Interview with Tanitha (SEA)

Today, Burning_Phoneix (US server) made a short interview with SEA server WG representative Tanitha. Here it is:

Q.Will the Vietnamese server be merged with the SEA server?

A. Something will happen on that front. Vietnamese will soon jump into the SEA server.

Q.At PAX Melbourne IIRC it was said there would be an AUS cluster on SEA. Is this true?

A.We want it. We’re trying to justify the numbers to Minsk because the numbers right now can’t support a separate cluster.

Q.How are the Japanese players on SEA? Will they get their own server like Korea and China?

A.No, they will play on SEA. In fact, their numbers are three times the numbers of Aussie’s and Kiwis combined. (BP:I don’t know if he was hinting that Japan would get their own cluster or not)

Q.Now with Japanese marketing push, when are Japanese tanks coming?

A. All I know is soon, I’ve asked Minsk but have yet to receive an answer. (BP:At this point, I’m kicking myself for not asking about the GuP cross promotion)

Q.(BP: Because they kept badgering me to transfer to SEA) When is server roaming coming?

A. It’s actually being tested right now with some staff members and soon we’ll start testing it with players .

Q. So will there be like an open beta?

A. No, some players will be selected and given the ability to server hop. I believe the numbers will be 2000 from RU, 1000 from NA and 200 from SEA (BP: I dropped the ball and forgot to ask about EU, but I’d guess 1500-2000?)

Q. What are the criteria for server hopping beta testing?

A. Ideally, they’d let me decide by putting up a forum thread where people can apply and we’d select the ones. But as of right now there is no info.

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  1. Neat, I’d volunteer to hop. I live in South Africa but play on NA and would enjoy trying EU and RU

      • Har-de-har.


        The face is my face, if I were reanimated. A friend turned a photo of me into a zombie-sketch :-)

      • Not really. Thanks to it’s server-centric design, WoT actually handles high ping much much better than other client-centric games.

        While first-worlders will moan when their ping is over 50ms, I know for a fact that their are a number of unicums and super-unicums that play on the NA server with pings between 150ms and 300ms.

        Regular tanks are pretty playable up to 400ms, arty is playable up to about 550ms. After 600ms playing anything becomes painful, although I used to play arty now and then at 800ms for the lulz.

        • I should add that pings for me are as follows:

          NA East: 250ms
          NA West: 300ms
          EU: 200ms
          RU: 150ms
          SEA: 500ms (A.K.A. A cold day in hell)

          • which one? ru1,2,5,6 Moscow, ru3 Minsk(Belorussia), ru4 Novosibirsk (Syberia), ru7 Amsterdam (Netherlands)

        • Hell yah.

          I play from the west coast of the US to EU2. 220-300 ping almost all the time. Although there are a few tricks to dropping that to the 200 area.

          PS SPGs are playable at 1-2 FPS and 500-600 ping. Got 3 kills in the M37 with that.

          • Same here, play at 250-300 ms Ping from Pakistan (on Eu server) and I have 1700+ Wn7… WOt is actually quite good at handling high ping… the problems start when/if i start getting lost packets/red dotting and 999 ping lag… that thing just kills the game… red dotting lag is also a killer, no matter the ping.

  2. Don’t forget, SEA forums is controlled by forum moderators who are aligned with MP clan and most of all, they are abusing its powers and even instantly deleting threads criticizing them. What a bunch of losers!

    • Ohh. Buthurtt person who can’t even post in a real account. Seriously – unless you have proof that WG is collaborating with MP – stick that big fat arrogant and stupid ego of yours up your equally big fat ass. Let the damn mods do their job – heck, why do you think they delayed the result of the medium tank maneuvers event?

      PS: No. I’m not MP, not even an ally. In fact, I’m fervently hoping that the contest be judged fairly because I have an entry I hope would win…

      • Butthurt about what? Are u fucking dumb or what? I was criticizing you dumbass. One of its recently new forum mod who happens to be from MP clan was helping a fellow clanmate cheats his way to top 3 for tier 1. I know they’re delaying because they are busy finding cheaters who are too good to be true hiding their scheme. Good thing not all of them are corrupt. You’re too blind to see things through. Now shut your filthy mouth you self righteous blind bastard.

    • No, Asia server is run by the WG staff, There is a few player helpers through who assist with moderation. I think one out of the 18 mods are in MP clan, and that one isnt active as a mod for quite a while. And no threads are deleted, some are hidden while they are being moderated, then they will be stored in the locked thread archive for continued viewing.

  3. Vietnamese and Japanese players on the SEA servers. Fun fun. Communication will get even better ….. :(

        • das right. most of the jap guys i know can pretty much understand english, but most of them just like to stay silent

      • Adrian, please. How many Nipponians do you have to deal with everyday?

        Japanese in general are shit at English. It’s a compulsory subject in Middle School and an elective in High School, but even so they fail so badly at it. It’s probably because they only teach them the theoretical basics and useless vocabulary, and that students there are more keen on cram-studying to pass exams than to actually be able to communicate.

  4. Nice, I’m from EU and I want to play again in NA, like it was once… cant really understand pl, de, cz, ro…

    • Pretty sure you’re not spammed with ro on the EU server. Anyway, that is life when you have such a small piece of land that served as migration end station for so many language groups.

  5. That hopping idea sounds neat. I’m EU, but I’d enjoy getting a look a the NA and SEA communities. RU ; meh. The barrier of language seems too strong.

  6. I found it’s funny that Tanitha still uses SEA rather than ASIA.

    A lot of Japanese have been here for long, but I found them to be much more reliable compared to league of Thai box users.

    Vietnamese on the other hand… Well I hope they will be better than thai and pinoy. I hope.

  7. I got impressions interview was given in haste or it was given by uninformed and unprepared person.

    Fuck up with info about Japan dedicated server is first reason.

    The second one is situation with Cheftan’s participation. If even he was surprised and have asked directly about reasons to be left out – then there is something seriously wrong going on with SEA cluster. And SEA representative better have good explanation, not this stupid short offensive ones.

    • It was given in haste. I literally saw Tanitha at the Armageddon Expo in Auckland, New Zealand, pulled him a bit outside the booth and gave him some quick questions. It wasn’t a prepared interview.

      • It wasnt an interview, if you want an interview for FTR, SS can set one up in writing any time, he knows how to contact me and WG. It will save the confusion when things are misquoted a bit, a few words altered can change the meaning a lot.

        LIke its the ASIA server, not the SEA server for an example.

        I didnt say Japanese tanks were coming soon, I said we’ve requested information on the Japanese Tanks fom HQ recently, so we will get as much information on the Japanese Tanks out to the players as soon as we can. Etc.

        Information soon, is a bit different to tanks soon.. The tanks might be soon, we will certainly push to get them here asap as we know they are in high demand on the ASIA server. But we dont have that information yet which is why we requested more information recently.


  8. “Q.Will the Vietnamese server be merged with the SEA server?

    A. Something will happen on that front. Vietnamese will soon jump into the SEA server.”

    Well that’s just great. Now we’ll be getting VCs and commies on SEA to add to the long list of races that doesn’t speak English… freaking great. : /

    Well goodluck to Aus and Nz, I just hope you guys will get your own cluster soon to get out the cesspool of a WoT server called Asia. I just hope the Roaming gets introduced soon to get away from that idiotically managed SEA server.

    • I take it this comment is informed by numerous games on the Vietnamese server?
      But I must just state, that one of the best players (not to mention educated) in my former clan was an Vietnamese-Australian school teacher.
      And please, tell us more about the relationship between game-play, stats, and political philosophy.

  9. Im usually a kind person but i have to say Tanitha is a biased GM, the WOT wiki has a long story of him treating the contributors like cattle to slaughter, and anyone who disagrees of his “vision” of the wiki is to be removed from the wiki SKYPE contributor channel and the access as well, also he doesnt tolerate complains of any kind, have they been either in a joke, or actual real problems. No wonder the best contributors he had for thewiki quit after nearly 2 years of service and help, he disregarded them as stray dogs, all of us.

    this is from self experience, and i think i will not trust any word that he has to say.

    • Still better than the NA mods, which seem to follow a Double-Standard: if you’re a Unicum on the NA forums, you can pretty much violate the rules as much as you like, but everyone else gets ROs like it’s going out of style.

      Garbad getting banned from the NA forums for complaining about the “Stalinist” inscriptions was a VERY rare exception to the rule, but it only happened because he bashed WG, but nobody cared when he or the others did the same to other players CONSTANTLY for several years…

  10. -(BP:At this point, I’m kicking myself for not asking about the GuP cross promotion)

    Wise choice. You shouldn’t sticking ur nose to others business. This is ASIA culture, we don’t need another butthurt westerners.

      • I know. Even NA have their own GuP community. But you do know, every time SS made post about something related to GuP, tons of fags, whiner, and haters ruin the post. It’s a kind of annoying.

        • Lets see, little half naked clearly near pre pubescent teens straddling gun barrels.

          No, nothing slightly wrong with that.

  11. He should address the following issues in asia

    1. late and wrong announcements
    2. crappy specials
    3. diamondhead

  12. AS a New Zealander i made the mistake of playing on the SEA server but gave up and started again on the NA server as the PING is SO much better. From our point of view our internet goes to AU or USA not some Non English speaking country. I would move to a AU server as long as it’s not on their west cost. Also there are FAR more NZ’ders on NA than SEA . Actually there is quite a lot that i see around the place

    • Conversely, the Kiwis in our clan, other clans, not to mention the specifically Kiwi ones (Maori comes to mind), are just a great part of the SEA WOT community. Something something 2nd friendliest country in the world something…

    • I get lower latency to SEA these days, on snap! (ISP). <150 ms. There was a problem with the cables earlier this year but it is fixed now. While the link with Singapore is a bit dodgy compared to the US, as long as it is working the speed of light means that it is better.

      I don't know if the players are actually worse, but the reduced English skills certainly can't help. I think 'wew' is the siemka equivalent on SEA (NFI what it means), along with squares (English localisation doesn't include Asian characters) and '555+' (which is pronounced 'ha ha ha' in some languages, equivalent to 'lol').

    • I didnt, I said we want an Australian server and are working hard to make it happen.. But we also need to make sure players numbers are at a level where the server will be sufficiently populated.

      We just had a huge show at Pax in Melbourne, and now reached out to a huge crowd at Armageddon NZ. We are targetting the area heavily.

      Players assistance in getting numbers up will help too, word of mouth goes a long way.

      • Give us reasons to do so. At the moment, we have clear communication issues, late notifications and errors even when you put the info up.

        I’ve told my friends to go to NA, as at the moment I’m getting fed up with being a mushroom when it comes to any information in regards to SEA. We have Chappo keeping us updated about the med maneuvers, a Player keeps the community more informed then WG employees.

  13. Q. What are the criteria for server hopping beta testing?

    A. Ideally, they’d let me decide by putting up a forum thread where people can apply and we’d select the ones. But as of right now there is no info.

    hand pick with no criteria will be bias!! hope you guys could work more into this to be fair.