US giftshop fail: false advertising

Hello everyone,

fails are not restricted to EU server but sometimes appear on the US server guys. This is about the “Hunter’s Weekend” gift shop bundles. The state of the offer from yesterday:


and the prices in the shop itself:


Wargaming NA then stealthchanged the Hunter’s Weekend gift shop offer by increasing the prices to match the higher gift shop ones. Real smooth business tactic, Wargaming.

19 thoughts on “US giftshop fail: false advertising

  1. That’s why I am gonna pay them even for 1 piece of gold. Fail after fail with weekend specials, languages issues, ESL shit with promoting Russian teams and so on.

  2. There is one question by me btw.
    When will vk4502 (p) ausf. B replaced by protomaus or was it scrapped?

  3. Anyone else notice on EU side of this special the E-25 (amongst others) is mentioned to be 30% off but in the premium shop it is only 22% off…

    • Apparently the garage slot is not included in the discount according to Obirion on the forums….bit cheeky.

  4. They could get sued for false advertisement… WG is really beginning to bug me with there stupid errors

  5. Everyone should know the ONLY way to buy anything is this game is to get the $100 (US) gold pack, and wait for discounted items in-game. I have never NEVER once seen prices lower than buying things this way, whether premium account time, tanks, camo, consumables, or anything else.

    The “gift shop” is a ruse for idiots that can’t do math!

    Gold is 250/$1
    ISU-122-44 is regularly 6750 gold, or $27 dollars.
    It is currently 30% off, which makes it 4725 gold or $18.90
    Add two days of premium time, which is the equivalent of 134 gold or .54 cents.
    Add a on sale garage slot 150 gold or .60 cents.

    18.90+.54+.60 = $20.04

    $20.04 if you buy it all on sale OR
    $23.49 from the gift shop…

    This is how EVERY SINGLE FUCKING sale from the gift shop goes. It is all a fucking scam to cheat people that can’t afford to buy $100 worth of gold at once essentially a poor tax. It is EVIL, and it really makes me not like WG. People should not be punished financially for being poor.

    • Exactly right. WG really is punishing people for being either short-sighted or not having the ability/not wanting to buy the $100 package. I’m pretty appalled at how they do business in many cases, and have refused to buy anything from them for quite some time now. WG has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are one of the shadiest companies to still be doing business in the video game industry, all because people simply can’t stop falling all over themselves to waste their paychecks to get the latest OP internet tank.