8.9 test 2 patchnotes

Not sure whether this appeared in English yet, so here goes. Hopefully it’s correct – wasn’t sure what some bugs mean.

- many fixes in the Team Battles window
- Achievements window got a special tab for Team battles statistics
- fixed some small bugs in visual models of Waffenträger auf Pz. IV, VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B, M7 Priest, Type 64, Pz.Sfl. IVc, IС, Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger, КВ-1С, AT 15A, M103, BТ-2, Объект 140, Waffenträger auf E 100, StuG III.
- fixed tank icons for Waffenträger auf E 100, Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger, Pz.Kpfw. V/IV, ИС-3, Pz.Sfl. IVc, Pz.Sfl. V.
- fixed the freezes of the client when being in training rooms
- fixed battle type descriptions in battle menu
- fixed bugs in the new battle menu

- fixed some bugs in the Achievements window
- fixed issues (discrepancies) in medal description tooltips and medal descriptions, when checking the achievements on actual tanks
- an extension added to the tooltip for amount of battles in the Achievement window
- added animation of the personal rating in the Achievement window
- removed the Mountain Pass encounter
- fixed the display bug in digital reload timer when using a medkit
- fixed the bug where the aim reticle didn’t sometimes align with where the gun was aiming
- fixed some bugs in the Missions window
- fixed some bugs on the new North-West map
- fixed the bug where the tanks got stuck on the bridge on Komarin map
- tutorial had the bug fixed where no matter what tank you used, the crew always spoke Russian
- fixed the bug where you couldn’t change any training room settings, if the player entered battle without the creator of the room
- fixed incorrect function of “Track effects” setting
- fixed the bug where the setting of “horizontal stabilization in sniper mode” didn’t get saved correctly
- fixed the random freezing of the client on the loading screen
- fixed the reload sound
- fixed the platoon chat window display when you left the platoon
- fixed some focus issues with hangar elements
- fixed the chat recording when watching replays

86 thoughts on “8.9 test 2 patchnotes

      • Well, amount of donkeys has been decreased totally.
        But Lorraine, Donkeykiller. We have new enemy. The 113 and its ”mighty” Type 59 army.

        • Donkeykiller? Well there are many idiotic tanks in the game that requires less skill to make “enough” damage. A few of those are ALL autloader tanks, simply because during that 10 second or so reload time the regular tanks have, a autoloader can just stan still or stand infront of another tank empty the clip. Where in regular cases, he would be forced to back off/angle armor etc after firing the frist shot. Im not saying autloaders are noob tanks, I just saying a noob in a autoloader can make more damage in shorter amount of time than with a tank with regular reload. Of course some can argue AL tanks have less pen, but there are gold ammo to use.

          What more? Well a nobrainer hull down T34 is also quite retarded, 400 alpha and 248mm pen, is even more than the tier 8 ferdinand regarding penentration. What other tanks are really retarded donkyed? Some of the new 2nd german TDs, that have better cammo and guns than the 1st line.

            • Addendum: and assuming that’s his ingame nick, NOONE is surprised to learn his firsthand experience with the autoloaders is El Zippo Nada.

            • Listen here pal, in these days in wot, many noobs use autloaders that put out more damage in 10 seconds than tier 10 TDs, and gold ammo on pair with tier 8-10 TD penentration. All they have to do is take one hit from 300-800 damage and then stand still infront of the tank for 10 seconds making 1500-3000 damage. Real fun and fair uh?

            • How about you go and try out yourself how Fun & Easy(tm) it is, Tea-ass? And you forgot the part where the enemy usually isn’t alone and sitting still for 10 seconds is an excellent way to have everyone in the vicinity volunteer to install some fresh ventilation in your usually rather poorly armoured can…

    • At first glance, I was pissed off by encounter on that map, but yes – it’s overall good and promotes active playing. A pity it has some flaws – I think it’s easier to win by cap, when starting from the sides.

      • I disagree, capping on this map is only possible when one of the teams ignores the cap completly.
        Each team can block the cap in 3 ways – get on bridgend from north, get on bridge end from south or get under the bridge from center of behind, depending on the spawn.
        It was a really awesome map, just too many pl forgot that is is possible to win encounter by cap and if can happen with good defence on this map.

        • Yes, fast moving north spawners have three ways to get to cap. If you’re quick enough, the enemy won’t even get a shot at you. Once you are there, you have a pretty good chance of sitting there without too much worry of being shot. If you need to leave cap to shore up a side or two, it is relatively easy to do so. Winning by cap is easily achieved from the north spawners, not so much by the west side.

          The west spawners have only one way to get to cap without taking fire, and that involves dropping down one of two very steep slopes. Once they are there, they have to hug a very small section of the circle behind the rock. If they peak out, they expose themselves to enemy cappers from anywhere else in the cap circle, and their own team mates can do nothing to help them. A west spawner in the cap can, for a short time, prevent the north side from winning by cap, but it is a delay at best. I doubt the west spawn could ever win by cap alone.

          It really came down to one side being able to win by capping, and the other being kept from getting to the cap because they were trapped in areas where they had to cross a no mans land, taking fire from both flanks, just to get to the cap. Assuming they did, they were too beat up to contest the undamaged enemy sitting in the cap.

          An overly challenging map for the east spawners in just about every way. While I think the player base would have figured it out eventually, I don’t think its current form would ever change how much one side dominated the other by a capping win. I don’t believe encounter mode should ever be won by capping, and to create a map that promotes winning by cap is wrong. WG removing it proves the win rate was grossly unbalanced. It has a lot of promise, and I do hope they bring it back, but not as it is currently set up.

    • well i got encounter only 2 times on mountain pass. Both times i liked it, because it is really good for both sides. Sad that they remove a pretty good map/mode

  1. When will 8.9 TS vs.2 will go live? I was trying to log on around 12am today and it was still down…

  2. - removed the Mountain Pass encounter
    LOL Really? A good mode on this map and they delete it, but other maps with to much inbalance stay for months in the map pool… ridiculous!

    • I believe too many of games in that map/mode ended in 3rd minute by cap win :)
      Anyway, I didn’t like it too, as there were too few places to go and too few tactics to use.

  3. Does the Chi Nu Kai still have non preferred MM? It seems pretty subpar in ever aspect outside of its gun’s pen being the same as normal non-td tier 5′s top guns… I don’t see any reason it shouldn’t have preferred :/

    • I agree, I really hope they do give it preferred MM as I do like the tank but as you said, it seems fairly underpowered for being able to be thrown in tier 7 games. I believe they announced that some parameters for the CNK were still subject to change but I’m really hoping they will just give it the preferred MM.

    • The official rule is that limited MM is to compensate for an especially weak gun for its tier. Chi-Nu Kai’s gun is pretty standard, even good for tier 5, so regardless of the tank’s weaknesses it is unlikely to get limited MM. T-44-85′s gun on the other hand would have a very hard time versus tier 9 vehicles so it doesn’t see them.

      • Yeah but when you look at tanks that don’t have “preferred” like the T34 or the T-25, I don’t think you can say it’s “just” the gun’s pen they have going for it. Like put a CNK up against a T-25, another tier 5 premium medium, and I’d bet on the T-25 almost every time.

  4. the rhm borsig has now the lowest dpm of all t8 tds with the topgun :) and no armor and isn’t faster than the isu in a straight line
    made it a bit meh..

    • t8 – nerfed aitimes, nerfed rofs, nerfed turret traverse, nerfed hull traverse, reduced HP, much higher dispersion on turret and gun movement
      t9 – nerfed rofs, nerfed aimtimes, nerfed hull and gun traverse, HUGELY increased dispersion on gun movement
      t10 – only feels like some nerfs to terrain passability were made and higher dispersion on turret rotation

      all of them feel (t7+) more sluggish (probably nerfed hull traverses or terrain passability), also pretty sure all of them from tier 6 up had the dispersion on gun movement significantly increased….

      t44-85 – dunno, seems exactly the same, maybe a bit better rof, maybe they gave it max t7 mm (wasnt put in any t8 game and didnt see one in any t8 game)

      • If this is true then Im not gonna go that line anymore. Exactly those T8 and T9 TDs were completely fine.

  5. - removed the Mountain Pass encounter
    Finally! I hate that map, almost made me turn off encounter. If you have anything else than some good-armored HT you are basically screwed. No options for flanking (well, you can try the center of the map, but good luck saving more than 200HPs) , the moment you push around corner you are shot to pieces. I even find cap-win in first 3 minutes good end to this map.

  6. LOL tested the borsig.. this was no nerfbat.. not even a nerfhammer.. it was a nerfbulldozer :D
    super slow, turrettraverse is a lot slower

    I think if they dont to something about it, it will be pretty bad..

    • It won’t be bad, it will work as intended. As usual German tank. Slow, none armored, without any camo and with a shit stick gun.

    • Even if they do nothing it will still lead to the most powerful tier ten in the game by far..

      • Funny thing is T10 wasn’t nerfed iirc. T8 and T9 however did. And they didn’t overperformed at all, while on the other hand T10 is slightly OP just because it has OP autoloader.

        • Working as intended: Everyone wants tier 10, hates the tier 8 and 9 grind. Lots of free xp used, lots of gold for converting, lots of dollars for WG.

          That’s why KV1S will be nerfed as well: Fun tank at tier 6 – no way!

  7. “Hopefully it’s correct – wasn’t sure what some bugs mean.”

    Don’t worry – official translators will have no idea either!

  8. - fixed incorrect function of “Track effects” setting info > german TD nerfs info
    They didn’t even bothered to inform players that they significantly nerfed German(how unusual) TDs. Such a typical WG horseshit. I guess PzIV with JT gun on T9 was OP. And looks like rhm borsig needed to be nerfed cause his 20mm armor was too much combined with that OP 215 pen gun.

    • Between test versions they never announce adjustments to tanks not yet in the live version.

      One of the reasons for the tests is to coarse tune the new vehicle characteristics, anyone taking test 1 stats and expecting them to make it to release is living in cloud cookoo land.

      • When implementing the British TD’s, they did exactly this: test 1 stats made it to release!

        Even though a donkey could see that a Tier 7 TD with 1.250 hitpoints, great armour and 2.378 DPM is anything but balanced, the AT 7 hit the live server. The Sturer Emil and even the Rhm-B. WT is far more difficult to drive.

      • Its pretty clear for me.
        The first test most of the players try the tanks, not like the second test. So everybody do like the new tanks, because they have to good stats and be pretty motivated, till the reality came …
        Thats why i bought this british Tog. The Test was opti, the reality i hated it, because of that damn nerfed cannon, which was not announced.

        • Just tried WT auf PzIV on test2 and it still is decent at best, but the gun traverse nerf and aimtime kills it imo. It is very, VERY fragile TD thus aimtime and gun traverse means a lot. It was perfectly fine on test1 and now it became another crappy, mediocre at best td, really hard to play.

          • I tested the Rhm-Borsig WT on test2 and it was nerfed hard: significant worse accuracy when moving, turret slow as hell and much more sluggish. Now, it’s only a mediocre TD and probably not worth grinding.

            • At least the Nashorn is quite good (better then Jagdpanzer IV) and also the Sturer Emil is at least interesting. The rest: over and out…

            • I loved the WT on Pz4 so much.. would’ve been a tank that keeps me playing this game..
              Also.. aren’t flakguns supposed fastturning to lead airplanes better?

            • That would be the “low envelope” autocannons, the big bruisers handled high-flying planes and hence didn’t need to be particularly fast-traversing. (Heavy AA pieces were also AFAIK near useless against planes coming in fast and low already for RoF reasons.)

            • Regarding turret traverse in WoT, I wish they’d balance vehicles like the M18 some other way than unhistorical slow turret traverse…

              The faster-than-historical traverses are perhaps acceptable for gameplay reasons. The Tiger was only 6-12 deg/s, AFAIK.

  9. ” – tutorial had the bug fixed where no matter what tank you used, the crew always spoke Russian”

    Wasn’t T-34-85 the only tank you could use in the tutorial?