52 thoughts on ““Very rare” ghost shells bug

  1. That’s funny… I mean, seriously, AMX waited 40 seconds to load that magazine and get his ass whooped by server-side packet loss issues… Good job Wargaming, you made us happy once again… :D

      • This bug isn’t so rare… has happened to me and/or toon mates every 30-40 games since the 8.9 patch. I am sure its a packet loss issue or some such. Its not game breaking, but i can remember my shot passing through an enemy tank (almost point blank range – 15 meters max), which would have killed him, instead, he reloaded shortly after and killed me.

  2. lol thats brutal, ive seen single shots doing that but not the whole clip. i think after >SECOND< shot id give up, but dunno

          • For fuck’s sake it’s +-2 tier spread MM. There are no tier 9s. So what? It happens. Do you want maybe +-3 tier spread again? Want to be oneshot in tier 7 Tiger? Ppl are never content…

            • So because something was horrible before, we should be oh-so-happy that its only equally bad for both sides now? Because there is a difference between being one shot in a tier7 and a tier8, right?
              Sure, the MM is balanced, as both sides are equally badly matched. No, I do not like it. It is my right to voice my opinion, just as it is yours to spew your elitist crap about how things used to be horrid. And if you are going to go licking more shit saying that the MM is actually working well in this game, then we really have nothing to converse about.

  3. In the back: That has to hurt, whe hit that wall, we are digging a big hole on it, we reached the other side

  4. WoW,this game looks frightfully ugly on the lowest settings. Does someone have such a potato PC in 2013?

  5. Ive had it happen before where the shot just goes through an opponent..

    But more annoying is when you take aim at that scout travelling 50kph, taking time to lead him and wait to get your dispersion down and FIRE. Then you watch as the round bounces or you do a “critical” to his track and dont even track him. I tell you..

    And I have also “thought” I have had a ghost shell but when watching the replay my shot goes to the extreme of my aiming circle and flies UNDER the other tank (I was less than 100 meters away from him). It took me watching that replay 5 or 6 times to realize that.

  6. That’s really fudging brutal man, I’d prefer to be one-shotted by British FV215b 183 rather than have such terrible packet loss.

  7. This “rare” bug is not as rare as it seems to be (from empiric experience), but never had with auto loader and with full clip :D

  8. Had this several times, not for a whole magazine though.

    But how can one play with such graphics? Ohmagud…

    • Explain how the graphics looking better would make it easier to play? As long as he isn’t seeing lag the level of graphics won’t make him a better player it just looks better.

  9. This doesn’t happen to me a lot, but definitely more often than “rare”. Not even counting when the shell has any possibility of hitting the edge of the circle and hitting the ground etc but still may have ghosted. I mean, waited for fully aimed in, reticle WAY smaller than the target I’m aiming for and I see the shell hit the cliff behind or nothing happens at all.

  10. Ghost shells happened to me a couple of time already. And once on a full AMX 13 75 clip leaving me dead in front of T21… Hope they will really fix this in 8.10 as Storm said.

  11. Up untill last week I had not seen the ghost rounds, but I recently purchased the M44 SPG and have seen this problem maybe 40 + times, watching a round go through enemy tank at point blank range even… This makes me sad :(

  12. even the “how terrible” joke is not funny here…for every proper dedicated tanker is this just sad

  13. This is obviously a problem with locations in some way – I have a replay on my wotreplays.com page where the same thing happends, without autoloader however. Fire 2 or 3 shots into him and nothing, they just go straight through. If you move a bit, it seems to clear up.

  14. … very rare… ok i get it. You wrote it in “” so i dont think that this bug is rare. Had this bug today already 3 times… i hope they fix this shit bug soon.

  15. Form my experience this has something to do with where the player stands and is not a network loss bug. There were similar bugs in counter strike back in the days where hitboxes would move depending on the ground below a player model.

    • This could be the reason – the target tank in the video was on a slope, if due to a bug the hit boxes were horizontal on the level of the rear edge of the vehicle, that may be the ‘reason’ to not hit anything.
      However, the other guys were hitting the target tank with no problems, so I don’t think this is related to the target, more likely it has something to do with the shooter and his client-server communication IMHO.

      • Hi,

        Hmm, it is highly unlikely that this happens for one player for his entire drumroll. And also, other client server communication seems to work fine: The AMX sees position updates of the other tanks, and sees them doing damage to the enemy. If there was a serious client-server problem, the player would just see heavy lagging and would not get that many infomation IMHO.

        Perhaps the shape of the hitboxes changes when a tank is standing on certain spots?

        Guess we’ll never know, these kind of questions never get asked in a QA … would be by far more interesting than “do you have plans to remove the credits for gold feature” …

  16. Notice the player is getting lag the entire time before he was shooting, so where his tank actually was, and the aim of it was entirely off. The shells you see were client side, the server side ones were probably going off into the horizon.

    This isn’t the bug they are talking about.