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- according to SerB, XP gained does not corellate directly with damage done
- capture points are displayed in statistics even when the battle was not won by capture, as they count towards achievements either way, such as the Leclerc medal
- no comment on how (or whether) the premium account will be improved (to compensate for the fact platoons and companies are available to everyone now)
- the reason renaming the crewmembers costs gold is the fact it is a visual change and has no influence on gameplay (no pay to win), it’s a cosmetic change
- the reason for threadmarks (track marks) on the ground disappearing quickly is so they don’t occupy too much computer memory (optimization)

44 thoughts on “4.11.2013

  1. Tssk, I dont like the disapearing threadmarks, to bad you cant choose yourself, aldough i understand there way of thinking.

    • Having them last for the lenght of the battle would be pretty darn amazing.
      No more having to check all the usual hiding places for the last hiding scumbag on the enemy team, just follow his tracks!

      • Well that would be a gameplay advantage to those with stronger PC’s and they can’t put gameplay advantage depending on your graphics settings

        • It would be fun to be able to track down a hiding player that way, but this is a fairly standard computer game optimization trick, and if WoT is planning on tackling this am sure it is *way* down on their list of things to do.

      • This wouldn’t be posible because tracks are only shown for your teammates and enamys that are spoted. As soon as you or your team lose spot on one of them tracks stop beeing updated.

  2. no comment on how (or whether) the premium account will be improved (to compensate for the fact platoons and companies are available to everyone now)

    i don’t see the point, we get premium accounts for the extra credits and xp! not to get any other special features!

    • The logic was that since premium accounts lost some options that were available only to them (big platoon and company creation), they should add something exclusive in return. But I agree, it’s not needed.

      • Well, “lost” is not the correct word. Nobody lost anything, just someone else gained, without any harm to anyone. That mentality, buy sth. so your neighbour is jealous…
        If you don’t think that better earning is enough, don’t pay for premium.

        • There’s no gain without losing something elsewhere, though ;)

          But yeah, it’s an issue more for WG – I bet if it hurts their income they’ll think of something~

      • WG is too stupid to realize they could drop the price of premium and get many more people to purchase it to offset the decrease in price. It provides no beneficial ingame factors so if everyone bought it, it is not like players would leave.

        • Poor business decision by WG. Some of my clanmates are dropping premium and once I have a few mil saved I will too. Unless you are grinding, its now too easy to do without.

          • 3 platoons make you win 5% games more and let you play with more friends at the same time. The new team battles mean that 2 platoons now for a team and 2 teas form a company which is a great way to build up teamwork.
            These things change your satisfaction level and makes tier 9 tanks profitable(although less than with premium account)

      • 3 platoons and starting companies are such a small issues compared to getting extra creds and exp.

    • Agreed that overall (other than grinding for tanks) having a premium account doesn’t have a lot to offer now by way of “extras”. I’ve been renewing my premium account steadily ever since the game was released, and find it much harder to justify now than I did back then.

      With a few premium tanks to farm credits there’s little incentive now for holding a premium account.

      • Right now you get “x” for having a premium account. I can’t see any reason why anyone would be against getting “x+1″ for the same?!

        Basically WG would give sth. away for free. That’s always welcome.

        Could be something like daily triple instead of double.

        • Actually, I like that idea of 3x instead of 2x, but on the other side, premium already gives +50% to that 2x daily bonus, so if they gave 3x, the difference between premium and non premium would be perhaps too big. Still, it could be done, if you take T34 for example, playing with premium gives you almost double net profit, since the costs (ammo+repairs) is still around 20k, while gross profit without premium may be 40k and 60k with premium, so net profit with premium would be from this battle 20k for non premium and 40k for premium, i.e. premium account as matter of fact doubled net income even while providing mere +50% bonus.

          It is just an example but you get what I mean. Anyway, as response to previous comments, I too am starting to drop premium, in fact I haven’t bought premium account for few months, I had some left over, then some events / missions came, so I had premium up and running without any € with few weeks without it and when it will finally expire around December (I used tokens from WoWP which I even forgot I had), I seriously doubt I will buy another premium. With ~114 tanks in garage there is not much to go for and as previous players stated, for those who play it long enough and have something saved “for worse” moments, there is not reason to buy it. If I omit events and tournaments, I can earn a little here and little there even when I play tier 10.
          And as I said before, this is same for many my clanmates, some mates even daily play CWs without premium account and at the end of day they have the same amount of credits as they had at the beginning.

  3. “- according to SerB, XP gained does not corellate directly with damage done”

    Correct, WG rewards people for showing up and simply being destroyed.

    • Not exactly: there are other factors at work, such as damage on spotting, damage on tracking, spotting, capture points… I think that’s it.

      Had an excellent match the other evening in which my JP2 did piddly damage, but ended up spotting 5-6 enemy, and either tracking or spotting for the damage on about half the enemy tanks destroyed (yes, scout fail, go figure). It turned into a good 1.2k base xp win (premium).

      Showing up and being a target doesn’t get you much… maybe 50xp.

    • Spotting and disabling of enemy tanks are also important when determining how much XP somebody gets. You can be top of the team by XP received by being a good scout and having large amounts of spotting damage.

      • With good tier 5 scout if you succeed to do just “an average” spotting in higher tier match, you will have granted spot among best 3 players by XP. Spotting is powerful tool and is rewarded as such

  4. I always thought the Unified premium account was the trade-off for some features being transfered to non-premium.

    But I guess because no one gives a shit about WoWP, they are reconsidering this.

    Me? I’d pay for the premium account if I can select 1 or 2 maps that I don’t want to play on (such as being able to deselect Encounter and Assault modes)

  5. SilentStalker, can you please confirm if the crashes on certain maps (Sacred Valley mostly) are only happening to me or to the others, too? I am using just XVM mod, mod pack provided by QuickBaby. So, nothing special, just XVM mod. The others using the same mod pack are loud about the same problems, too. WG says it’s up to mods. Do you really think that it’s up to mods or up to something in the game itself?
    Also, my visit to WoT portal just went full French. I had to edit http link in order to read articles in English. Bloody hell!

    • No real benefit? So if you would be offered 50% payrise, you would resign because it does not give you enough benefit? :D

      But the fact that many seem to think that premium buyers “lost” something when everyone got bigger platooms just shows how sad and greedy people nowdays are.

      I did not lose anything, but I gained the option not always beeing the one who puts up the platoon. :)

      • its just that buying premium does not offer the same advatages over standart accounts as they used to be wich is why quite a few are considering to stop buying premium or already did that.

        Its not about “i want to buy me some skillz and the credits needed to finance my tier 10″ but its about if preium is worth the investment and as it is right now its very close to being an absolute no

  6. - capture points are displayed in statistics even when the battle was not won by capture, as they count towards achievements either way, such as the Leclerc medal

    IMO there are way too few people going back to defend base when it would be wise to do that.
    If they can choose to go forward for useless cap points or to go back and defend against 3 cappers in own base, most guys will go forward and lose the match by gathering some useless cap points.

    Now we must read that this useless cap points count for a medal?!?!
    Fascinating … they are no noobs they are just grinding for Leclerc Medal :-)

  7. This is wrong use of word “optimization”. Use “save memory” instead. Optimization is making a system more sophisticated so that it consumes less resource while achieving the SAME result.

  8. How to improve the premium account?

    Well, why do tank crews always forget their knowledge of the previous tanks they’ve been into when the get trained for the next tank? Fix that for premium users and everything will be fine!

    • Thats acutally something where I would reconsider having stopped paying for premium.
      Problem is, what happens with those crews if you run out of premium once? Do they insta-forget what they’ve learned / will it come back as soon as you pay again?