“Wot 9.0 leak”? Fake!

I thought I wouldn’t have to post this, but after this shit appears over and over on US and EU forums and I recieved like 15 mails with this, I just want to make one thing clear:

This blog post:


is full of FAIL, I don’t know who makes that blog, but it’s an idiot or a troll, it’s completely made up or mashed together from scraps from FTR. Especially the “Chinese leak” changes are complete crap (the “Chinese” part appeared – and was debunked – months ago).

Please stop reposting it.

Thank you.

25 thoughts on ““Wot 9.0 leak”? Fake!

  1. Yeah, and I was afraid that the already a bit underpowered IS-7 will get nerfed, again lol.

    Thanks for clearing it out :D

    • Being the paranoid individual that I am I only trust information from proper sources.

      Take FTR as an example, when I ventured here for the first time at the very beginning of the blog I took everything that was posted here (or better to say on the old blog) with a grain of salt until it got substantiated by official information.

      FTR has proven to be reliable by now, so I don’t double-check all information anymore before telling others about it.

      Long story short:
      Only believe things when they’re official or posted by reliable sources that aren’t stating each other as sources. (And even then I still only fully believe in what I see myself)

      • Yeah, I understand.

        Thing is, someone linked that on our facebook clan page, saying it could be true.

        I knew it these changes wouldn’t happen, because they were ridiculous.

        Just saying it would be terrible if it actually happened :D

        • Same happened to mine . Translated it and it looks ridiculous ..
          Eg : IS-7 need a nerf and IS-4 having a better gun than IS-7 ? Lol nope.

    • your right blood feather the sooner the is 7 gets a 10 round auto loader the better…… :)

    • Seriously? nerf T-57?? increase its reload time and decrease HP?? WG must be crazyy for doing that? this is totally fake…i still trust SS info,leaks,news…

  2. When I saw it yesterday I knew it, that it was a hoax, stolen outdated infos from FTR, other rumors and some fake bullshit. The sad thing is that Jingles and Highflyer trusted it…

  3. Hm, it was obviously that it was fake!
    Btw. If foch would get such Nerf, it would be useless as shit

  4. God, I was gonna say. If it was real and my 50B was getting nerfed speed wise, I would have written a strongly worded letter to WG.

    Oh wait, forgot that I will get back a “Your opinion is very important to us” and a “How Terrible”

  5. Figured as much, many of those changes just didn’t make sense.

    >S-70 on IS-4- wouldn’t realistically speaking even fit, at least without crippling comfort, and is no better than the M62-T2 unless buffed
    >T110E5 beak from 254mm to 264mm- still going to bounce standard rounds and get penetrated by gold, and in terms of measurements, it does’t make sense (because it’s formed by overlap of the 140mm UFP and 114mm LFP)
    >IS-7 autoloader with derpy penetration- doesn’t fir the rest of the line, and the real autoloader just increased general RoF instead of providing a quick burst

    And so on…

  6. I’m not surprised at all.
    “worldoftanks-wot.com” is also the site that steals mods from people without their permission…

  7. ” it’s completely made up or mashed together from scraps from FTR. ”

    Mostly the second, and I feel like you’re more angry that they stole your work than anything else.

    Rather than just flaming it, why don’t you point out the fallacies?

    Anger leads to hate, hate leads to the dark side. You are better than that.

    • Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
      Through passion, I gain strength.
      Through strength, I gain power.
      Through power, I gain victory.
      Through victory, my chains are broken.
      The Force shall free me.

  8. Harbour Attacks:

    Back when I played NavyField (a naval game where you had to manually control the angles of your cannons) you would have 4 harbours on the map. you would hold ladder competitions clan vs clan and when you felt strong enough you could declare an attack on an harbour. When you did that you would have to fight a sequal of battles against the owner to get access to the harbour and then you would get a final grand battle to control the harbour itself.

    The owner of the harbour would get some ingame benefits like free repairs of ship of a certain nation and the option to get premium ships for a limited amount of times.

    In my opinion I think Harbour Battles is WGs attempt to allow clans to fight over harbours to get gold or other benefits on top of standard open sea battles.

    • Ahhhh another ex NFer… yes I suspect it will either be WoWs version of clan wars similiar to NF or it could be something like company battles or something else again. But either way Im definately looking forward to seeing how WoWs turns out