Top tier Japanese TD Ho-Ri Toku

Author: Daigensui

Disclaimer: This post is speculative. There is no guarantee this will be a tier 10 tank destroyer, it’s just a thought, not a “leak” in any way.

Hello everyone,

just some preliminary info on the possible tier 10 Japanese TD by Daigensui, if you are interested.

Ho-Ri Toku

Hori toku

An experimental project, never got past the mock-up stage.

Weight: 45 tons
Engine: 900hp
Gun: 300mm+ penetration experimental 105mm high-power gun (historical, existed – 16kg shell at 1000+ m/s, tungsten-chrome-steel alloy shells),
Armor: frontal armor (the sloped part) is 125mm at 70 degrees, the superstructure front is 250mm thick, sides are very thin (25-50mm)

Japanese tank destroyers and heavy tanks however won’t come anytime soon, possibly not even next year.

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        • “Full light branch” means until tier 8 ofc. The other medium line would consist probably of paper late-war projects, the Japanese had something like the E-series.

          • Didn’t Serb say the top Japanese light tank is tier 4 because they could not find anything better?

          • Full ligt branch gives impression of up to tier 10, and didnt WG say that they might make tier 10 lights?

            Anyway, small misunderstanding there.

            • They specifically said that they WOULDN’T make Tier 10 lights many times, and it looks like they’re sticking to it, which is truly a shame, as I would love to be able to keep a light tank crew all the way up to the BatChat. Maybe put the 13 105 with horrible bloom, aim time, somewhat poorer acceleration due to more weight, etc. to compensate for the same 105 a Tier lower as to replace the Lorr. so it can be a full to Tier 10 light tank line?

      • Well, it seems the Japanese line is going to get alot more love than the Chinese line. Still, to think that the Japanese would have a TD line and a heavy line… damn I really can not wait to play the Japanese.

    • Or whatever the word is. It looks really good on paper. Nice front armor, really good if you keep at least some distance, gun should have great DPM with a great RoF and lacking AlphaDMG, have good aim-time and excellent accuracy (possibly WT E-100 level or even better). The HP/t ratio is just awesome, could have great mobility and agility.

      And that’s why I suspect that it if it ever appears, it will not be as good as it looks. Low alpha and shitty side/rear armor aren’t enough to make it balanced, so I would expect quite bad View range, terrain passability, gun elevation &depression, gun traverse angle. Still, could be quite enjoyable machine to play.

      And it looks cute – me wants.

  1. I’m pretty sure if this will be implemented, this will be the new ROF king… (meet your match Tortoise) The 105mm will be having damage around 390+ or something if we follow WoT’s damage system… And for a tier 10 TD that damage is lackluster.. So it would have its ROF buffed to the extreme and it might even surpass Tortoise.

    • later tier 105s have something like 390 alpha and with 300mm+ pen (assuming that’s for the normal rounds) it’s not bad. the gun could be workable depending on the fire rate and accuracy. Depending on it’s mobility, camouflage, etc it could be a decent TD. We’ll just have to wait and see

      • because it’s tier 10 TD, it alpha will abit bigger than the rest similar caliber gun. We have someTD gun ingame like this: obj 263 vs IS-7 (550 vs 490), JT vs Maus (560 vs 490). SO we can expect a bit more alpha in this gun, around 440~490 with decent RoF (7~7.5), so it Dpm is around 3300~3430

  2. I don’t expect a high rate of fire. Was reading a report on a 120mm Japanese gun from 1945 and it complained about the breach design a lot and how it hampered ROF due to the gun being a hand loaded vs a semi-automatic design. However it also boasted of the guns HE shell design, fuzes and fragmentation.
    PDF pg # 28.

    Daigensui you might find some more reports buried in the volumes.

    • The Ho-Ri I had more of a boxy hull and superstructure in the rear, like the German Ferdinand
      Ho-Ri II has the superstructure moved to the middle of the hull like the JagdTiger
      Ho-Ri Toku has the sloped front that we see in the pic on this article

  3. I mean 300+mm penentration is totally retarded. Also 1000+ m/s is also kinda funny. This TD in terms if firepower seem a bit too modern compared to the current ones.

    • Well most tanks didn’t even fire tungsten rounds all the time. It is likely the tungsten-chrome-steel alloy shells will be premium shells. Just like the French APC shells for the 47mm on the Char B1 are premium rounds when in fact they were the stock round for the gun.

      Don’t worry so much. There is a lot of powder behind that shell. Plus if its APCBC then the shell speed makes even more sense. I don’t see anything too modern here at all. Suspension is likely something similar to Volute Spring Suspension.

      I think this tank will be fine at tier 9-10. You might just have to learn to play it differently. Instead of standing in front of a guy and taking shots all day long.

  4. With about 9 RPM (3510 DPM), 2,1 seconds of aiming time and 70 or more side armour so it doesn’t get overmatched by most mediums and heavys guns when you angle it after every shoot (because of the casemate flat armour). That and good traverse would make an awesome medium-td (just like the JP II and the StuG III)

      • Not necessarily. tungsten-steel alloy was used in a wide variety of ammo like apcbc or apcr. It was actually NOT very good to be used on aphe munition since it tended to break easily which resulted in complete impact fuse failure or premature “outside armor” detonation.