Hello everyone,

want to read something nice about armor angling? Check newest Chieftain’s Hatch

Nothing much today answer-wise, though.

- there will be no more “Mouse-trap-like” achievements for high tier tank kills other than Maus, it’s there for the Maus because Maus is unique
- according to Storm, binding your account to a cell phone number provides enough security from account hijacking

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  2. Don’t know if it’s that unique, but still one of the rarest sights to see at t10. I haven’t drove mine in ages. I actually have only like ~20 battles in it and i researched it long time ago. Before it was unplayable cause of the arty parties, now even there is much less arties it’s still moving exp pinata….too much map dependant, crappy gun(badish pen, and lowest dpm) and armor is pretty much useless because after first couple of bounces everyone will load gold and beat the crap out of you. Before Maus trap medal was unique because Maus indeed was hard to kill, now it’s unique not because it’s hard to kill one, but to actually see one.

      • Who wants nice stats cant play it :-) It is not easy to keep positive dmg dealt/receive ratio on this thing.

        • Imo damage recieved/dealt shouldn’t be an issue to keep up with simply cause Maus is meant more the soak up damage and protect your buddies….but low DPM as Woras said is real issue since everyone knows you have long reload and they won’t hesitate to attack/rush you if they realise it’s only you or maybe 1 other tank w/ you and it takes ages to take out other T10s…

  3. Now there can be a new one named something like “Trager killer” – kill 100 Waffentragers :)

  4. it’s there for the Maus because Maus is unique.

    True its unique shit. Everytime i saw a maus, it gets owned so hard. 3000 Hp mealting faster then my icecream at 30 degree.
    I got a maus too, but it needs a buff. The gun is too bad, no one has respect of a maus.

  5. It’s unique in REAL life. It’s like a barely moving effigy of stupid and favouritism. Not to mention a magnet of wannabe-ss attention and the wet dream material of all (armchair) generals that haven’t gotten to logistics yet in the dictionary.

    Name one tier 10 tank that is surrounded by as much mysticism, false information and stupid.

        • leo 1 for Hunter achievement
          m48 patton for Patton Valley achievement
          t62a…. Nothing counting that. But maybe someday we’ll have it in a new achievement for killing T-54′s variants (“world of T-54″: award for kill 100 of each vehicles: t-54, t-62a, obj 140, type 59, 59-16, wz-131, wz-132, wz-120, 121, t-34-2, t-34-3). But it’s rarely happen because…you know what i’m talking about

  6. “according to Storm, binding your account to a cell phone number provides enough security from account hijacking”

    I seriously doubt that.

  7. Hey SS, can you give ip ban to the “first” and “donkey” retards? That’d be great.

  8. “- according to Storm, binding your account to a cell phone number provides enough security from account hijacking”

    It took me 14 days, 5 screenshots of various bank accounts, 11 messages with tech support, and a history of where I lived and who my ISP was to get the cell phone number removed from my account.

    Where I live now, we don’t even have cell service.

    They need an authenticator like WoW uses.

    • And according to me, service worked for first few days (for some people not even that long)…

      Same happened to me when I needed to recover my forgotten password just because that function wasn’t working properly!
      I changed my password numerous times as suggested each time I entered garage, and once it so happened I forgot what I entered the day before.

      Now the funny part:
      - each time I changed my password I never ever received a notification on my mobile phone that someone is trying to change my WoT password nor it asked for any additional verification via mobile phone – as if I haven’t connected my mobile phone number and account (just a reminder from WoT page: “Mobile confirmation for important account security actions (such as password changes)”
      - when I tried to recover my forgotten password, I didn’t receive the special confirmation number on my mobile phone, not even once (I tried getting it multiple times before contacting Support)

      In short, service should be brought down for maintenance and fully revised before put back in service…

  9. It’s stupid to say you can’t have awards for other tanks.

    E-100 => ELO 0 (Do you see the spelling? E100 is ELO 0, ELO is a statistic used a lot in gaming)
    Waffentrager Top tiers (kill 100 of each WF) => WTF Was That? (self explanatory given the WTF-100 and the other WTs, which form the “Was That” part)
    Kill 100 each of M46 Patton and M48 Patton => Pat-Down
    Get 100 Wins each in 121 and 113 => Battlemaster (Command & Conquer Generals reference)

    • There’s already one for the Pattons.

      “Valley of Pattons” which weirdly has an Elephant on the ribbon.

      • yeah but there are 2 patton vehicles and you need 100 kills of them to get medal. But on maus you need only 10 so everyone wants kill maus.

  10. Hmms, cellphone is ok, but one EU SMS gate is broken, so when you need pwd reset, you are doomed….Czech Support didn’t help, so you have to wait and try it again and again and hope, that you will be refirected to 2nd gate which sends SMS ok…
    OK gate is presenting itself as Wargaming, Wargaming1 is sending corrupted SMS (checked on more cell phones, months after my issue another guy contacted me with same problem, so they didn’t fixed it…)
    So I removed my phone from account and wouldn’t return it back.

    • The M48 and M60 Patton’s were real. The E-100 did have a hull built. the Bat Chat was never mass produced, but they did build two of them, so it was real. The AMX 50B was also built, but never mass produced. They also built, but never produced, a Foch 155. The T62A was mass produced, Object 140 had two prototypes built. IS-4 was mass produced, IS-7 was not, but did have a prototype built. Object 268 was built, but not mass produced. the 121 had a couple prototypes built, but they were destroyed in weapons testing.

      • He’s talking about Heavies. Anyway, almost every tier 10 Heavy tank are exist(this way or other way: chassis or prototype or mass produced) :Maus, E 100, T57 Heavy(dont remember but i see T58 version IRL picture), IS-7, IS-4, AMX 50B. Only FV215b, t110e5 and 113 was never build actually(didn’t see any IRL picture of these tanks yet). Maus is not unique in this way. Just because its name compare with it side (giant tank with a small animal name on it)