How to register on FTR and how to add your own avatar

Hello everyone,

since a bunch of folks wrote me yesterday about not knowing how to register or login to FTR to comment (strange, I thought it’s actually pretty simple), I’ll just post this here. If you are not log on, open the post you want to comment on and on the bottom, you will see this:


Just pick your poison… or rather, the social service you want to use to log in. Statistically, most people use WordPress accounts, followed by google accounts. Oh and if you are wondering, how to add an avatar to your account, well, that’s a bit unintuitive. Here’s how to do it:

You’ll need to sign up at with the email address that you’ve associated in your blog with your admin user account, and upload you image to After you’ve done that your image will appear whenever you post on your own blog or on other WordPress blogs (if you put that email address into the mail field of the comment form at that other blog).

I hope that helps.

134 thoughts on “How to register on FTR and how to add your own avatar

  1. The registration went fine but I must have a keylogger on my phone or something as my Email got hacked an hour later and someone tried to steal my battlenet account (great job, you get an unused account with a demo version of Diablo 3, happy hunting).

  2. Bollocks. If you connect with facebook first, you’re stuck with your profile picture, gravatar or not.

    • It might have come out wrong… The guide is fine, it’s the system that’s acting up.

  3. Gravatar won’t left me log in….
    They say I can use my WorldPress acc to log in, but when I try to do so I get e massage that such a user doesn’t exist. Then I try to register and am told they won’t support the email provider I registered my WorldPress acc with.
    Pretty mess.

        • Click on the nickname an you are linked to their WG account page.

          When I click on yours I am linked to WorldPress. With others # to Facebook or whatever. But with some people their nicks link to WG page.

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  4. I’ve logged into Gravatar before this account without an account, but I can’t log back in there :c

  5. >since a bunch of folks wrote me yesterday about not knowing how to register or login to FTR to comment (strange, I thought it’s actually pretty simple)

    Never underestimate human stupidity. And I would have recommended you don’t help them either. Not smart enough to sign in? Not smart enough to post.

  6. Banana phone testing one one one… It works! =)
    It’s really good decision to make that, FTR.

  7. Very cool!. BTW, if you want to log in using your Wargaming OpenID account, click on the OpenID icon when you log in and depending on which server you play, paste:

    After you log in, an account is created on this wordpress site. Now you can edit your profile to change your nickname from OpenIDUser## to whatever you would like. Then select your new nickname from the drop-down list next to “Display name publicly as”.

      • yeah,
        wot seams to be the point after which you nick gets stolen by nick rserving ********s
        and thanks for explaining how to open id!
        mfg eXterminus

            • one more question:
              how do i get my avatar?
              changed my wordpress password so that i know it, but what do i use as username on gravatar? openuserid36 not work, eXYterminus not work, strange email that is in wordpress ( not work….
              help eXterminus