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The portfolio of Wargaming.net is constantly widening. Apart from World of Tanks, World of Warplanes and World of Warships, at least 3 new games will appear soon – those are WoT: Blitz, WoT for Xbox and WoT: Generals. The first two are simply World of Tanks releases for other platforms: Xbox 360 and Android/iOS. But World of Tanks: Generals sticks out from the crowd. I will tell about it in more detail – I was allowed to check it out at the “Igromir 2013″ expo (SS: Igromir is just as important for Russians as Gamescom is for EU). Unfortunately, we don’t have complete screenshots, but there are several pictures from the game.


WoTG belongs to the turn-based card games genre. It will be browser-launched, allowing you to play also on very weak computers or any devices with internet access. One of the features of the game is an unified economy system with other games. What that means is the gold and premium account will be possible to use in any game.

The core gameplay of WoTG is very simple. Battles are fought between two players and each of them has a deck of various cards, which can be used in combat. Every card has its health and damage stats and can attack the cards of the enemy. There are for example cards for tanks, artillery or headquarters. There are also bonus-giving cards, that improve the statistics of other cards. These can be for example special orders, such as “Not a step back!”.


The most important card in the game is the headquarters. The goal of each battle is to destroy enemy headquarters, while not losing your own. The battle rages on a field, consisiting of 5×3 spaces. One card occupies one space and can move all around the field. As with the other game series, even WoTG has a tech tree. A player participates in battles and collects credits and XP. For that, he can unlock more powerful and effective cards, that he can use when needed. There will also be premium cards for gold.


There are three nations in the game for now: USSR, Germany and USA. The game will however be developed and it is believed that there will be just as much content in WoTG as it is in regular WoT. Given the fact it can be played on mobile devices and on weak computers, the game might aspire to the role of an office time-killer.

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  1. This looks like it will have potential once fully developed and balanced…. WoT with a MtG twist. Me gusta.

    • Hearthstone, magic 2014, solforge way before I would consider anything anything like this.

      • all standalone clients.
        WoT:G is browser based -> for the office time killing purpose SS mentioned ;)

  2. The Boris Akunin made my ears perk up as well. I have read a few of his Erast Fandorin detective novels.

  3. Will this be russian only like the real-life WoT Card game?

    Or will this (hopefully) translated to english as well?!

    Looks interesting all-in-all! :)

  4. WOTG looks like it could be fun, however I am still waiting to see if it just a cash grab like other online trading card games. Lets hope they stick to true free to play like WOT.