8.10 – KTTS/ASAP magazine (Russian)

Hello everyone,

since I am not sure how fast the English version of ASAP will there be, here’s it in Russian, with translations and comments:



This time it’s with Stanislav “Veider” Kargin. In 8.10 there will be Japanese tanks and reworked maps. Here we can see the reworked El Halluf (with a hill in the middle)


- all Japanese tanks will have good mobility and good rate of fire, but not as high calibers as those on other tanks of same tier
- Japanese tanks will have good depression (-15 on average):


- the top tier STB-1 tanks has some pecularities, but in general it resembles the Leopard 1, it will have a very tough turret – around the mantlet the armor will be cca 240mm thick, it’s mobile and it will be capable of hulldown
- Japanese medium tanks will have good mobility, good depression, good guns but poor armor
- all Japanese tanks are based on real life vehicles, built either in series, or as prototypes
- the developers started developing Historical battles already, Japanese will be there too
- Karelia was reworked, it is more flat now, added more cover in the middle and changed the camping spots
- Mines were somewhat reworked, especially a part of the rock near the village:





- Steppes were also reworked (one side had advantage when coming to the eastern lower side, this was levelled)
- graphics were changed too (different fog, lighting, cloud shadows – watch the video, hard to describe
- in Mission window, event discounts will be shown as missions
- added the penetrability of destructible object with penetration loss
- in upcoming patches, gameplay and improved graphic features will be added, for example turrets being ripped off:


- other parts like boxes etc will get ripped off tanks by fire too

40 thoughts on “8.10 – KTTS/ASAP magazine (Russian)

  1. Interested to see how the Mines rework will work out. Maybe tanks with armor or turret armor will enjoy that area

    • Damn… really liked that corner. Especially when its me and 2 ally tanks are holding that area.

    • Better than nothing.
      The base hills seems to be flattened a little though…
      Guess we need to play on the maps to find out.

  2. I’d like more if they optimize the game rather than adding more pretty looking effects. Worst frame rates in BF4:
    37. Worst frame rates in WoT: 16. Get yo shit together WG.

  3. once the turret is ripped off, will it be solid object?
    it could create interesting situations, like if you rip the turret of the maus on sacred walley and it blocks the valley completely
    and what if it lands on someone? like a light tank circling him, detonating the ammorack …. getting smacked under like 60 tons of burning hot steel?

    • SerB has said long time ago that he’d very much like the turret to be solid, let’s hope he got what he wanted.

    • If the turret will be solid like when the tanks is “alive”, what will happen to gun? I believe that a lot of WoT players think that the guns weren’t solid in real life ‘;)

    • Better yet, Maus blows something up, then uses the victim’s turret to cover its lower plate and become invinci-Maus. Until someone loads HEAT and starts spewing it through the Maus’ turret face anyway.

      I would very much like to see the light-tank-go-smush situation that you describe. LT kills a heavy, stops to taunt him, BAM, pancake :v

    • Turret has been confirmed to be solid and will cause falling/ramming damage, details will be disclosed later.

    • Hah i was just about to say the same thing, then i saw your comment! xD Yeah thats insane! Isn’t that the same depression the Dicker Max and the Sturer Emil get? O.o Hill fighting and uneven terrain will be the Japanese tanks’ greatest playgrounds now…

  4. Yay, they’re finally changing the boring piece of crap that is El Halluf.

    I really don’t get why they removed Dragon Ridge from the game, yet left El Halluf in. It has the same issues that they supposedly removed DR for.

  5. -15 gun depression, there is so much new positions to fire from… :)

    Tank wrecks without turrets are very good spot for hulldown positions for several stronk tenks, they can hide hull completedly. Russian and Murica heavies will love this.

    • I thing SS screwed up on that one. its +15 average ELEVATION. Its sadly impossible theese tanks have -15 gun depression.