Russian patch 0.8.9 ready

Apparently, the Russian version of the 0.8.9 patch is finalized and ready to download. EU and US versions are not available yet, but all indicates that the patch will indeed hit the server on times, that were announced earlier: Wednesday for RU, Thursday for EU (and possibly US).

The patchnotes will allegedly feature one interesting thing: for the first time, the reasons for various tanks’ rebalance will be listed along with the changes. In other words, developers won’t tell you just what they changed, they will also tell you WHY they changed it. How exactly will it look I have no idea, but I am looking forward to it.

86 thoughts on “Russian patch 0.8.9 ready

  1. Forums are gonna light up like a Christmas tree when that happens, I have no doubt about that.

      • RU patch notes will be translated before the patch hits the EU server and I’m ready for the forums “Christmas lights” … *popcorn*

    • Damn… it’s like they have a thing against tinfoil hats :(

      Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

      • How does this help against the tin foil hats? They will just say the devs are lying and that the real reason they nerfed it is because aliens are brain controlling the devs and SerB is the king of the aliens or some made up reason that culminates in explaining why the tin foils are so bad at this game has nothing to do with a lack of skill.

  2. In other words, developers won’t ?JUST? tell you what they changed, they will also tell you WHY they changed it.
    At first I was a little confused by the sentence

  3. Hmm this is interesting. I wonder what sparked the Devs to tell the reason for any changes in official patch notes, and not just on forum Q&A. Will be interesting and perhaps even a bit helpful :)

  4. Reason for any German Tank Nerf:
    “Serb told us to do it or he’ll send us to work for Zynga.”

  5. Ooh, this is just brilliant!
    I’d love to hear the reasons for all the rebalances.
    I just hope it wont be vérry short and therefore meaningless.

  6. Eh, Battlefield 4 is coming out tomorrow, not like I’m gonna be playing much WoT for the next few months.

  7. Well, this is a victory for the community, I suspect not in small part influenced by FTR…


  8. So, does anyone know if I have the kv-1s, will we get like the 5th tier kv-whatever and a new slot? cheers

  9. Russian, EU and US – once again SS you don’t even mention Asia server. Come on dude, you have a lot of readers from the Asia server.

  10. I guess that this explanations won’t be very helpfull. The is a thread at RU forum, where players can ask questions about MM. Devs answered a few with “everything is ok according to MM rules and balance weights (which we won’t disclose)”. And then they just stopped answering, because they understood the absurdity of the thread.

    I think same goes for the patch notes idea. Some department (PR, marketing or something) told others to be more open, to give feedback and explain decisions. It will end with “Marder II was rebalanced (not nerfed)” and “x was nerfed/buffed because of statistics (and we will not show you statistics ever, just beleive us, it was necessary)”. And, I think, most players will have questions about what IS NOT in patch notes and that won’t be explained: why Foch 155 and T57 aren’t nerfed? Well, obviously “statistic is doing good, if you think it’s OP – play Foch 155 and T57″.

  11. “dispersion on turret rotation changed from 0.08 to 0.1″ – reason – game balance
    “changed engine type to diesel” – reason – historical accuracy

  12. As much as I like to see their reasons to change tank aspects, but I’m afraid there would be basically two answers: balancing reasons and historical accuracy.

      • “D25T gun gets damage increase to 750/750/900 for historical accuracy, German Maybach HL 210 and 230 engines receive 3 points of damage per second every time engine runs on top revs for balancing reasons (as historically accurate would be self destructing final drives on every attempt to move “dynamically”)

    • At first i was happy to see it, but after a second thought – it will be exacly like you said.
      I bet the devs won’t care to elaborate on the changes, apaort from balance/hisctoricall reasoning. Which is a shame.

      • Really, game balance is reason enough to make changes, so there may not be anything to elaborate on.

        • Hmm, yes but you should also say why. What was wrong before? Was it too powerful was it too weak, etc…

    • What the guy above me meant to say: “I hope the patch arrives to eu this weekend… cant wait for TROLLING IN that t2 combat car!”
      (One has to do something practicable with it.)

  13. ” Lorraine buffed depression from -14 to -16
    Reason: It was shittiest tank on tier totally outperformed by rusbiased and other vehicles, but with this huge change it will be powerful!”

  14. $ nerfed. Reason: Historical Accuracy
    $ buffed. Reason: Historical Accuracy

    Someone call Transparency International!

    • They are already being transparent. Plus everyone knows that if its French, it breaks down. Ergo… Tiger breaks down… It’s French. Its very, very, transparent to me.

  15. I need to get an answer to this: If we have KV-1S in garage, we get 2 tanks after the update (kv-1s and kv85/100/122)?

    Please, answer me this question.

    • You’ll have your answer prior to the actual patch this occurs, which is not the coming patch.

    • if you’d bothered to read the thead you’d know that they’re not changing the KV-1S this patch.
      Also, they have not announced the actual plans for the change yet (whether you get a free tank etc…)

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  17. One question to SS….since we are getting that new t2 prem combat car with 8.9 patch i was wondering do we need to occupy all our free slots with t1s so we get free slot with combat car or we will get free slot no matter what?

  18. “In other words, developers won’t tell you just what they changed, they will also tell you WHY they changed it.”

    Good to read!