WG director on Cyprus resigns

Source 1: http://oam.cse.com.cy/Announcement/announcementvariation/8504
Source 2: http://world-of-ru.livejournal.com/2783109.html

On November the 4th, Mr.Nicos Michailas submitted his resignation to Wargaming Public Company Ltd.’s board of directors. Hmm, I wonder what led to that…

27 thoughts on “WG director on Cyprus resigns

  1. Personally I couldnt give a fuck about whats happening with WG outside of tanks and maybe warships (we will see)

    This cyprus bank stuff is not interesting at all.

    • *shrugs* I find it interesting however, as it can indirectly influence the game. Remember, how Cyprus “nationalized” parts of its bank savings? WG never wrote how much they lost (if anything at all), but maybe the loss had influence on WG politics…

      • Yes, I think so also. The recent purchase of a Cypriot bank was typical of ‘Russian’ attitude. “Bank steals our money, we buy bank. Now who’s in charge.”

      • IIRC it was something like 19% and WG’s bank statement said at least 200m euro’s. The data is all on the EU forums, under the off topic part.

        Just think 4-5 years ago Wargaming was a little known company no one had heard of or cared about, now it buys banks.

  2. He’s a professional board member for a number of Cypriot companies. It’s unlikely that he had any meaningful role in wargaming’s activities and was probably just a rubber-stamp director, as required by local rules.

    • “Its”? “Comunists”? Simple spelling of simple words and simple sentence construction is too complex for you? I’m guessing you are talking about COMMUNISTS. Communists run wargaming? Wouldn’t that be contradictory to communist ideology?

          • Well, I wasn’t excusing myself neither defending that dude…was just sayin’ that you can’t blame someone on the interwebz’ for grammar typos.

        • In the lack of valid argument just bash him for his grammar errors…makes you look smart..

          • As soon as you prove statement that communists run WG .
            Because its nonsense.
            If it was 30 years ago i can understand it.
            If you look at calendar its year 2013 not 1980s

  3. Ok, so I know that WG bought a 30% share in that bank in Cyprus and this is obviously correlated to that but can someone explain exactly why he resigned? Did this guy (the director on Cyprus) purchase that stock without the consent of the board of directors or something? I’m sure I missed something somewhere but I’m not exactly sure what he did wrong that would warrant his resignation.

      • He’s asking questions. Why are you QQing about his sources to information he’s not providing?
        Honestly…. some people!

    • Or maybe, having “mission accomplished”, he’s wandering off to count his personal stash and do something with his time. Not everyone only resigns ahead of being fired, yaknow.