STB-1 clear picture

Source: Japanese photoshop masters via Daigensui

The Japanese photoshop masters managed to get rid of annoying watermark to bring you an improved picture of the STB-1 model. Please note that the colors were added for artistic purpose only, they don’t mean anything, it’s just like “how would this vehicle look”.


43 thoughts on “STB-1 clear picture

      • Loved that movie. Didn’t expect much from the trailers but was very pleasantly surprised, so awesome.

        Also thanks again for all you do on here.

        • I loved how the critics bashed it for “lack of story depth”.
          Come on, it’s a movie about giant robots beating the crap out of giant sea-monsters, how much “story” do you expect from such a movie?

          Loved the film and hope they make more of the same kind.

          • Movie critics are spoiled whiners who expect all movies to have Oscar-worthy story and dialogue.

            Pacific Rim is a good, fun movie that does exactly what it says on the box and does it well. Heck, I still listen to the soundtrack occasionally when playing WOT.

            • take all of the most famous Mecha animes and you got pacific rim . Movie is really nice 2 part will be nicer :) i hope

  1. whoo first

    love this website

    Any more stats on this tanks gun and everything else. The super tester must know that too

  2. Can’t wait for time when we will be able to test it on CT at some point in the future xD :D

  3. I wonder if the post-war tanks will still be in IJA colours. I very much like the JGSDF colouration for the tank.

    Doesnt matter though, I expect skinners and remodellers to be hard at work the moment this model is out.

    • They will. Apparently WG thinks that multiple base colours for each nation is too confusing to the average player (quite possibly -_-), despite the fact that tank nationality is irrelevant to gameplay. The exception are ‘spy tanks’ like the Pz.V/M10.

    • Leopard 1 *cough*.

      Well, finding late war tank in panzergrau is already feat, postwar tanks in panzergrau are only WG possible.

    • Can’t wait for the day that territorial disputes will be resolved through online battles.
      Imagine if Japan went up against China in WoT.
      They’ll both agree that RNG messed up their games and unite together against SerB.
      Happy ending.

      But for now…I’ll be grinding my Chinese tanks in anticipation of the Japanese release.

  4. I wonder if Daigensui got his/her way and the STB-1 a DPM comparable or superior to the T-62A/Obj 140.

    • i wont even bother with it if they dont give it a true superior advantage. In this case rof.

      Im sick of shitty clone tanks such as Obj140.

  5. I could use a smaller leo with shorter profile.

    I need the stats on this thing… somebody leak them already!!!!!!