WG EU fail: after a week, portal bug is alive and well

Hello everyone,

remember that portal bug I reported about – the one that displays foreign languages on portal despite the fact you select “English” for example? It was supposed to be fixed by clearing your cache, according to a WG representative. Well, guess what. Today I cleared my cache and…


Language selected: English. Language displayed: Czech. Well, that’s not really a problem for me, as I am Czech and can read it (I prefer English though). The Gift Shop for Czech players however is slightly more problematic:


Is that Turkish? Seriously, WG, a week?! I mean, I know it takes time to identify bugs, but what the hell…

32 thoughts on “WG EU fail: after a week, portal bug is alive and well

  1. I think I am starting to learn 5 new languages thanks to this bug… Every day portal is in different language…

  2. Don’t go too hard on them. After all, they have been training all week long to defend Ille de France at the start of the second campaign yesterday ;)

  3. have the problems since thursday last week… everyday for about half an hour the portal is in a complete different language.
    germin is czech, english is polish,… but everytime with different language couples.. well, i learned to laugh about it ;)

  4. You need to stop bashing the WG at once! I see no difference between Czech and Turkish and neither should you.

    • Oh, because the Czech Republic and Turkey aren’t hundreds of kilometers away from each other, speak different languages, and have totally different cultures…

  5. On top of the portal bug WG decided that I should receive Russian mails … instead of English ones.

  6. Pff, I feel a bit honored for the fact I was the first who noticed the bug last week :P

    Whatever…it’s still happening to me, although I even tried newly installed browsers(to confirm that that “clear your cache” advice is totally bullshit)

  7. I managed to “repair” this error with deleting all my cookies regarding WG and logging in again… Since that it’s working well.

  8. Never seem the thing in Romanian yet…which is probably a good thing as it’d make me start contemplating cutting my wrists.

    Meh well…globalize people, learn ALL the languages!