Over 9000 Invite Codes from Alienware

Thanks to CreOnix for letting me know!

Hello everyone,

Alienware is giving out invite codes (NOT for existing accounts, but for new accounts) for EU server. These codes contain:

• 500 Gold
• 7 Days of Premium
• 100,000 Credits

Currently, there are cca 9200 left. In order to claim one, go to this page:


You have to create an Alienware site account. If you have one, simply click on the GET KEY button on the right side, otherwise create an account on that page first. Enjoy!

26 thoughts on “Over 9000 Invite Codes from Alienware

  1. Strange thing for these invite codes: generally they are useless crap to you that you don’t bother with, but when you need one to get a new friend involved, there isn’t any around…

      • Maybe he does not play and only came here to warn people from making this mistake? Maybe he is a hero you deserve, but not the one you need? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

        • Sure, he wants to warn us from the game we are SO interested to play that we read this blog, not only the historical stuff but even the comments from the invite codes page.
          I must confess that I like this game.

  2. The Alienware invite codes for NA has been running for like 6 months now. Good news that they offer codes for EU too :)

  3. Do they still build those ridiculously overexpensive, tacky piles of plastic that can only appeal to 12-year-olds?

  4. hmm codes still available, but impossible to get..where and why can you eneter them? allways gives “code not valid yet” error