Modernized IS-2 proposal

Source: Yuri Pasholok’s blog
Author: Yuri Pasholok

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an interesting photo from Yuri Pasholok’s archive came up. Check this out:


This is a very late-war proposal to modernize the IS-2 tank the way the army (not designers) wanted (by Plant No.100). The task was to modify the IS-2 hull, so it would somehow resemble the T-34 shape wise. The sloped armor everywhere was added in order to increase the vehicle’s ability to withstand shell fire (including the back). This was caused specifically by the appearance of the long 88mm gun on the Ferdinand tank destroyer.

Yuri Pasholok states that after this, the project bureau went to do more realistic proposals, such as the IS-3 and IS-6, which would put this proposal around early 1944. An interesting fact is that it was projected by roughly the same people as the later Object 279.

19 thoughts on “Modernized IS-2 proposal

    • From what Yuri Pasholok wrote, it was just a proposal, never made it to the prototype. I doubt it will appear as an IS hull upgrade, since there are other options there (for examle the hulls with different frontal armor).

    • If we consider the way that sloped armor works, it *might* even make the hull lighter (although slightly if so). My opinion? It could raise the top speed by 1km/h. So the effect would be almost none

  1. Convergent developement – on the other hand, the suspension seems to be different than the usuall IS

    • IS-2 as in the chinese one? It’s not as much of a brick as the russian IS, but I will admit, it’s even IS is still much less blocky than the Great Grey Brick that is the Tiger I ^^

      • IS-6 has a different engine deck and angled armour plates, while this thing is rounded… Still, it doesn’t look like a modification, it’s basicaly a new design.

    • Other Hulllayout
      This IS-2 Hull is sloped like the T-34, it should have one singel upper frontal-plate.

      And the turret is more Egg-like without a Rear-MG