Russians rage on IS-4 video

Hello everyone,

It’s not every day that something pisses the Russian community off, but looks like The_Chieftain made that happen with his latest IS-4 video:



To be clear – it’s a great video, as usual with Chieftain’s Hatch. I really like the series and it’s nice to see some of the more exotic Kubinka tanks this way.

Strangely enough, Russians started moaning as hell – both in youtube comments (of the Russian video version). They didn’t The_Chieftain saying like that the IS-4 was in real life a bad tank and that some of its elements (as Chief mentions, the ventilators, this information comes from Yuri Pasholok!) were openly copied from Germans (Soviets actually did copy a lot of good solutions for other tanks too – notably some muzzle brakes, they’d be crazy not to, if the enemy produces something they could use).

Probably the peak of anti-Chieftain hate was this garbage post on Russian community forums, where the author tinwoodman1 moans like a little bitch that allegedly Chieftain praises crappy American and German tanks, while Soviet junk glorious Iosef Stalin tank gets shafted.

Funnily enough, Storm intervened in the abovementioned thread:


“The tank was shitty in real life. Why should it be praised? And in general – stop fucking trolling, dear community”

Well, there you have it. Gotta love Storm getting pissed. Russians are actually very sensitive about their tech, or – more the like – about western capitalists commenting on their tech. Despite their whining, personally, I think the video was good and to the point. Looking forward to part two.

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        • You moron, it’s like saying fuck Germans for copying sloped armor from the T-34, you imbecile

          • It wasnt copied it was already known but not used at the first time, cause of disadvantages like less space/room…

          • The FT-17 used sloped armor. And it wasn’t even the first man made object to use it. You may think Russian sloped armor is something new around here… It’s not. The CSA Virginia used sloped armor and the USS Monitor brought out the armored turret. On behalf of the US I will take my thank you now… And while your at it, thank the French for getting their tank built and working first and the British for the original invention. No hard feelings right? =)

            Trolling and fact smashing done… move along… move along…

            • Not terribly relevant as tanks *themselves* tended to suffer relatively little from air strikes (unless they took a direct hit from a bomb or rocket or somesuch, and good luck withstanding *that*). The main value of those was forcing them into evasive maneuvers and generally distrupting their operations, shredding the assorted much softer support vehicles that kept the steel cans in fuel, ammo and spare parts, and often enough panicking the crew to the degree of bailing out – the Germans apparently noted that few things unsettled even veteran tankers as readily as ground-attack strikes.

  1. “The tank was shitty in real life. Why should it be praised? And in general – stop fucking trolling, dear community”

    So Storm is the good cop and SerB the bad cop? ;)

      • SS you are a liar. Community response to tinwoodman’s post was overwhelmingly negative and everyone can see it for themself by using link you provided. But judging by reaction of local posters, westerners prefer to “believe” in what was said to them and not know the truth.

        • I can’t see that, mostly because I don’t speak Russian. Not sure if most people that visit this page can either.

          That being said, I’d never think it was the entire RU community even based on that top post, just a vocal section of it, I’d honestly be surprised if any region’s WoT community could agree on anything. You get little pockets of bitching and whining and moaning about stuff in a sea of middle-ground, “meh”, and “can’t we all just get along?” everywhere in life, why should internet communities be any different?

          • Just as example first and last posts in LJ:
            t 34-85-60: Дядя Петя, ты дурак? – Uncle Petya, are you a fool?
            Iliich : (he posted a picture) У вас мозг рака! – You have brain cancer!/You have lobster brains!(its play on words).
            Basically all responses to thread started by tinwoodman1 looks like this.
            If you not believe me just use google translator and see for your self instead to buying on SS provocation.

          • Everybody is making fun of him, even if you dont know russian you can see the pictures they post.

        • What on earth is it with Russians blithering on about “westerners” believing anything said to them? It seems to be used as an argument whenever something is said that could be perceived as remotely “anti” Russian.

          The reaction to something based on internet posts is not an indication of how something “good” something is in reality. It’s just a mess of opinions.

        • > westerners prefer to “believe” in what was said to them and not know the truth.
          Please don’t put westerners together with a bunch of butthurt former warsaw pact nationals.

          • Well not all easterners hate russians too. But what do you want from me? How do you want for me to refer to them? “Those from the west of Russia who believe that all russians are drunk fools and crazy nationalists”? =)

            • No one hates you, fucktard, we pity you because you’re subhuman animals. You’re inferior to humans in every respect, enjoy your astronomical suicide rates :^)

            • You got way too much time on your hands. Within a few weeks you turned the whole comment section from tank discussion to a childish trollfest. Please leave us alone

        • Fuck russians. Feed them to the donkey.

          The western capitalist pigs.

        • We’s stomped ’umies, we’s blown up stuff and we’s driven our traks from one end of da world to da uvva. We’s gonna come back next year!

  2. It could be Chieftain’s personal opinion, like in other vids. Keep up the good work!

  3. Strange, in operation think tank IS-4 was positively assessed… the best of Soviet Union heavy tank development that went into production

      • ok, I watched the entire video and I have not heard The_Chieftain say IS-4 was a bad tank…

        complex fenders and fan design “shamelessly stolen from the Germans” dose not equal a bad tank

        • Don’t see what the big deal is he said nothing negative in part 1 really. Both Soviets and Germans stole features from each other, there’s nothing wrong with admitting it.

    • I guess they were afraid to say something else, unless they wanted to a se a gulag from inside the fence

    • From what I’ve seen mentioned of the actual production figures and deployement the military was less than smitten with the thing…

      • Man fuck the IS 4 it is the reason the IS 7. The soviets went “FUck all the heavy tanks “.

        • the Soviets stopped making heavy tanks since regular tanks were beginning to be able to pen their armour with ease, and new armour designs (such as the laminate armour of the T-64 was offering them as much protection on a much smaller design

        • Yet they cheerfully mass-produced IS-3′s and later IS-8/T-10′s.
          Your claim falls flat on its face.

          • And the IS3 was a rubbish tank as well. Just because someone somewhere agreed to produce something doesn’t mean what they produced is any good.

            • Sure seemed to give the “West” a good scare back in the day. Anyway, gj completely missing the point – which was that unlike the IS-4, the Red Army liked it and its successor well enough to order and deploy them in serious numbers. That by the end of the Fifites the whole heavy-tank concept got tossed into the dustbin has little bearing on the matter.

            • “And the IS3 was a rubbish tank as well.”
              so rubbish that three western tank designs quickly appeared in the 50′s to directly counter it, copying some of it’s major features.

        • Super heavy tanks to be more precise.

          A shame really, they could have build a few IS-7s to parade with.

      • Dear friend, do you really think that Germans lost the war because of inferiority of their technology? Nope, there were many reasons. Damn, the Germans had to cope with i.e. raw material shortages, later manpower shortages, fighting two fronts, being led by an idiot etc. Also, their tech was (in general again) too complex and not reliable in real life usage.

        • Trying to build “the best” is useless if you can’t do “good enough”. Not a few of their projects were beyond their technical means, to speak nothing of resources.

      • toplel, one look at kill ratios proves that German tanks were superior to Soviet ones – or, as you claim, soviet tanks were superior, but their drivers were retarded mongoloids who couldn’t hope to fight inferior tanks driven by civilized people.

            • Er, my copycat admirer actually has a point – the age of miracles apparently isn’t over. The last I heard whether Russia’s yearly budget goes into red or not is pretty much directly dependent on the fluctuations of the world market price of oil; that’s Third World banana-state resource exporter economic structure right there. (That the state spends fuck all on the well-being of its citizens certainly helps restrain the expenses though…)

        • Meh, kill ratios only prove a tank is superior for the simple minded.

          Fact is, so much more goes into determining the value of a tank than just its armor and weapon.
          And especially when you are fighting a war, you need to seriously consider…cost, build time, resource usage, reliability, ease of repair, ease of transportation…etc.

          Just because I build a very expensive tank and kill a few of your cheaper ones with it before it gets taken out, doesn’t make it superior. If you can build 10 for the same price I build my 1, and I destroy 5 for every one of mine destroyed…I’am already in the negative.

          • Though you do make a good point that there are other factors in war, the superiority of equipment and the superiority of the war machine are two different things. It’s pretty much generally agreed upon that the Germans had the most advanced tanks of the war. In a one-to-one comparison of German tanks to Soviet tanks the Tiger or Panther would beat a T-34 or KV-1 pretty much every time. An IS-2 would give them a run for their money but a Tiger II would in all likeliness handle an IS-2 fairly easily. However as you said, there are other factors in war. The Soviets had a better war machine which allowed them to build many more tanks therefore tipping the scales in their favor despite having inferior armor.

            Basically, outnumbered and outgunned are two different things.

            • War machine is a completely different animal. And the war machine of the soviets wasn’t much better than the German one in the heat of the war(remember Russia had to abandon most of its factories and relocate them). Its only afterwards, as Germany got bombed, ran out of resources, and the Soviet Union stopped giving up ground and gaining instead that their war machine became significantly better.

              Thing is. We can have identical war machines. And be given the same amount of resources and factories….but as long as I make 10 tanks with the same resources it takes you to make 1. And as long as your 1 tank is only able to kill no more than 9 of mine before getting destroyed. That means my tank is better.

              T-34s are often called the best tank of WW2 by historians. I am sure they know that it would always lose to a Tiger 2 in a 1 vs 1….doesn’t make the Tiger 2 the best tank of WW2.

          • “Just because I build a very expensive tank and kill a few of your cheaper ones with it before it gets taken out, doesn’t make it superior.”

            Yes, yes it does. It may not be cost-effective, but it’s superior. Also, the thing you’re not mentioning are lives of the tankers – Germans cared about those, unlike Soviets.

            • When you are fighting to protect your land from oppressors, the stakes are higher…given a choice between an a more effective tank, and one that protects soldiers better…you will always chose the more effective one.

              Btw…the nail in the head is….if the Germans cared about the lives of their soldiers….lol……they wouldn’t have started the war.

              Best way to protect soldiers known to man…keeping them away from danger.

              Germans during WW2 weren’t famous for caring about lives of their citizens…unlike Oscar Schindler.

            • The Germans most certainly did NOT care a toss about the lives of their soldiers; even aside from the creepy death fetishism of the Nazis, their prewar doctrine already was big on trading “lives for time and results” as it were in no small part due to a nagging awareness of their inability to win an extended war. I understand the attrition rates in their frontline units tended to be pretty ghastly as a result.

  4. Exchange of good ideas is all over german and russian tanks wich influenced eachother. Easiest example is the Panther having sloped armor in response to the T-34.

    • The Romans built an empire by unhesitantly copying every good idea they ran into and were quite proud of that too.

      • One of the more famous examples would be the Greek gods.

        Eg. Zeus/Jupiter, Aphrodite/Venus, Ares/Mars, Hades/Pluto, etc.

        • Eh, that’s more or less the universal Indo-European pantheon. Caesar wrote of Gallic deities as direct analogies to Roman ones, and in the Hellenistic world Greek and local versions of the same divinity were apparently often worshipped side-by-side – this apparently went furthest in the somewhat short-lived Indo-Greek kingdoms where the Hellenic, Hindu and Iranian takes were venerated in the same temples. The Ptolemies had somewhat more difficulties syncretising the quite unrelated Egyptian pantheon I understand…

        • The most famous is that equipment of their legions was almost 80% borrowed from someone else. Swords and shields – ibero-celts, cavalry swords and helmets – gauls etc etc etc =)

          • IIRC their original shield design was a fairly direct loan from the Cisalpine Gauls as were assorted helmets, body armour was heavily influenced by Greek and Celtic patterns (the latter invented mail, anyway), the heavy javelin concept (and later the famous short sword) came from Iberian mercs fighting for Carthage, the manipular formation was adapted from the Samnites… I understand much of their later cavalry-related terminology -to speak nothing of equipment- was direct Gallic and Thracian loans.
            Willingness to absord ideas: Good!

            • Buggers were still using bronze weapons and war chariots around that time IIRC, hard to see what the Romans would have found useful…

            • That’s because bronze at the time was superior to iron at the time. Cast bronze is vastly superior to cast iron. By the time of the Roman Empire (after the republic), China was based on polearms, crossbows and light cavalry. The Chinese tactics at the time was mostly anti-cavalry of all types because of fighting the Xiongnu, which may have been the ancestors of Huns.

            • No, it’s because East Asia was still in Bronze Age at the time. Western Eurasia had begun switching to iron over half a millenia before Rome was more than some mud huts. And the Chinese mostly fought each other, this being the Warring States era (until Qin gobbled up the rest towards the end of 3rd century BC). Everybody anywhere near the Great Eurasian Steppe Belt also had damn better figure out how to deal with cavalry (and typiclly used quite a bit thereof themselves) given that horse nomads weren’t exactly the most peaceful neighbours.

              Also, cast iron has fuck-all to do with military kit (forging is obligatory for weapons and armour made of the stuff) whereas it allowed for the rapid proliferation of metal tools and utility items far more widely than previously due to being orders of magnitude cheaper than bronze.

            • China was in the Han dynasty during the Roman Empire. Iron has appeared during the middle of the Warring States but was not adopted because it was expensive. Not the ore itself, but to make it usable, charcoal was needed whereas wood furnaces were able to melt bronze. That was the biggest reason why iron was not big in China until after the Qin Dynasty. Forging at the time was a relatively new idea and much more expensive than casting. When you arm your men to the tens of thousands, cast bronze was better and cheaper than cast iron while being much cheaper than forged iron. Yes, the ore would be cheaper, but the furnace is much more expensive to run.

    • Could argue the T-34 copied the idea from the FCM36 but I got no proof of that. No idea if France had relations with Russia regarding tank technology.

      • And something more related to nowadays – A popular commercial manufacturer of army stuff in Russia – SPOSN/SSO copies a lot of stuff from the West. All about using the good stuff and not reinventing the wheel. Their SMERSH vest, their sniper suit camos: PARTIZAN / FLECTAR-D/ PARTIZAN-M all copies / modifications of western camo (mostly camo used by the Germans during WW2).

      • Rather unlikely given just about every period governement’s abhorrence of the USSR. Doesn’t mean the Soviets couldn’t have picked up a fair bit regardless from whatever came into public and ofc good old espionage, which they were fairly good at.

        Can’t say I quite see these supposed similarities between the FCM 36, which when you get down to it is really just a “super Renault FT” so to speak, and the far larger T-34 however…

  5. I am pretty sure once The_Chieftain gets into the turret and driver’s compartment, they’d be more positive things to say about it.

  6. Jingoism and blinded, reactionary chauvinism are quite common in Russia, as we can (once again) see – thanks to bigoted despots like Putin and its oppressive regime.

    • Judging by your ignorant posts, EU forum and local russophobes, idiocy, reactionary chauvinism and blind historic revaunchism is common in the west.

      • It’s quite common across the whole former Eastern Block AFAIK. Pretty much the whole lot seems to have mentally regressed to the Twenties after the fall of Communism, a damning failure of the regimes and their educational systems if there ever was one.

        • Kellomies just use link SS provided in his post. If you did not know russian use google translator. Community reaction to tinwoodman’s post is very very negative and nothing like SS implies to be.

    • Pretty much the mirror of what comes out of any other country . I remember the “sputnik in space ” butthurt quite well .I guess we should blame Putin for that was well.”Jingoism and blinded, reactionary chauvinism” .. Lol … coming from a guy with McCarthy as his Avatar …pretty funny.

  7. I am not a russian bias screamer, but it’s a fact that most of my tanks are russians and it is for a reason. I guess T-54 will never be nerfed. Along with ISU. Or KV-1S if it depends on SerB.

    • They are already bloody nerfed, if you wanted them to be historical they be kicking to much ass. Except in the gun depression department, Soviet engineers apparently cursed gun depression.

      • I remember when SerB said that T-54 has 350 pen with premium ammo, because it is historically accurate. It has been nerfed to 330 along with other guns, but not lower. So T-54 is a fast brawler tank with good armor, good DPM and 330 pen if you are spamming premium ammo. Oh yeah, one of my most played tanks and my most played high tier tank. Historical accuracy for the win.

  8. You don’t like what Chieftain says in his videos? Don’t watch Chieftain videos.

  9. SS you are a liar. Community response to tinwoodman’s post was overwhelmingly negative and everyone can see it for themself by using link you provided. But judging by reaction of local posters, westerners prefer to “believe” in what was said to them and not know the truth.

          • As much as I’m annoyed with kell’s arrogance I think there’s more than one, just like it used to be, one trying to string complex words in order to show off, and one not even trying…

          • …are you *actually* dumb enough to be unable to tell there’s a troll with a case of Tourettes who likes to plagiarise my nick? I figured he was being blatantly obvious enough in this article to not require more than the occasional rebuttal, but it seems I have yet again allowed my optimism to cloud my better judgement.

  10. Yeah sure. But if he’d say on one of the german tanks that it was a shit in real life, the fucking nazis would rage, too…

  11. Why isnt the video on his channel?

    He’s really nitpicking this time.
    Why is he going on about the fenders?
    Its not a big deal.
    Or the round vents, “shameless copies”.
    Well, vents are usually round, arent they?

    • It’s more about the ‘Central fan with two radiators and vents on either side of it’ that’s been going for the germans since the pzkpfw V.

  12. What a load of bollocks, i just checked the post and kruta (storm) hasn’t posted anything, but hey there is a dude with your profile pic dear silentstalker posting apparently a made up screenshot of him doing it. Saying that the russians raged, it’s their right. Germans would rage the same if their tank was reviewed shit, of course they would and any other nation for that matter but when it’s russians you have to make it all into a big fuss. Smells like russophobia to me dear silentstalker.

      • The most disgusting thing is that SS invented this outraged russian community butthurt in his head. Comunity reaction to Chief’s video is mostly positive, negative reaction is mostly coming from you tube kiddos and some forum fuckturds. In comparison to usual werhaboos butthurt it is nothing.

        • Google translate not working for the linked page .
          Sigh apparently one poster now represent the entire RU community . I ll save some screen shots of the posts from the Naziphiles on the NA forums for future reference .

        • yeah yeah, we understand. russians are poor fags and everyone is unfair to them

          now GTFO, ta ;)

  13. SS, reading comments on link you provided I have to say that you mostly invented Russian negative response to Nick’s (Chieftain) video.

    • Asked him same question on NA forum, he could not put up clear response. Instead Dagensui trowed some insults at me. And they claim that it is russians who uncultured. LoL =/

    • It was more like “A tiny group of Russians troll using the IS-4 video”. They successfully trolled you, SS.

  14. The most disgusting thing is that SS invented this outraged russian community butthurt in his head. Comunity reaction to Chief’s video is mostly positive, negative reaction is mostly coming from you tube kiddos and some forum fuckturds. In comparison to usual werhaboos butthurt it is nothing.


    He’s the only WG dev I respect. He’s a straight shooter and doesn’t troll just for trolling sake.

    • They don’t seem to get that The_Cheiftain was an actual tanker, and thus has a pretty good idea of what makes an effective armored vehicle. The IS-4 obviously didn’t come across as a good tank to him (neither did some other tanks, i.e. the Maus – granted, the Maus is pretty much a hollow shell because it was gutted by internal explosions, but from what was there he pretty much concluded that it was an absurd design) compared to some of the others he’s seen (like the Object 416).

      • Never in the video does he say it is a bad tank. Only mistake was unprofessional wording when describing the ventilators.

        There is no Russian rage though. This thread is dramatized based off one negative comment that itself got flamed.

  16. The video was great! Chief should stop making vids about the Russian tanks then, and keep doing critiques on German and Allied Engineering. Let’s see those lil sissies with their mouth watering with jealousy. :U

  17. I think what they’re getting butthurt about is the comment about the fenders and the cooling fans; all The-Chieftain was saying in the case of the fenders is that they weren’t necessary, and that the fans were copied. Of course the Russkies wanna keep believing their fantasy that the Germans copied everything from them (they used sloped armor on the Panther, which was inspired by the T-34 but they didn’t COPY the T-34), when in reality, everybody was copying everybody else in that war.

    • Not for the lack of trying. There’s a reason the vk30.01 and 02 look like they do. The panther probably would have resembled the bloody thing if somebody didn’t think that quickly telling friend and foe apart would be a problem…

  18. Nice video. He so calmly can express his opinion that, if that is an insult or praise – doesn`t matter.

  19. and everybody cries that poles are butthurt, but the russians are hipocrites butthurted

  20. How is this guys name Storm when Kruta roughly means like “a mean cool person.” in russian?

  21. Bwaha – you see? Russians getting hissy fits whenever some foreign tank seems to be better than their home brewn stuff. So nerf all other nations’ tanks so that the poor little Russians can keep their illusions of excellence and world domination at least in an arcade style computer game. LOL. What a hilariously petty bunch of miserable little critters. It is beyond me how someone can attach feelings of nationalist superiority to game assets related to a decades old period of history, but if there is only gloom and no glory to look at in the present, people may tend to cling to everything appearing suitable to give them a feeling of honor and decency.

    FAIL, Russian WoT community. LOL @ you.

  22. Well, isn’t it that ans of these critical views on the past and Technology etc. is regarded offensive by a certain percentage of people of any nation due to false pride and other reactionist or just overly emotional attachment?

  23. ООООООО как тут много петухов русофобов,который в жизни тупо задроты и не чего не добились

    • Да вот, тебя обсуждают. Американоненавистник ты наш, всего добившийся в жизни.

      • добиваюсь,и с уважением отношусь к каждой стране и к каждому народу

  24. Butthurt russians now pouring into FTR now?


  25. Okay, SS, it’s very simple case – fucking bad translation. I don’t know who did it, but English (original version) is not offensive at all and I was surprised WTF are ppl raging about. But then I listened to the Russian (translated) version and it is indeed offensive but that’s not Chieftain’s fault, the translation is horrible, whoever did that should never be allowed to do that again.

  26. FFS when will people understand it’s not russian people moaning, it’s the fucking decades of brainwashing of people, that Iosif Stalin was an angel and Soviet Union was the best thing that could happen in this world. Same applies for tanks. Russians tanks are the best in the world! thats what the brainwash propaganda told them!!

    You expect North Koreans to say there is a better country than theirs? or military equipment?

    • N. Koreans kind of still live under a rather aggressively oppressive regime which kind of thing tends to make people rather proficient at concealing their actual opinions. The Russians don’t, Putinist kleptocracy nonwithstanding.
      Also ever heard of a little something called “destalinisation”?