On “roaming” and EU

Source: everyone writing me about this issue, I managed to put together a picture of what happened – thank you guys

Hello everyone,

every since yesterday and the alleged “roaming” issue (an EU player logging on RU servers) I tried to find out, what is behind the situation, because it was just strange.

So, what probably happened:

I was wrong in my assessment that it’s some sort of EU bug or fail. This problem appears clientside. Basically, it was confirmed to me that yesterday (and before that, but apparently not anymore), the roaming mechanism was principially active for everyone. At that moment, following roaming directions were available:

EU -> RU
EU -> NA
NA -> EU
NA -> RU

There is no official roaming interface, but there are mods such as this one, allowing European players to “hack” XML files and to log on RU server. The developers allegedly know about this and are either indifferent to it, or they even approve it, as it helps testing the system. There are Russian mods allowing this too, but RU to EU roaming is artificially limited (hardcapped), because there are concerns that Russian players will go screw around EU server in huge numbers and (apart from the obvious impact – trolling, teamkills etc.) EU servers aren’t capable of handling a sudden huge influx of players (you might have noticed the queues on EU servers this weekend).


In the “fail” case what most likely happened was the player installing some sort of mod, that screwed around with the login info. This is not a WG EU fail and I apologize for implying it’s WG EU’s fault. Such a mod could also be installed without the knowledge of the player (or, rather, without the player knowing it would do such a thing), possibly even without malicious intent (simple screwup on modders’ side – as Storm confirmed, 99,9 percent of 8.9 crashes originate from faulty mods).

If you want to try whether it works, go ahead, but the consequences are yours and I would actually advise not to try it until WG really tweaks and implements the roaming mechanism.

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  1. Thanks for the info.

    I suggest you edit the previous “Fail” post where you include an explanation.

    As an EU server player, Denii, I am pretty disgusted by the way the EU team handles things but still, in this case they failed to fail.

  2. Roaming is just fur “trollers” from Russia.It is not important…i dont get why they work on it. Make historical battles guys!!

    • Mostly because lots of people demand it. There are cases of people who want to play together (as they are friends, usually), but play on different servers and are deep into the game already, so throwing their accounts away would be losing months of playing…

    • I think it isn”t that useless! There are occasions when it can be useful, just like last weekend, there was a X5 so everyone tried to do the dailies + there was the survive mission… there were horrible teams… So you could go the the RU server if they have a worse special and, if the implement, you could still do the missions without the potatoes trying too hard to get the missions!

    • Roaming is important part of cross-cluster Global Map and international tournaments. Both features are announed long time ago and are very close rto release: tournaments are expected in 0.9.0 for example.

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  4. Why would anybody want to play on RU_server? I don’t see the reason for getting teamkilled, called a capitalist and getting harrassed like we do on the testserver.

    It might be only a minority of the players behaving like that, but bad impressions last. I don’t fancy having them visiting EU, we have anough randomness allredy

    • There is also a language barrier between EU and RU, sometimes I like to comunicate with my team. Hell, we have a language barried between EU and EU :)

    • I created an account on RU server and occasionally play there (I have a few tier 6 tanks so far). Totally different playing style over there, it is refreshing occasionally to go over there and take a break from CW on EU server. EU is plagued by campers while RU server is plagued by rushers (no kidding, there are lots of players on RU server who apparently are unaware of their tanks having a gun (it is not once or twice my KV-2 has been rammed by opposing SU-85′s and other TD’s)). I have put on my tanks my counrys flag, and I think I have been once teamkilled because of that in ~1000 games (didn’t understand what the player wrote, but according to Google translator it was something about me being a nazi-burgheon (whatever that is)). Besides, my winrate on RU server is about 8% higher than on EU server, so of course it is somewhat ego-boosting to go there and hunt some deers :)

      As for language barrier? I don’t understand what the siemakurwas or hitlerites are blabbering, I don’t understand what the ruskies speak. Same difference, who cares what they blabber anyway?

      • I dont really master their language, but I do understand the basics (and swear, oh boy, the swear). Anyway, its a combination of being a half-ass and being severely underaged, comparable to a run of the mill siemkalander. For example, on the 8.9 TS some random russian started calling us (the EU guys) capitalist gays and went on a TK rampage.

        P.S. ANYONE who denies communism being the greatest thing in the world is automatically a nazi in their vision. No kidding.

        • >random russian started calling us (the EU guys) capitalist gays and went on a TK rampage.

          Ordinary it happen after EU guys start trolling or TK.

          >P.S. ANYONE who denies communism being the greatest thing in the world is automatically a nazi in their vision.

          Because you write that communism = nazi, right?
          By the way you write that you can`t speak on they language and never talk with them but how you can talk with them about communism?

          • I don’t know how to WOT, but in War Thunder people from Europe, playing on the RU-server write regularly, “it’s time to kill those Russian communist pig” or “your language like a monkey.” Very tolerant, friendly and educated Europeans …

      • EU campers only on 1-3 lvl in EU. Basically what you do is playing with new people people on RU server (it get alot more new players) and camping them. Weird that you get only 8% more, ordinary campers get alot more.
        >didn’t understand what the player wrote, but according to Google translator
        So you can copy what Russian write? i sure chat don`t allow copy/past (or allow now?) so you must be from CIS or have Russian speaking parents.
        >I don’t understand what the ruskies speak.
        But you can write on russian. lol

  5. Only reason why I am waiting for it is to see if playing on the EU server lowers my pings. I live in South Africa and play on the US servers with +-300ms pings. It’s playable, but if I can get something better than why not.

  6. This year I have moved from Spain to Chile, so a roaming feature could lower my ping that currently is around 300. Hope we get it before my return!

  7. Frank, in the mod you link, there are only RU clusters. Can someone post them for NA, as many of us are more interested in this direction ;) ? I would hop on NA myself, having a few friends there.

  8. NA player here. Tried it and doesnt work on any server. On EU1&2 it shows an error something about nickname symbols. And the RU servers simply wont go past : Logging in… message.I guess WG disabled roaming, since once you release such a mod, you bet the servers will be swarmed by EU to RU,RU to EU etc etc.

  9. For some reason, only RU servers works for me (I’m EU). While trying to get to NA server gets me “incorrect login or password” error. I obviously edited scripts-config.xml to get NA visible.

  10. Same thing here (scripts file from above tested once as edit in place and once via res_mods):

    With my EU account
    - I can log in and play on the RU server :))
    - I cannot log in to the NA server :(

    With my NA account
    - I can log in and play on the RU server :))
    - I cannot log in on the EU server (“incorrect characters in user name”)
    - I cannot log in on the RU server (“logging in” hangs for longer than I have waited)

    Any updates on this?

    • Long time ago i made a mistake to make accounts on EU and NA regions with the same login (and password even) – it logs me to region-specific account on either cluster… I wonder what they do after offcially enabling roaming, some account merge maybe :) ?

  11. O that explained the queue was like defuq is this there is no queue on the EU server server hamster died again or something?

    well lets hope they don’t start troll flooding our server cause i really don’t feel like playing with the average random RU troll form the test server, tried it twice hated it twice please leave my normal server alone.

  12. Well at least he screen covered up the German tank drivers names and faces. So they won’t get hung out by WG later :)

  13. In case somebody is interested – even if you log-in to RU servers, the ingame store contains only tanks that EU store contains (so no beta Sherman or M6A2E1 to buy).

    Well that was the only thing I was remotely interested in concerning the whole roaming idea, so… whatever.

    • Would it still, if you log on EU with RU client and EU account and then roam to RU? I just wondered :) – please someone test it.

  14. I’m a friend of the guy who created this mod.
    Some small things:
    You cannot connect to NA from EU, or vice versa.
    You can only connect to some Russian servers (2, 3, 6, and 8) from EU, as they are part of the same network cluster, apparently.
    I dunno about NA, but I think they can connect to some Russian servers.

  15. I tested it a bit, I noticed that Emblems and texts on tank get disabled whileroaming.

    Also all russians get RU tag instead of we see EU tag on our-self.

  16. I notice there is a distinct lack of options for roaming from the ASIA / SEA server in the list….

  17. When trying to use that mod to log in to RU servers it only says that i have invalid characters in nickname. Bad luck that i cannot try what kind of gameplay is in RU :(

    • Yeah, not working for me anymore… I played there yesterday but now it wont let me even login

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  20. Now it doesnt work. It says “This user name contains invalid symbols. Try another user name.” Maybe WG noticed the EU roamers, and found a way to ban them.