Chi-Nu Kai weakspots

Hello everyone,

while Chi-Nu Kai isn’t exactly the type of tank you have to know where to aim (word of advice, do NOT aim at the mantlet, it’s very tough), here’s something you folks might find useful.




(as for the shutdown, please expect announcement today, I still have to dig thru all the feedback, translations come first).

28 thoughts on “Chi-Nu Kai weakspots

  1. I guess german tanks don’t have **** on the japs.

    (off-topic, donated 10 euros. hope you find time for us but IRL issues before viritual ones.)

  2. As for the shutdown…there is too much drama. You want to quit? then quit. It’s not like we can’t survive without FTR.
    Blackmailing your readers is a low blow…

    Also why would anyone need help with the Chi-nu kai ? Shoot flat areas.

      • There is a difference between : Hey if you don’t donate i’ll close the site and. Hey, there are some problems and i could use some donations.

        First one is blackmail. Second one is a nicer thing to say. That’s all.

      • it’s not blackmailing. Frank’s not forcing you to do anything, he’s just informing us that the site can’t keep on going without any sort of incomme.

    • Clearly you have no clue what “blackmail” means. He’s saying he can’t really do what he does without money given how much time he invests and being banned from Adsense deprived him of that.

      Also, of course we can live without FTR. I mean there are so many blogs translating the russian Q&A and compiling all the leaks, right?

      Oh wait…

      • I’m pretty sure there would be someone who would replace FTR’s place for stuff like this if the site shut down… but let’s hope it won’t be needed.

        • But that’s the problem with the shutdown in the first place.

          If it’s so time consuming that you can’t possibly do it without expecting some sort of recompense and given how rare people are who speak both Russian and English and are continuously interested in this game, then just how many new blogs do you expect to arise?

          If one guy did it then surely another one can, but don’t expect to be easy, prompt or as good.

  3. Thanks for the info. SS How come the Jap tanks have the commander on the right side, don’t most vehicles ingame have it on the left?

  4. First time you will damage engine by shooting a tank in the back and also first time you can damage ammorack, gunner and loader by shooting the turret from the side..

  5. Oooh look, engine is in the engine bay, gunner, loader and commander sit in the turret with some of the ammo.

    How did I ever manage without people painting pretty pictures like this.

    BTW, where is radio man, I don’t want to shoot radioman by accident.