New login screen: what’s the tank?

Hello everyone,

some of you already noticed the new WoT login screen.


So, the upper tank on it is obviously a Waffenträger, but what is the lower one? One guy asked me and I honestly couldn’t produce the answer. He suggested it’s a T95 Medium Tank, but the roadwheels on the WG picture have no gaps, unlike the real T95 ones…

Edit: I am blind as a bat: it’s a Crusader with 2pdr (and stock turret).

66 thoughts on “New login screen: what’s the tank?

    • The Crusader… probably the one of the few tanks that need two HE shells to kill the Wafflecarrier.

  1. It looks like a crusader judging from the Turret.

    That waffle PzIV! I’m lovin’ this.

  2. It looks a loot like the crusader in the hull, but that’s not the crusader turret, it’s the T95 turret

    • Well, it was morning, haven’t had my coffee yet and took me a while to realize. I could have scrapped the whole thread, but then again, if I write something stupid, I won’t just delete everything to cover it up :P I can screw up just like everyone else.

  3. SS maybe you havent play Crusader before?
    but hey everyone did a mistake sometime let just lol abt it and move on

  4. Not that i brag or anything, but when i saw that turret i immediately knew it’s some british low tier because they are the only ones with that kind of turrets.

  5. The hull looks like tiger’s one… maybe it’s ‘Waffentrager Tiger’ that was not existed.