27 thoughts on “EU: Upcoming weekend event missions

  1. I’m hoping they’ll make the chocolates obtainable with any tank played. Definitely a good reason to play my 2xes on my 30+ tanks!

        • Says the following on EU.

          “Win one Random battle. May be completed once per day with each vehicle.”

          Which would seem to suggest first win in each tank gets you some chocolate.

  2. “Good thing we have so many desert maps :/ ”

    Oh yeah ever played assault mode, just acivate it and u will get sand dunes all the time.

    First game sand dunes, second game sand dunes, third game other map, fourth game sand dunes… I think its bugged, map varity or random generator my ass!

  3. I don’t mean to be an asshole, but this isn’t something every player can see by himself. Just switch in the mission panel to subsequent and it will show you future missions and ETA.

    • But you need to do it to find out that there is something new and thus not everyone will find out by themselves.

  4. not even on the test server do i have this many tanks in my garage…
    we should have some epic missions like the 15 win and 60 kill in september

  5. OMG.. bad mission…

    yesterday i played round 20 games on 4 maps 15 different tanks….. good map cycle WG!!!!