No flags on Chinese server

Hello everyone,

an interesting piece of information. Did you know that the Chinese WoT server doesn’t use real national flags, like all the others do? This is according to Daigensui because of the fact that it’s illegal to use real life flags in China, unless you are reenacting. So, instead of the regular flags, they use this:


(from above: UK, China, America, Germany, France). On this video (thanks to T__A for posting), you can see it in a bit more detail. Also, the icons can be seen here on the webpages of Chinese WoT.


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        • Except that the rainbows aren’t real, you’re the only person who’s actually at the party, with the location being your room and your imagined guests being various objects in it, and the tea is actually battery acid. The cocaine’s still real though. XD

      • HAHA , Type 59 is openly available in game store in China .
        Do You Know How Many Type59s Ever Be Sold in past 2 years in china?

        MORE THAN 600 thousands !!!

    • Says as if Hong Kong is a SEA-country. Anyone in east-asia has access to SEA sever if they want. Commercial agents need to obey laws in their country and the situaltions are quite different there.

      • Anyone in anyplace is basically able to access to any server if they wanted to (eg: Hong Kong people access to Russian server). Most people in Mainland China, however, can only access to Chinese server. They just don’t have the freedom to. That’s why Hong Kong is different from the Mainland China in terms of this.

        • No,不懂别乱讲 in we mainland china, people can access to SEA server completely freely, not like facebook . Main land people seldom go to SEA sever just because of Language Barrier and high Ping delay.

      • China has something called “The Great Firewall” that prevents such things from occurring.

        • As far as i knows the so called “great firewall” blocks youtube, facebook and twitter. And i actually played on US west sever when i spent 1 month in China this summer. The only thing that matters is the 200+ ping, but that’s quite common for long range networks.

  1. So that’s why Chinese server is independent.
    So much things to take care about… And I thought that EU is strange because you can’t add Medal of great tankers.

      • Yeah. I always find that quite stupid, but well I can understand people who don’t want to see that.

        • I’m personally French but I have over the years come over to more of an American take on freedom of expression ; that people can say what they want and if people disagree they can criticize. I’m also a child of the Internet, so I’ve seen my share of terrible outrageous things.

          And I can empathize with Jews or Polish people being offended by representation of Stalin and Hitler ; but they are people of that era, and you can’t really recreate it without recreating them. And not all people will celebrate them, just use their names and image because they are emblematic. Not counting the majority who don’t give a badger’s kneecap.

          If you expect power to always cater to your likings, that’s how you end up with blasphemy laws. But eh, that’s how things are here.

    • Nah, Communist Law prevents any company from other country to run their game without a ‘Local Partner’, in another word ‘We will handle this’.
      I believe WG wanna run their server themselves, but as u can see…

      • Why? Everyone knows Chinese rulers suck. Isn’t that why China whines that Taiwan belongs to them even though it doesnt?

        • Taiwan does not belong to China?

          Who are you to say…
          Fyi, the only difference is political.

      • Why show manners? He’s absolutely right. China has one of the absolute worst totalitarian regimes in the world and nobody bats an eye because coastal China produces $3 trillion of goods annually.

        • NO OFFENCE, but I find a pile of BULLSHIT above here. Thx for telling me the “truth” billguncrash and may the holy US liberates all “evil” countries on this earth and conquers all races in the world. Gonna watch what they will do to the Slavonics and east-Asians when Russia and China no longer exist as imaginary enemy countries. Ah, forget u “evil European capitalist”, turn in all ur bloody cash and we Great US will probably still offer u some “friendship”.

    • Money, ladies and gentlemen, money. Not justice, politics or military power. Money makes our world move. PLC can do whatever they damn well please within their borders, and will continue to do so, as long as they have USA and half the world by the economical short and curlies.

      Keep paying WG. Or just stop, and see them topple.

  2. According to both video and chinese “wiki”, you made a mistake in the article. The second flag from above is actually the USSR one. T-28 and A-20 have that flag at the beginning of the video. WZ-111 has just the “eu star” of USSR. Chinese is not present in the techtree as it was on eu server when only premiums were present.
    Kind of weird.

  3. Humm……
    That’s not really a problem for Chinese players, but the Type 59 flood and tier8 premium WZ111 with 300mm pen HEAT make tier 8 battles much more horrible than any other sever.

  4. Poor Chinese, they can’t even have youtube and the WoT they get is a mass

    S Department, Y Series? lol

    • 不稀罕你youtube煞笔,

      小爷我们有优酷 土豆 比你特么youtube有用多了

      就好像我们不用made in American也能生活下去

      你们? 不用made in china 一天都活不下去的煞笔老外

      • 用中文寫幹啥?怕人看?


        • 不扇你个banana几耳光你就不会清醒。抱歉中国粮食综合自给率95%以上,中国又不是没有被贸易制裁过也没见中国人饿死。没有美国,也有欧日韩澳购买中国工业产品,地球离了美国照样转,别把自己当一回事。中国人只能看见党让我们看的东西?难道那些用VPN翻过大防火墙去看youtube的中国人是空气啊?你知道在中国用翻墙软件突破互联网限制从古至今都是不违法的吗?你就生活在意淫里吧,你肯定不知道贴吧上铺天盖地转载的外媒新闻和微博上吵翻天的公知/五毛/美分/。中国个人PC数量超过2亿,网民数量超过5亿,早就进化出了独立的舆论生态。看兄台优越感十足的无知样估计你穷的连机票都买不起从来没来过中国吧?继续意淫吧,连内地视频网站都进不去的可怜虫。

          • 為什麼還要翻牆呢?不就是黨不要中國人看某些東西嗎?不違法你以為就不受到懲罰嗎?憲法都成了廢紙你還說違法不違法。

            別說太具體,本來edward zeng也沒有那麼認真。他連歐美都分不清,好像FTR是老美的網站。


            • 呵呵,你不懂就不要装懂,浏览被墙的东西既不违法也不会受到惩罚,看是随便看的,只要你在行为上没有参加反政府活动就是绝对安全的。(包括骂党也是安全的,内地的百度上我随便就可以给你找出一个喜欢骂党的论坛 或者 在我们国家什么言论安全什么言论会招致危险,比较复杂,不太容易解释,但是绝对和大部分外国人想象中的是不同的) 打个比方,你去下载色情影片,警察管不到你(如果警察因为这个理由处罚你,你可以去投诉),除非你去传播散布色情的东西,警察才可以处罚你———倒是在你的国家,下载保存盗版MP3,浏览儿童色情,即使仅仅偷偷自己看,不去散播这些东西,照样可以被起诉的。

      • Your opinion is very important to the rest of us.


    • (╯‘□′)╯ ┻━┻Poor chinese or Poor world outside ? so many arrogant ignorant foreigners NEVER KNOW that there is ANOTHER BIG WORLD on this planet. This world is called China Internet World. That world is built by over 500 MILLION users using a entirely different language汉字. That world has its own youtube,facebook,twitter google and so on. In that world, many companies provide Completely free antivirus program and many other utility software and network disk of 2GB or more and so on(because of so many users ,they can just live on billions of clicks), AND, in that world, sharing is not illegal , you can watch movies ,download MP3 , crack games compeletely freely,without being afraid of being accused ——— so , Poor chinese or Poor world outside ?? it must be poor world outside. BECAUSE we chinese know the world outside very much, But you the world outside know little about China

  5. Fellas,something r wrong…
    the second flag is soviet’s flag,the Chinese one is only a red block,just like the blood…
    and they don’t call the tank trees by their original country’s name,they call them like..
    Chinese – C series
    German – D series
    American – M series
    British – Y series
    French – F series
    Soviet – S Series
    Japan – R series
    and all is from their Chinese pronunciation….
    I’m Chinese and I want to say that Chinese government sucks.

    • Already reported but not corrected.
      I wonder why they just didn’t took the on-vehicule symbols in the other clients (wot wiki ones). French and British look very dumb, like some Comic sans MS style icon.

    • 煞笔滚回家艹你全家好么?

      I’m Chinese and I want to say that Chinese government sucks.

      没当年的韩战 现在你全家都是美帝的狗 煞笔

    • Isn’t Puerto Rico a de facto American colony? … ups, we’re not supposed to point out that the USA is still a colonial superpower in the 21st century… sorry.

      • If you are expecting angry Americans to backlash with unintelligent patriotic retaliations, you aren’t getting reinforced.

        Not all of us are dumb. We know very well that we are a colonial power, and we don’t really care. I can’t argue with facts.

      • The technical term is “Protectorate”, as they still have their own government, their own currency (though the US dollar is used as well) and they’re not subject to US Federal Law. If they were a colony/territory that wouldn’t be the case.

        Which doesn’t explain Guantanamo Bay (which is technically part of Cuba but belongs to the US), but still…

        Yeah, it’s a sketchy system.

        • Wrong. Puerto Rico is part of the United States. Puerto Ricans are American citizens, they use the US dollar as their sole currency, and all Federal laws apply. It has the same level of autonomy as a state although it lacks the corresponding presidential vote and voting representation in Congress which is why some use the colony term. Think of it as somewhere in between a colony and a state, it is a sort of hybrid of both under Law 600 of 1952.

          For what it’s worth in November 2012 Puerto Ricans voted by 61% to become a full member of the United States … less than 5% voted for independence.

  6. And we are complaining about EU. Just look at Chinese server. Loads of Type59′s, loads of WZ-111′s, bunch of p2win elements, and flags look like from a bloody cartoon….we can be all thankful we are not playing on rice-eating server.

      • the 2nd line is the translation of the line above…lol
        And, Google translate wont do the job for u this time since Chinese is much more complicate than it knows.
        but cant help stop laughing……OMG hahahahahaha…….

  7. All hail the glorious benevolent state that protects us from… uhh… seeing foreign flags! And seeing swastikas! And smoking pot! All hail the glorious benevolent state!

    • they have it obviously……rofl plz stay ignorant about China as if they r still a WWII country

      • Oh they do? Why isn’t there a screenshot or a proper Fraps video, but instead a weird cellphone video?

        And what does it have to do with WWII time? Really odd point.
        I have several Chinese friends and my knowledge of China goes beyond facts about WoT and satellite topics. Does yours?

        • The reason is: the video and pics are definitely taken from some gameshow in China or whatever it is. If u ARE just a game fans, not a journalist, u wont be allowed to do other things on the game test PC except testing the game, eg. sending screenshoots or FRAPS videos to SNS. Thus, the source provider used his own cellphone to take some quick shots(oh is that allowed? IDK. ask what WG did to the European super testers ). Is that clear enough, dear friend?
          cant help laughing hahahaha…

  8. 真鸡巴看不得,连你特么开个FTR blog也要黑china?

    中国有啥对不起你们这逼老外了? 杀了你全家? 侵略你们家园?


    没中国二战用生命拖日本 你特么太平洋战役打个鸡巴球

  9. to the FTR author
    plz dele this fkin shitty post about taunt CHINA

    As a chinese, we are not the best in the world now, but we will not afraid against ur shit POST

    if u continue post about any taunt, remember CHINESE people will spam on ur BLOG until u make a apologize to us

    • Dude… I am Chinese and I don’t feel insulted at all… This post is in no way ‘taunting’. It is only stating a fact. If you read the whole post carefully you will see that SS in no way whatsoever ‘taunted’ the Chinese server… Please get your facts right and stop being a disgrace of the Chinese race…

      • this POST make people comment so many discriminates to china

        is that author wants happen? FINE , keep post irony about china and let the people keep spam shit about “CHINA is sucks”.

          • Wow… so with all the European Server Fails posted SS the Europeans must be raging by now. Picking up pitchforks and tracking down SS. Have you seen a single person spam? And also, this is because of the Chinese government, not the Chinese people, so I do not see why this would be ‘spamming shit to China’. If you can’t stand this don’t read FTRs. No one cares if you leave. For the spammers SS can easily ban them. Simple as that.
            Have some humor and etiquette… And Seriously… Stop humiliating the rest of the Chinese people…

            • ah yes this “edward zeng” guy fails at trolling even, look at how great he says China is, then posts with anglicized given name. We also see from his posts in chinese on an english-language site that he’s trying to maintain internal discipline against “western liberalism” or something; must be a paid spammer. Ban him and any others like him asap.

              • You don’t know what happened at all , The link of this SS‘ Post has been posted on China’s biggest WOT Forum (, that WOT forum has over 400thousdand registered member . Only a little bit of us with totally different opinion and views see and come. That’s the reason why here are many new strangers

    • SS:
      Plz, I mean PLEASE. Perm BAN THIS IDOIT.
      Im chinese, and i feel sorry about this…will, shitty dude.
      If this kind of stuff keep happening, just Perm Ban them.
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      Thank you.

  10. LMAO! Y bother to post such a thread, since it’s illegal to use RL flag in China?
    I don’t see the point of the thread and y people are arguing about this? Then some random Chinese Netizens’ spamming here?
    I can see what might happen… Chinese symbol and replies flood in?
    I guess it’s better to delete all those posts before things get

    BTW, Some guys really need to mind their words to be honest, poor educated Chinese people are very easily to be offended. And I do suggest don’t comment on somewhere or something u don’t familiar with.