Forced roaming issue

Edit: an explanation of this is here

Well, it sure looks like roaming came for some Czech players sooner than for everyone else :)



According to the player, he did nothing – just one day his EU client started logging him on Russian server. No EU missions, he can’t play companies or CW, no bonuses etc. – currently it’s being sorted out by support.

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  1. Another fine day in the WG EU office…. I really wonder from which zoo do they hire their EU staff from -.- Not from Slovenia, that much is clear :P

  2. As I wrote in the mail, there are several options for EU players to play on RU servers. First option is, to use this program:
    It wasnt meant to do roaming but it works. Just use it, and you can log in on the RU server with your EU Accounts.
    Secont option is descriped here:
    Change the scripts_config.xml which can be found in “res” to the described text in this post. (the stuff in the quote)

    With both ways you are able to play on the RU server. RU3 and 7 have the same location as the EU servers, so you shouldnt have ping problems.

    But there are still some bugs. You dont have the missions (as written in the news) and no clan icons.

  3. “Looks to me like some idiot programmer at WG EU tried to screw around with roaming code and messed something up…”

    Considering you repeatedly admit you don’t understand the technology side of things that’s a bit of a bold statement.

    To me it looks like someone messed with his client, maybe installed some dodgy Russian mod which changed the list of login servers he uses.

    But being an IT guy I always suspect the user of screwing something up (usually proves to be right).

  4. what advance/benefits can have playing on russian servers ?

    cheaper premium or more bonuses or what ??

    • I found that, en masse, there is a higher probability to have larger percentage of decent players on RU server as opposed to NA server. Not sure about EU though. High tier (9-10) only counting.

  5. THIS is the problem with fast patch rollouts. lots of new content but waaaay too many bugs.

      • Didn’t they say that that was only to prevent “mission touring” (temporarily roaming to one server just to cash in on a mission, which could overload it) from happening? Anyways, what higher Tier premiums do they have for sale to the masses that we don’t? The T-44-122, for example, is only available to Super Testers. I’m not all that interested in lower Tier ones like the Pz. II J, as I don’t do seal-clubbing.

        • They also have that crappy Sherman variant that was beta tester-only for US (and EU? I don’t recall) freely buyable.
          If US players could also purchase it, there would be massive amounts of complaining from beta players who would no longer have their special snowflake reward tank. Not that you ever see them around anyway.

          WG also doesn’t want people roaming to other servers to buy tanks because they don’t want them taking advantage of other servers’ specials. Which is a bit silly, since the gold that the vehicles cost is constant throughout the servers afaik (only the $:gold ratio varies) but eh.

          The lower-tier special tanks (like the PzIIJ) are code-only tanks, I think any server can use them actually. The difficulty is finding the box set for sale and bringing yourself to pay $100+ for half a handful of low-tier tanks.

  6. Guys, the screenshot depicts just a silly joke of a person, who has no experience in communication with foreigners and, to say blunt, almost no presence of common sense. Just don’t make conclusions on the whole company based on one mistake of one employee.

    I work in Wargaming and have more than 5000 battles on WoT EU since release time. A lot of ppl remember me as an organizer of early World of Warplanes Alpha.

    I personally have never seen such expressions made by my colleagues in battle. We have always tried to be a good example for players, and to adopt common practices of chat communications at EU cluster.

    I hope this guy will learn how to behave and how to chat. Just forgive him this mistake.

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