Megafactories: Wargaming

Hello everyone,

as was reported before by many people, including WG producer Slava Makarov and Overlord, Wargaming recently appeared (will appear, depends on your timezone) on the National Geographic show “Ultimate Factories“.

Now, in order to watch it, you have to have National Geographic in the first place. Here (Czech Republic), it’s a part of some cable bundles and whatnot. Some regions don’t have access to it whatsoever.

So, you are interested in this show, but can’t access it? How terrible. Luckily for you, “someone” uploaded the English part on the internet. You can download it here. It’s an interesting show, enjoy!

36 thoughts on “Megafactories: Wargaming

  1. Deus, I am sorry but there is a specific reason it got reuploaded: because sharing torrents might get a site blacklisted and cause other sorts of trouble for both me and Edrard (he owns it).

  2. They talk such balls on the programs voice over. “…in real factories parts were forged from molten steel…” WTF.

  3. every time the narrator mentioned the word ‘hostory’ or ‘historycal accuracy’ I died a little bit inside.
    My corpses are buried in a huge cemetery now.

  4. It was an interesting watch. Had to filter out a lot of the BS spewed out by the narrator, but it did answer some questions I had about how WG do their work.

    Btw, that tropical map was beautiful. Shame it presumably got axed.

  5. Thx who ever uploaded the link to Uloz(was the original recording by any chance Danish btw ?) , Very very nice, since i dont have acces to the channel normally.

  6. Say what you will about how certain tanks perform in this game – this showed some fairly interesting insight into how this game builds upon itself and I found it fairly impressive. Thanks for the heads up, I enjoyed it.


  7. Yeah, some WG propaganda, nothing interesting.

    Saying that historical accuraccy is of utmost importance… yeah, sure.

    And that balance guy, who says it’s important to make every tank equal, not worse or better than others… Huge LOL. Even SerB admitted that he doesn’t give a shit about the fact that most of the tanks are useless in meta and most players just pass through them as fast as possible.

    And, of course, there wasn’t even a single word about WG’s competitors – even when they talked about World of Warplanes :).

    PR bullshit, nothing more.