103 thoughts on “Next discount T10

  1. had it researched half a year ago. though it’d be a waste to spend 6 mil on it..
    might buy it now

  2. YESSSS!!!!! Is my only response to hearing this.

    This is gonna be my first tier 10 and I’m so glad I held off on buying it until now.

      • I feel sorry for you too…

        Stick with the T9 Patton, that one is enjoyable to play, the T10 version (and the inherent morons at T10..)… will ruin it for you…

        Save the credits, elite the M46, keep it, buy something else..

      • I know what people say about it, but you know what, I don’t care. I am probably gonna be mad, I’m robably gonna be sad but you know what, it’s my first tier X. I won’t care.

  3. Good, I wanted to buy it, but I didn’t rly need it… But at half the price why wouldn’t I take it? :D

  4. If that is true, I finally acomplish this game goal. Korean army’s active tank. M48 Patton 3.

  5. Hmm. My money was on a US TD, so I have been grinding both lines like crazy. Ah well, it’ll give me some time to save up some more cash…

      • who cares about the playerbase eh? ^^

        and yea, i second that… M48 is the worst tank you can imagine..
        especially after the M60 got introduced… its funny to see the “free” M60 outclassing the M48.

        • If you are going by noobmeter stats they are skewered. Even if the M60 was worse than the M48 the M60 would have better stats on noobmeter because only good players play it while M48 has pubs playing it M60 only has members of the top clan wars teams playing it.

  6. Ahwell… not that interesting for me. I have the tier 7 T20 developed, so I could buy it and spend the next couple of weeks getting the XP for the Pershing, but nah… not that interested in this medium line. Not currently anyway.

    Was pretty sure they would chose a US line again, but was hoping for the T110E4 turreted TD-line (… I didn’t by mistake miss that one, did I?).

  7. The M48 is the weakest T10 medium.

    Finding a suitable job for it is really hard.

    Bad cammo, speed, rof, aim and big as a house = hard to drive

    It’s a tank for friends of bdsm

  8. Damn it for the 5th time in a row, all right…that’s the last tier 10 whose line I’m not grinding. From now on there must be the tanks I want to buy…finally

    • Pershing, pathetic ?! SS should ban your ass for that blasphemy!

    • Ban this man! Pershing was the best tier 8 med for a very long time. It’s still very good.

    • The tank with tbe trolliest mantlet of a medium and you have the idiotic sense to call it pathetic? Learn to play your tanks retard!

  9. I only have the IS4 researched and not bought for some time, so hoping for that sale sometime soon.

      • Been going on 6 months for me. I had both the IS7 and IS4 researched before we knew anything about T10 specials, and bought the IS7 a week before. Wished I’d bought the IS4 then, as I’d have them both.

        • well I am not giving up waiting for a discount. Not participating in clan wars, so in no hurry really. Have a fully trained crew ready for the IS4 though, driving my Churchill LL ATM.

  10. Worth getting? I’m at T20 it’s so slow and sluggish didn’t think it would be :( 90ish crew and top engine, kinda want the M46 Tier 9 though…

    • 100% off road driving skill, elite and still turn like a whale.
      T20 is not a tank you want for mobility, it has good speed though.

      • Only at emergencies i would try to circle another tank on the T20… Worked for me last week against a Conqueror who was about to flank our OBJ704, but i admit it was pure luck, since my first shot jammed his turret, and the second blew out his ammo rack.

  11. Still not playing my M48. Still the worst day-one purchase ever, since they went and nerfed it a single patch later and the T57 Heavy/Foch 155 have yet to be rebalanced whatsoever, even after I ground them out the hard way.

    At least, going upon that conclusion, the WTE-100 will stay OP as hell for quite awhile and a worthwhile day-one purchase, if you have enough gold.

    • By the way, if you grind out to the Tier 5 toaster the old fashioned way and have no free exp lying around, it will cost just below 28k gold to free exp into the WTE-100. You’ll also need just under 700k convertible exp lying around in your other tanks.

      If you don’t have that much convertible exp in gold tanks, you aren’t playing this game right.

      • Well I play the game right and I only have about 20k free exp. I use my gold tanks to crew train rather than collect free exp that I don’t want to spend gold on.

    • There have been no mention of any new Chinese tree coming any time soon, so best you don’t feel so sad and look to some other line to grind for now.

      • howterrible meant that he wants Chinese branch on discount. I would like that as well, unlocked 110 and WZ-120 in the summer.
        Plus it is rare to see tiers 8-10 chinese tanks on EU server in randoms, seems to be not very popular nation.

        • It’s not popular because the top tier 10s just don’t compete very well at the current tier 10 meta of this game.

          The WZ 121 is a Type 59 on steroids with a better version of the IS-4s gun, but some major drawbacks: low HP pool and next-to-0 gun depression. You cannot take advantage of its tough turret like the T-62A or Obj 140 if you can’t go hull down.

          The WZ 113 is probably the worst thought out tier 10 in the game. It’s the fastest tier 10 heavy, and the most maneuverable, very tough turret and the IS-4s gun without the buffs the WZ 121 version has. However, once again, it has no gun depression. Even less than the WZ 121. And the hull armor just doesn’t cut it against the competition, it’s objectively worse than the previous tank it replaces, the WZ 111-4. That makes sense of course, because the WZ 111-4 WAS the original tier 10 until it turned out to be better than the IS-7. So WG delayed the Chinese an entire patch in order to invent the WZ 113 which is a complete disaster in comparison.

            • Also 113 is not fastest or either most maneuverable.
              AMX 50 b is faster and IS-7 has higher ”top speed” (virtually its much slower though).
              I think AMX 50 b is little more nimble and FV215b has better track traverse speed.
              At range, 113′s armor is insane. If you can hide your LFP, keep enemies at +250m range, and angel your armor a bit, it becomes steel wall magnet.
              113 is pretty good HT actually in right hands. Its not ”worst”. However, it should get minor buff, and then its fine. Even 1 degree gun depression buff would make this tank lot better. Its already decent tier X. Gun has low penetration, but it shouldnt be problem if you load some HEAT. Gun is enough accurate to hit at long distances. 113 haves currently 3rd best heavy tank DPM (little less than FV and little more than 50 b and E5) Mobility is great. It haves high top speed, and high agility. Its currently probably most mobile HT in the game after AMX 50s.
              HP is average, 2300. The depression is annoying however, but it shouldnt be that big problem if you didnt free-exp to 113. in hilly maps, 113 has little problems, but in flat maps, 113 is monster. Currently, it just needs HP buff back to 2500 like it was on 8.3 test or 1 degree more depression. Its totally fine then.


    • I don´t have any Chinese tank, but looking at what has been on Top of the Tree I pretty much think that it´s a certainty that the one of the two Chinese lines will be up after this one (The M48).

      With the US concluding all major WoT line nations (USSR, GER, USA and FRANCE) have all had 3 lines discounted.

      While of the two minor WoT line nations (UK and China) the UK has had 1 line discounted which has been sometime ago now, so I fully expect the Chinese to be on Top of the Tree from middle november to end of november. Makes sense to me atleast.

  12. m48 may be the only tier X more redundant than the obj 140 since so many people got m60′s.

    I’ve had mine unlocked for months now and never purchased. I’m not sure even a sale is enough for me to buy it. I’d just be throwing away 4 million credits.

    • So many being the less than the 4000 or so that were given out including the winners of the stages due to draws and such?

    • If you already have M60 I strongly suggest not to throw away 4 millions like you said yourself.

    • Why do people keep saying this. M60 is in the hands of a minority of players. Only the top players from clan wars got the M60 so around 1% of the player base even has an M60(contrary to idiot’s belief there never was an M60 code) so only the people who were in the clan wars campaign got one

      • I guess regardless of how few people got the m60… it doesn’t change the fact that the m48 is mostly useless.

        I can’t imagine anyone is really excited for this special.

  13. Can somebody help me to make a list of tanks which where discounted till now?
    As I remember there was:
    E-100, Maus, Leopard 1
    IS-7, T-62A, Obj. 268
    Foch 155, AMX 50B, B-C 25t
    FV 4202

  14. Unlocked the M48 a few weeks ago, didn’t buy it cos I wanted to gather the 45K XP for the top gun, and then spent 1 million on cheap repair kits, medkits and fire extinguishers.

    So 1.8 million saved, talk about perfect timing!

    Very happy.

  15. I have it researched for a long time now, but the fact you don’t have top gun on it and you need to grind it(i won’t spent free XP on it) and that it’s still a lot of credits to burn i doubt i’ll buy it.

  16. Yea, M48 is useless in most people’s hands because it’s not as easymode as its competition.

    Just shows you how many baddies there are posting that don’t know how to make a non-ezmode tank work.

  17. Quick question: Will Easy 8 or Jumbo, or both, be on discount? If info is available on NA, I haven’t seen it yet.

  18. M48 is not really a bad tank , quiet ok in the hands of good players,

    but Leopard 1 would be a better choice if you have it unlocked