WG WoWs alpha EU/US recruitment

Hello everyone,

just so you know, Wargaming is now recruiting alpha testers for World of Warships. For both servers, the criteria are basically following (in order of importance)

• World of Warships forum activity (at least 150 good posts, no spamming)
• WoT and WoWp alpha test veterans
• experience in alpha testing other games
• being a professional tester, or an IT specialist
• proactivity and decency

What has NO effect on the application:

• amount of battles in WoT and WoWp
• win rate
• age
• country
• city

EU players can aply in the appropriate EU forums thread, US players can apply in the US forums thread. Good luck, captains!

Also (not as important but still interesting), Wot-news.com report that another round of alpha-testers recruitment for World of Tanks: Generals (browser card game based on World of Tanks) is also underway. Russian players only though.

22 thoughts on “WG WoWs alpha EU/US recruitment

  1. After being a beta/alpha whatever for planes, this might be just as much of a waste of my time

  2. I mean with the game being so horrible, I don’t expect the ships one to be any better. WG as always will only selectively take only the fanboy positive feedback and ignore the rest.

    • Actually I’m mildly optimistic. For one thing, Warships are much closer to tanks than Warplanes. Also the developer had previous experience with developing a warship “sim”, so they don’t have to start things from scratch and are enthusiastic about making a warship game.

      • All principles applies to WG product, “world” is ready, people know it, make it simple, 5-10min per battle…if they do it right they will have another gold mine imo. Can you imagine rare cards with hitler and stalin against each other, lol…people will love it.

  3. guess we’ll have to wait for the Global Alpha recruitment hopefully they’ll do a questionnaire like they did with WoWP.

    • There will be Global Alpha recruitment? I mean, was there one for WoWp?

      I thought we will have to wait up to close beta D:

  4. They aren’t looking for feedback they are looking for raw data for analyse more than anything which is why they said in the past that they don’t care what people think as long as testers provide raw data by playing.

  5. • World of Warships forum activity (at least 150 good posts, no spamming)

    And how is that relevant to being an alpha/beta tester, only WG knows…..

    • Shows you were active on the topic in the (looong) months preceding this alpha tests, shows you are genuinely interested in discussing WoWs, because there’s little else on those forums, and you won’t be sending them emails asking when will the submarines come.

    • It blows my mind that there are actually candidates out there that meet these requirements. Who has this kind of time to post 150 topics on a game that doesn’t even exist yet?