How to make easy 250k

Hello everyone,

so, yes, this is about another WG fail, but this time, you can use it to your benefit. What is this about? The November mission “Tanking 24/7″. As you probably know, the goal of this mission is to destroy 24 opponents and survive 7 battles. But here’s a twist: the earlier mission description was worded (and probably intended) so that you have to destroy 24 vehicles and AFTER that to survive 7 battles.


In typical Wargaming EU fashion, they screwed up the mission implementation however: it’s possible to achieve both goals at the same time: if you kill enemies AND survive the mission, both missions progress at the same time. It’s likely this will stay as it is now, as the mission description was stealth changed.

This makes the mission very easy to complete, I got the 250k after 14 or so battles (granted, I had two Top Gun battles in it). So – enjoy :)

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  1. Nah. The EU mods just fucked up the translation. The NA has the same mission but included the correct wording. Of course the mission was active for a couple of hours before thy put a Post on the web page.
    You can’t expect them to Get it all right now can we.

  2. Well, during the El Alamain Second Battle X5 exp event, earning 50k exp will be very easy/fast.

    I played a game in my Hellcat where i got ~8k exp (probably from doing 2,9k damage), thats 16% of the required exp earned in one tier 6 battle.

    On tier 10, X5 exp will probably be much higher, making earning the 50k exp faster

    • You mean correct their error? What’s wrong with that? Also, there is (as always) ton of fucktards writing about such issue on the forums, so it isn’t like SS is discovering something.

  3. Got the kills after a few battles last night but couldn’t get 7 survived to save my life – ironically enough.

    Had to give up after 5/7 in the end.

  4. Giving players an incentive to survive 7 battles is a recipe for lowbobs to spend the game camping at the back of the map. These WG goons really understand their game well. Even worse when the kill requirement was separate

  5. if someone need to camp to survive he is really epic noob. I just do 10-15 battles and have both missions accomplished. I am just playing and do not even think about trying to survive for any mission. It is not that difficult. And if you see some camper moron, kill him :D

  6. Yea very easy…i played 3,5 h and survived only 3 battles and gave up. Incredible morons play when it is x5.

  7. I hope they won’t fix it…otherwie it’ll be retarded.
    For the ordinary tomato would be something like:
    Step 1: Try to killsteal 24 kills.
    Step 2: Successfully hide for 7 matches.
    Step 3: Enter and exit to garage for 1 battle.

  8. I’m also surprised that a Tier limit on kills wasn’t put in; the Pz.II is your friend and T7 Combat Cars are crunchy and taste good with a sweet & sour dipping sauce. It made the difference on a day when kills were hard to com by.

  9. 1: Start WoT
    2: Select T49
    3: Pwn n00bs
    4: if total session kills < 24 and total session survived < 7 go to 2
    5: Select T49
    6: Pwn n00bs and survive
    7: Profit!!!!!!!!!!!

    Easiest route :-)

  10. Yesterday was first day of this mission and for first time I couldn’t frag a thing, always reloading and bam, someone got him.

  11. Actually, i think it was intended that way. Otherwise it would take a lot longer to achieve it than those 250k missions we had.

    for an average/ not sucking tomatoe player, all those missions took about the same amount fo battles.
    i would say something between 30 and 40 matches
    15 wins with ~ 50% w/r = 30 battles
    30 kills with smth between 0.75 and 1.0 kpg = 30 -40 games
    50k damage depended on the tier played though, but its fairly doable in 30 games for an average player not playing t10 only

    24 kills will take something between 24 and 35 games for the average non tomatoe. average survivable rate should something around 25%? so 7 survived battles also take ~30 games

    But considering WG EU AGAIN messed up a description, the history of WG EU fails continue very well with this. But not with the mission itself

    • I agree – IMO the mission is as it was planed, it was only the description which was a bit missleading… usual WG bussines, nothing strange here ;)

    • Just checked today, did 29 matches to get the 250k. I also got a free day of premium since 5k per win was fun.

  12. The Wargaming fail articles are getting boring like the donkey and the lorrain… if the portal is a complete series of fail ok, but its not really interesting. Articles about leaks and upcomming stuff, thats what i want to read here,

    never the less, gj with this blog SS!

  13. Hell, I’ll for sure take my now buffed up H35 out for a spin, killing 24 people and surviving thousands of autocannon hits is one of its favourite hobbies these days. :)

  14. Now you need to post another fail where EU1 crashed (?) for some reason for a “scheduled” maintenance. Sure, it only lasted a few minutes, but a fail is a fail…(plus many players raged because their “best battle” w/ 5x XP didnt count)

  15. Great. For the first time there is and fail that you can use for your own good and you have to point it out too …

  16. Pretty sure this isn’t a fail but actually intended. The text was the fail

    otherwise, there would be no reason at all to have the “play one random battle” as a finisher, which does unlock only after 1+2 were completed.

    It’s there because of previous mistakes with multiple missions. They learn from their mistakes. Not that they’re learning how to program better, but they’re learning how low to aim for.

  17. 3 cents – the last (3rd) point of 24/7 mission – it does not need to be a random battle – I got my prize after CW battle :)

  18. If You have lucky It’s possible to get 250 000 cred. with only 1 random battle without complete steo 1 and 2 :) My friend had that nice bug :)