World of Warplanes server stats


Hello everyone,

Slava Makarov (WG producer) states that Sunday peaks (most players online at the same time) in WoWp are as follows:

RU 18577
EU 10593
NA 3065

Peak for all servers altogether at one point is around 30k players. The fastest growing server is the EU one, the slowest is the RU one, Slava Makarov states that there is a suspicion this is connected to clanwars.

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  1. The player count has slowly been rising over the past couple of days. Haven’t seen 10.000 yet myself though. Would be nice if it keeps rising some more. There is still hope I guess.

    • For me, WoWP is still in a testing phase, it’s just too bugged etc… Don’t get me wrong, I still like the game very much and I’m happy there won’t be any more wipes, but the some MAJOR optimalization work has to be done…

      • I thought WarThunder didn’t differentiate between it’s servers. All servers are linked and you can jump on any of them at any time.

        • Then, these two games have almost equal number of players only few days after release.
          WG can be happy.

          • Yesterday they peaked at 67K until server started to die, this could be due to ground forces beta coming soon (event)

            Still not interested in WoWp anyway, I don’t like planes so much (especially in FHSW where the best pilots get your ass handed to you constantly) and I’m having enough actual FUN in WT

            • I also don’t like planes and don’t play them, but I will laugh so hard when WoWP beats WT only because of all WG haters, spamming forums how WoWP sucks. If that game is really that bad how come they have almost equal number of players in first weak of release?

              • Haters are small percent of playerbase, also with WG’s marketing I NEVER expected WoWP to have small amount of players, still G knows that if they do their tanks good, a lot of people will come to WT right away

              • Have you tried both games? I did and WoWP sucks. It really does. WT have better physics, better feel, more players, 3 battle modes, better tech trees. WoWP plainly sucks. And WG deserves all the hate on this world. Also they got that number of players only because of that mission in WoWP and because of unbelievably rich and broad advertising(they even sponsored a commercial for WoWP on WT subreddit. No shame at all.

                • Yeah, funny how the WT fanbois are everywhere spamming their shit…

                  It’s almost as though they’re insecure about WT…

                  Which I personally think they should be. I’ve tried WoWP and WT and my money is firmly in the WoWP basket.

            • They were giving out free gold on Sunday. In fact WT gives out free gold every weekend this month (nice coincidence :). I saw about 57k players yesterday.

      • So you want that WT would have monopoly on this and that there wouldn’t be competition to dry developers to make better game?

      • Or maybe the NA playerbase are the ones that don’t know crap. I’m from NA so I’m allowed to say this. IDK, when the EU and RU servers are full and ours aren’t, we seem like the guys who don’t know what they’re talking about. Besides, EU already has issues with WG with the whole Stalin thing… you think they’d be the ones not playing if the game wasn’t good.
        Although, I think it’s because of the different tactics the NA base seems to use. We seem to utilize boom and zoom to its fullest advantage (screwing over everyone who can’t do BnZ, which is everyone besides the US and German planes) while I’ve heard the RU players will try to turnfight in Mustangs.

    • 1 minute wait times? Maybe for tier 4+ at the moment but tier 1-3 it only takes a couple seconds, At least during peak times.

  2. “NA 3065″
    why am i not surprised?, the game is a total failure.
    they even had to dangle the “get free premium by playing” to *TRY* and inflate the numbers of players in CBT, that’s the only reason they had more than 100 players daily…
    Now it’s the “get XXX premium by being the first to XXX tier”, when that’s over in a week, what will happen?.
    Also, the interface is broken, it takes tens of seconds to switch planes in garage, to enter queue, to exit battle, how much of that shit you think players will tolerate before unisntalling an going back to wot?
    Also game mechanics are unbelievably WRONG (even wot with all it’s shortcomings has some consistency), you can be flying nice and easy and some douchebag comes from above and kills you in less than 2s (quasi-cheater i’d call that), so much for “fun” gameplay there… (and no, that can’t happen in wot, not even when an AMX 50/100 encounters a T1 heavy in a +2 MM spread, yet, in failplanes even in the same tier you have cheaterplanes completely OP that can kill you in half a strafe)

    • T1 Heavy doesn’t meet AMX 50 100 with +-2T MM because the difference is 3 Tiers with T1 Heavy being T5 and AMX 50 100 being tier 8.

      Get your facts straight before you start ranting.

    • They had the same event for WoT when that came out. This isn’t WG bribing its customers, it’s WG being consistent.

      The garage loading time problem was in OBT. It is completely fixed now.

      So people can’t kill you in a split second in WarThunder, or any other flight game for that matter? Planes have no armour (apart for a few exceptions). You shouldn’t expect to survive very long if you get shot.

      You’re spreading misinformation.

      • I am affraid he doesn’t seeit as such and actually believes this. It’s more along the lines of him spreading his ignorance…

        His “righteous fury” is quite amusing, though.

        • I’ve flown countless hours of FLIGHT SIMS and believe mne planes can get by with a ton of damage allright.
          ah pfft i mixed the T1 hvy with the M6 heavy, sue me, facts remain.
          What’s amusing is your condescending tone(actually pathetic).

          Anti-communist, learn to post, i don’t care about BnZ and all that, they make an “arcade” game then put stupid OP planes terribly unbalanced that can kill you in 2 shots?, nice mixup of stuff there…
          “The garage loading time problem was in OBT. It is completely fixed now.”, not really, i’ve played after release and it’s unbearably SLOOOOW, no difference compared to OBT

          and i don’t really car

  3. I know that peak numbers doesn’t equal to the total player base, but I expected the RU servers to be jam-packed with people, at least 4-5 times as much as EU.
    Considering that they had players reaching tier 10 on Friday (?), I guess that means there is more dedicated players over there.

    I’m just now closing in on tier 7, and that’s mainly because I’ve leveled multiple projects (P51A and Me410) at the same time. The queue time on high tiers is just silly, and I feel for the ones that really push towards the top. The MM is throwing together tier 6-8, with only a handful of people on each side. Not only is it not very rewarding, but it’s also tedious especially when the small amount of suitable aircrafts are far from evenly balanced.

    For those who wonder and aren’t playing themselves:
    Tier 1-3: Pretty much instant queue time.
    Tier 4: Up to 30 secs.
    Tier 5-6: Up to 1 minute. However, if you actually want to achieve something you need to queuedodge, and then we’re talking 2-5 minutes because of the tier 7-8s that takes ages to get out of the queue.

  4. Wow, the numbers for the NA server compared to the other 2 are just pathetic. The worst part is that, if I recall correctly, WG was expecting WoWP to be a lot more popular on NA because of the American culture of aviation. Guess they got that one plain wrong.

    • That’s so true, especially if you take the massive PR into account that WG was promoting WoWP all around the world. Under these circumstances, these server stats are nothing but a bitter disappointment for WG.

      • Well, I kinda expected it. The tanks are quite liked even by… mainstream public. Big beasts of steel lumbering across the battlefield, blasting it away at hordes of enemies and all that. Planes aren’t all that popular and most of the people who aren’t true fans playing simulators tend to play games with modern machinery, rockets, jet fighters – Tom Clancy’s HAWX series is a good example, with a decent amount of copies sold even though the games were of questionable quality.

      • It’s not been promoted in Australia, New Zealand or Asia at all…you have a strangely shaped world.

    • *plane wrong

      There, fixed that for ya.

      Does seem lower than WoT release, but then it’s not the only game out there for a plane fix like Wot was for a tank fix. And, it’s a harder game to play cause, duh, planes. Requires better spacial awareness than WoT and 3 dimensional thinking. Saw above where someone whined about being blown away from above – well, duh, what do you expect to happen? Pay attention.

      • Yeah, I didn’t want to use the pun, but I thought about it.

        The problem is that when it comes to a MMO tank game, is there really anything else? Not that I know of. Hell, there aren’t really many tank games, let alone games released recently, so WoT filled that niche and that’s the reason it got immensely popular.
        WoWP on the other hand, has a couple of problems WoT doesn’t have. First of all, it has direct and indirect competition. Direct = Warthunder, another MMO Plane game. Indirect = every other aviation game. If there’s anything small about WoWP you don’t like, you have an alternative. That didn’t happen to WoT.
        The other problem WoWP has is that it requires much higher reflexes and reaction time than WoT, and we’re not talking just about skill, but lag/ping and packet loss. I play WoT with constant 180 ms of lag, sometimes up to 250. It’s bearable because WoT is generally a slower game, and I’ve grown used to that throughout the years. With WoWP, that 180 ms of lag is completely unbearable, and makes all the difference between hitting or missing a strafing, or being able to outmaneuver an enemy in a dogfight. This basically makes the game really difficult to play for anyone who is farther away than Mexico.
        As you may know, WoT in the NA Server has a really big Latin American presence, especially Brazilian and Argentinian players (I think Mexican as well, but not sure, someone correct me over here). Most of those players just won’t put up with the gameplay that WoWP offers with such lag, so they will just ignore it and keep playing WoT, and play something else if they want some plane action.

    • comparin failplanes release to WOT is totally wrong, when wot was released there was HARDLY any advertisement as WG was a complete piss-poor underdog.
      wowp has had a ton of advertising, roadshows, longer development AND its building on the success of WOT and all the knowledge they learned from that.
      Now take that into account and i do hope it fails……

      Also, i don’t care about WT either, planes only belong in hardcore sims like il-2 sturmovik (i don’t like BoB much, they seem to have deviated from the HC roots), WG should’ve made a mass-market flight sim, not an arcade

      • I remember seeing someone play WoT beta some months before the release at the beginning of 2011, when I tried to find out what that game was a few days later I couldn’t actually find it. It was only by chance that I was looking for some info on it again few months later and found out it was released. Now compare that to WoWp, for starters they have all those millions of registered WoT players that they spammed with info about WoWp, then there is all the internet advertising (lots of adverts on large portals), heck I even saw a WoWp commercial on BBC Knowledge this evening. And despite all that they barely go past 40k on a Sunday, if that is not a failure that will make them lose a lot of money then I don’t know what is.

        Oh, and the comment about this being because of CW is just LOLWUT WTF. I mean, do they expect the bulk of their players to be people switching from WoT?

        As for the game quality itself, I must have installed it and uninstalled it at least half a dozen times int he last year and a half, and every time it was just utterly meh, each time I would play a few battles, then alt F4

        It seems to me they lost track of all that made WoT so popular, and made a fairly low quality plane game that has nothing special, and is not unique in any way

        • agree,
          tried to play since Closed Beta and it’s very bad, sorry.
          and it begs the comparison to WT.

          same will be done to WT when they will come with GF, all will compare it to WoT and they can also fail bad.

    • Pure guess? 5% or less.

      I think everyone that wanted to try out that game got the in one of the test phases. I really doubt they got morhe than 5% players that said “Hmmm. WoWP is finally out, let’s try that thing”. Nah. Seems improbable.

  5. For those who don’t know, WoWP isn’t even really made by WG, it’s made by Persha Studios, who WG contracted to make it.

    This may explain why it’s not exactly of the highest quality, and will almost certainly fail hard. WG putting so many eggs into this basket is quite amusing though, as the general consensus about the game is that it’s bad and WG should feel bad.

    • What eggs? They bought several studios, last few month only. And you claim one studio is doing that game. Are you sure, WT fanboy, that they will fail hard? How can any company with SerB fail?

      • Persha Studios are the devs who are doing all the actual work for WoWP, WG simply has their name on it in an attempt to replicate their success with WoT.

        I’m no WT fanboy (I don’t even play it currently), I still play and enjoy WoT a bit, but I know a failed game when I see one (WoWP).

        • Persha worked with/for WG before. IIRC, Persha worked on the initial branches of the French tech tree.

          WG is buying so many companies and studios that’s it’s hard to keep track of who’s where and doing what.

  6. Considering the amount of idiots in your average WoT battle, I’m not surprised that more people find WoWp even harder.

    “What? I have to focus in all THREE dimensions now??” (brain asplodes)
    WT and WoWp are very similar. WT just has a retarded leveling system, and stupidly easy flight controls, making shooting people down more luck than skill as sometimes it’ll take 5 hits, sometimes just 1.
    Very easy to jump into, compared to WoWp, where one life, you die, back to garage for you.
    People think it’s harder than Tanks, only because in tanks they actually have to drive towards the enemy for a few minutes before failing in just the same way

    • More luck than skill in WT:
      It’s true. In arcade mode. Which I hate.
      It’s good as a beginning, but after tier 5-6 Historical become more rewarding.
      If you have skill. Which you can’t get playing arcade.
      You have to learn it in HB difficulty, playing low level planes over and over and over.

      The learning curve is very similar to the real life soviet pilot ‘training’:
      In ’41 we learnt how to survive in the air. In ’42 we learnt how to fly effectively. In ’43 we learnt how to kill.

      However WT has the same problems WoT has:
      Nobrainers everywhere. And they slowly and steadily emigrate to Historical mode. Now we have matches where 2-3 player has all the kills in the team, because the others derping around with gunpods, or shooting ground targets with a fighter…

      I liked the WoT, but I came from Red Orchestra, and it’s arcade style always annoyed me, but I had nothing better. That’s my main problem with WoWP too. Planes flying like UFOs, HP system, bullets magically disintegrating after 700m + I blew up an armored train with machine guns.

      However, they are less exhausting than WT, and that’s a good point for those who just wants to play, without any historical accuracy (I spent hours reading about planes I want to fly, and it paid back well in battles).

  7. What I think is bad about WoWp is gameplay and tactics. The attacks on ground targets give you some advantage but when you shot down an airplane it resets. Why? Its really easy to hit an enemy when you have a circle telling you where to aim and it makes also yourself an easy target. It all ends in a simple dogfight where the map is irrelevant.