WG EU fail: Useless “winter surprise”

Hello everyone,

so, you like tanks, don’t you? We all do. That’s why we all play World of Tanks. So, Wargaming EU advertises this really nice event, where every day, you get a different bonus discount in the gift shop. Actually, that’s a nice idea. To buy something useful for World of Tanks?

So, want gold on sale for World of Tanks? Or perhaps a new tank to have fun with? Well fuck you, here’s a plane for WoWp.


Seriously, what the hell? Why put something as completely useless for WoT as a plane in a WoT event? This stuff should remain on WoWp portal, I don’t want any of that shit. You know how this feels? It feels like WoWp is such a failure they have to SHOVE it down the throat of WoT players. So, who had this retarded idea?

Oh, wait, we actually know, who had it.


Translation of the part where Karlie replies on Crabtr33′s post, in which he claims that community team does not design bonus events:

Sorry to disappoint you… a part of the Christmas offer (the event calendar) was designed by me for example, so the community team participates in it significantly.

There you have it, black on white. Now you know, who comes up with these brilliant ideas…

62 thoughts on “WG EU fail: Useless “winter surprise”

  1. This is so wonderful. If it isnt moronic enough we have to wait till about 10, 11, 12 AM for the webpage to refresh to a new day event special, we get this crap -.-

    I guess they got not enough players at WoWP -.- Fail after fail, as always…. I guess WG employees start working at around 2 pm in Paris since the webpage isn’t even refreshed till then.

    • I think, that War Thunder is just million times better than wowp!
      Im not interested in both but i keep a look at WT.

  2. If you look @ WoWP Client on the “EU Cluster” you will see that at primetime there are only 3-5k Players Online. Thats nothing compared to WoT.

    • thats the exact same reason why they make this promotion.

      WoWp is dead in the tracks, they only got people playing for premium days for WoT, havent touched it ever since.

      Not to mention balance it totaly f****, BnZ rules all day every day and half the nations are completely useless.

  3. “You know how this feels? It feels like WoWp is such a failure they have to SHOVE it down the throat of WoT players. So, who had this retarded idea?”

    Reminds me of Youtube and Google+

    • Yes and it annoys me >:|
      it feels like they are begging me to play WoWp…
      WG, if your game doesn’t shine(see what i did there? Because planes and over the clouds and sun and….see? your game is as lame as my “pun”), even offers will not save it :P

      • Look the brighter side, they could be adding those punny WoP stuff into WoT Bundles… like buy a tank AND a plane…. I hope they wont read this, or someone at WG might find it a good idea.

  4. WoWP will be pushed and pushed and if it come out that less than 50% of the offers are WoWP then we will have done well. These one day offers are usless because you don’t know if on of the the next days offers are going to be better – its designed to hype up the christmas frenzy.

    Before you ask, I am a miserable old fart.

  5. Ok, its a bit more now:
    WoT has 152k Players Online
    WoWP has now 7,6k Players Online… its still nothing. :)

  6. Planes have nothing to do on a WorldofTANKS homepage.. if i cant use it in WOT that is..

  7. Just got a small urge to play WarThunder from this special.. Thanks WG going to play that tonight..

  8. “You know how this feels? It feels like WoWp is such a failure they have to SHOVE it down the throat of WoT players. So, who had this retarded idea?”

    100% agree, this seems to be the main reason for this “event”.

  9. nice, airplane in world of tanks :D

    Wargaming, should offer golden eagles for War Thunder tomorrow.

  10. Well, to be fair to them (I know, hard concept), they did advertise it on the WoWP portal as well. http://worldofwarplanes.eu/en/news/3/winter-surprise-1/
    Today anyway…. Ya, lame.

    And it >IS< a unified gift shop. So will have WoWS stuff in there in a year or so.

    Is the problem that it was advertised as a WoT special then "HI! – have a plane!"? Would it have gone down better if it had been equally promoted on both portals as a WG special?

    Now if they could just make the same bundles of gold/cr's avail in both games. Unlike say the -2500 gold; – 1 500 000 credits in World of Warplanes. vs the – 2 500 gold; – 2 500 000 credits or – 1 500 gold; – 1 500 000 credits in World of Tanks.

    Though honestly, they just need to friggen go to a flat rate, scaleable, gold purchase and get rid of the value added BS (if I want CR's I'll convert gold). $1usd = 250 gold, just like the RU server. Want to run a special/sale, give us more gold for the same buck. They would do far better IMO with micro transactions. I know I'm an impulse buyer, I'll pick up $5 or $10 gold here and there if avail at a decent (ie. $1/250) rate where I won't so much a $50 or $100 package.

    • p.s. Plus, for those of us with overseer’s. $5 or $10 here and there is far far easier to justify. $100 at once just causes too much wife aggro. :p

  11. You know, they should have focused on WoWs instead as there is no competition in that genre.
    There are plenty of good and mediocre aerial combat games out there which support multiplayer but I don’t know of any naval combat games which do the same, except for NavyFields which is like 10 years old.

    • Ayup. They would have dominated the ship “market” like they have dominated tanks. I mean, WoWP is ok, I like it, but tanks is more my thing. And ships will be (hoping anyway) awesome.

  12. Aerial combat is boring. WG’s advertising attempts don’t annoy me, they simply mean nothing to me. This combined with the great buildup for underwhelming specials results in me no longer even batting an eyebrow when they announce anything. No point in even going to their portal anymore, I just come here.

  13. Sorry guys but this hysterical ranting over something so small? I mean – is there nothing really important happening? Something like falling rice sacks in china perhaps?

    They promote “the other game that nobody plays” in “the game that everybody plays”?

    I have to Quote the wise sage SerB: HOW TERRIBLE! ah… and:

    *Smiley face* “Smiley face* *Smiley face*

  14. WOWP actually full sucks i actually went back on and played it to see if it changed NOPE it still sucked its not even funny. War thunder makes WOWP look like a little low budget indie game you find on the Xbox live marketplace.

    • WoWp was outsourced to a nice studio Persha, but i’m sorry they failed….
      you can’t shove a game down people throats and expect them to play it? players just walk away…even if they pay WoT premium i can’t touch it sorry…

      WG should focus on the 1 game that made them = World of Tanks period.

  15. WG is giving us some indications that they will merge WoT and WoWP into one game :P
    P.S. @Karlie Tits or GTFO

      • I know. And they would need to be amazingly stupid to do that and kill their own golden goose(WoT) :P I was just kidding/trolling :)

  16. I think they read chieftain’s post about fail design on tanks where they literally want to put wings on tanks and the result, a bright .. err dim idea came to their head which came up to this not so great idea. Well their brain goes bananas.

  17. This is what you get with unified accounts. Keep the apples with the apples and the oranges with the oranges. Both of these games don’t mix. And if all ya”ll think the WoWP offers are bad now, just wait later on in the future for when they push the WoWS on you too.

  18. WoWP is actually pretty cool. I’ve been playing since Alpha and it has come a hell of a long way. Right now it is way more fun to play than WoT even with the smaller server population and December is going to see patch 1.1.0 released which should tweak some things we’ve been complaining about since launch (BnZ dominance, etc)

    Sure, WoWP has a low population right now. The launch for the game has been pretty soft. Check MetaCritic and you’ll see it’s mostly only been reviewed by EU websites (It’s gotten mostly positive reviews though). It feels like the WoWP NA/EU crew are doing a poor job of promoting their game (Look at the Thanksgiving Specials, etc). Hopefully WG will take notice and give them a stern talking to.

    I get the feeling most of the people here moaning about it haven’t played it or played months ago in beta/alpha or they’re WT nuts (Who, for some reason, simply can’t enough of posting about how awful WoWP supposedly is, almost as if it’s a second job to them or they feel realllly insecure how how “awesme” WT is).

  19. GJ karlie. Luckily I had the pleasure to penetrate you in battle several times and the last one finishes you off.
    Keep those planes off my battlefield of tanks, please!

  20. This seems to me is a minor issue. They should do something about these lags. Still EU2 has 140ms while EU1 has 30ms.