it, or even perhaps on purpose, but whatever it is, he sounds like a copycat at moments.

    Even if he were to improve every other aspect of the presentation (and I’ll get back to that part…), this would still lose him viewers, as what’s the point of watching him if there others he copied from, that I can watch instead?

    Not everyone has a good speaking voice, but intonation goes a long way, and so do breaks in certain points and a change of tempo, both slowing down and picking up. He may have a good intention, but I’m simply not drawn in enough by the info.

    I may not agree with all the points Jingles makes, as his style of play sometimes annoys me, but hey, he is always interesting. FredTMK needs to be somehow original, as the above poster already stated.

    • I do watch Jingles quite alot, thats right, but I dont intend to copy him at all. If there are similar expressions at some points its purely because thats what I can come up with in that particular situation. Again, there are so many YTubers out there, it is impossible to not use words or phrases which someone else already used.

  9. The German accent is really hard to bear ;-) But the other major flaw is that he’s really trying to be another Jingles – using the same style of review AND very similar words and expressions. I don’t see a point in those videos being promoted here really.

    • Maybe he’d find a really solid audience in the German speaking part of the world?

    • I dont speak any English outside of YouTube, Im trying to improve though. And no I dont intend to copy some other YouTuber, be it Jingles or who ever else.

      • but you are still a copycat, intentions or not, find your own way.
        btw: German might be a nice idea, at least make german subs..

    • Jingles’ videos dont feature more information, dont feature better gameplay(be ig gameplay or explanationwise) and okey, this is personal now, are prerecoded and then he still manages to laugh at command… yay, very natural… besides, he falls asleep while talking. his fanbase also seems to be as agressive as the WT one. you forget to say amen and thanks for once and they follow you until the end of the world.

      oh wait, there sometimes is good gameplay, when he is being carried by teammates…GG

      • you do realize that you are aperently part of “agressive” wot fanbase?
        mfg eXterminus

  10. people here are generally assholes, their objections are all about personality they don’t even bother to listen to the content.

  11. What’s this ? there are so many significantly better reviews of the new TD line, Why the f*** this one ?, If you simply posted for example reviews from Quickybaby’s channel or TheRiisingSun’s or Mr.Jingles’s, no one would be complaining.

  12. He talks too fast, he doesnt seem to enjoy himself while doing the review, he dosnt have that kind of charisma that just pull and hipnotize people. Seeing as WoT reviews are usualy quite long, while not so much technical shit has to be said and its mostly opinions, there should be more “WOO” less “durr durr armor durr gun durr engine durr sniper durr durr”.

    Its like talking to a chick, the underlying “woo” is much more important than technical stuff.
    Just look at bohemianeagle (is he jingles?): insanely long videos, hes not the best player out there, but he has “IT” – when I find myself watching his videos i get fucking bored half way through, but just listening to his voice is kind of hypnotizing/pleasant so i stick to it sometimes.

  13. changes from ct1 to ct2 (from what i can remember)

    generally nerfed aimtimes of t8 and t9 WTs, nerfed rof, significantly nerfed turret/gun traverse

    • ok, rof is the same, but the aimtime and dispersion on turret rotation are now borderline retarded (as in im highly considering not grinding those tanks….)

  14. Rofl he is german? Very dangerous…

    He has installed a historical accuracy patch with swastikas u can see it in his garage. xD

  15. Well this guy is crap. No information but the obvious sniper and paper armor shit. You know that every tank in WoT can be a sniper in a given situation or a brawler. And obviously the WT E100 was able to brawl vs the T57 and the AMX.

    • In certain situations, in this one I was VERY lucky, because a) the AMX didnt reload in time and b) the T57´s clip was kinda scared of my gun and/or his clip was empty, JgPz E 100 only tracked me from point blank.

  16. Dear SS, please dont post this type of videos anymore.

    He basically just reads out the tank data in the first video.
    Some people enjoy those type of videos, but I dont think its enough quality for FTR.

    The gameplay video is bad again.
    His positioning is aweful.

      • here’s some constructive feedback.
        Don’t read out the stats in garage. Most people can also read, and this is incredibly easily accessed information that is very boring to listen to. Perhaps a general overview would be more appropriate, rather than reading out the rear armor values.
        Game play was acceptable, perhaps a little uninspired.

  17. Another point: I’m an unicum stats-wise. I ask myself sometimes why no unicums, i mean really good and skilled players, do youtube videos… Whenever i see such mediocore players like quickbaby or this guy i think such videos could be really nice if the person was a good player.

    So why i don’t make videos as an unicum? I think i could do some very good videos with some really usefull information but do i want that tards know my secrets?

    • @muertex: Talking statswise: you do know quickybaby has a WN7 of 2000+ ??
      I know people who would say thats above mediocre…

    • ‘mediocore players like quickbaby’

      Trololol — I’m no fan of QB, and he certainly isn’t the best player ever, but he is hardly mediocre.

  18. Well its nice you try and it is good SS helped you out. Still, I think it might be better to get more experience doing these vids before going for the big audience.
    Jingles might not be the best out there but he does it for a long time and has 140.000 followers on youtube. You have 60 atm, I don’t say you won’t get there, but please give yourself some time. If you are good at what you’re doing you will get there sooner or later anyway and you will be respected a lot more for doing it yourself.

  19. Since you are reading this Fred, why do you have a swastika mod (it can be seen in your other videos)? Please explain the reason for that?

      • historical accuracy is one thing on scale models of ww2 vehicles, but for a game it is a rather dubious choice to put much work into creating a mod which displays a symbol that is illegal in your country…

        PS: SerB like answers, i.e. don’t load it, do not cut it here

  20. He is the one who got run out of this site for modding swastikas into the game. He then whinges about ‘historical realism’, while his forums account was graced with the picture of a warcriminal and eugenicist who experimented on people in the concentration camps.

    There is no need to support someone like that.

    • I didnt get trun out of anywhere, idiot. If you dont like my mods, thats fine, noone forces you to load them. I was alot of hard work many other people like it, also I am doing the same for WoWP and also WoWS when they come out. Oh wow! What a disgrace!

      I dont know if you are the same damn troll like on the forums and I dont know what damn war criminal you are talking about but please, whine and cry more! It makes me feel really good.

  21. So, I will try to give a constructive criticism although I managed to watch only the 1st video and only until the T6 TD when I got bored to death……

    1. Your German accent is quite bad on microphone, especially when reciting, so since you can’t do much about the accent try to change the rhythm of the speech, put a joke or too and use some generally know germаn expressions for flavor.
    2. Your micro is too close to your mouth and it produces very often a “sssss” or “shsss” sounds that are annoying, so try to put it at further away and see if this improves things.
    3. Speak slower – too many times its hard to hear clearly what you are saying when you eat the end of the words (here too the accent doesn’t help).
    4. The point of such a presentation is not to say out loud what everybody can/will be able to read in their garage, so skip directly to the good/bad parts and how to abuse/compensate them. Here for me would be a good idea to follow up a description of strengths/weaknesses with a gameplay video demonstrating them – clinical description in a garage is so boring.
    5. Please check your replays for errors/slips before posting them – if it is live I get it but to say that the PZ.Sfl. IVc’s 8,8cm Flak 41L/71 has 149 mm penetration instead of 194 mm doesn’t make you look good on a recorded preview.

    My 2 cents

  22. I noticed in those videos that the EU server has many more choices for German summer camouflage than we have on the NA server. Watch the segment on the Marder 38T at the 2:21 mark and you’ll see five choices, just from what happens to be shown, that we don’t have. When is the NA going to have these camos? Every server should have the same camouflage choices.

  23. SS why u support NAZI? (see previous comment+ historical accurecy(basicly Nazi symbol adder)mod)
    mfg eXterminus

      • You sounded like you had a lot of sand in your vagina when people called you out on the forums. Wanted to get a mod to close the thread after your Nazi-fetish was uncovered.

        By the way, you still haven’t explained why you used a Nazi warcriminal as an avatar picture on the forums?

  24. Can a video be any more german?
    Haven´t seen the first one but this is one is crap.
    He could have cut 5 minutes off the video by just saying: all the vehicles have no armor at all and you should focus on camo. It makes no sense at all to repeat that vehicle by vehicle.
    Some ingame fotage would also have improved the video.
    I wanna SEE what a 88 does on tier 5 and not a german professor reading it to me…