Storm asks about “inconvenient” tanks


Hello everyone,

Storm made recently a post, where he is asking, which tanks are so called “cactus tanks”, eg. tanks that are generally nasty and difficult to play. It’s mostly a feedback topic (players write, Storm reads). Russian players write mostly the “usual suspects”: A20, M3 Lee (strange thing, I actually had fun with it), A-44, SU-100M, SU-101, M7 Medium, T21, AMX40. T7 Combat Car got a lot of heat because of its low penetration.

Actually the opinions seem quite diverse, some players think T-43 is bad for example. One guy wrote “E75″. Odd. Personally, the worst tank I have ever played is the stock Sturer Emil, I just couldn’t make it work. Free XP’d it to the 128mm, then it got better. When it comes to T-54, I just can’t make it work. Not sure why.

From the discussion, only one thing: the turret repair mechanism for turretted TD’s was not removed (SS: it’s just the new Germans have it bugged)

And what about you? What vehicles do you hate the most?

Or, if you are interested, Overlord is asking: which vehicle do you LIKE the most?

182 thoughts on “Storm asks about “inconvenient” tanks

    • The GC is a good tank once you have the 32 pounder. The depression is good too.
      But, by god, the stock gun is completely worthless at t6.

          • i know what was trying to say, if you go through the ht line and gc you get the at7 FULLY STOCK, which is another pain in the ass if you dont have free xp to skip few cannons.

            but even a fully equipped gc sucks badly is the french v39 bis

            • GC its absolutely pain in the ass, togeder with m3 lee and a20, never play a44, su100m its nice tank, su101 its ok, m7 its awesome tank, m21 its ok and amx 40 litle bad, but the worst for me its 100% churchill GC, compared with everthing else in tier6 TD its very bad, very big, very slow, turn slow, shit armor, shit cammo value, just have gun, but for what i need 220 pen in ter6 with such turn time that i need “2 hours” to make a damn shot.

    • I agree by far the worst tanking experience I have had. AND I have had several hundred. THE Church GC. Lousy gun fixed in place with a big “hit me in the face sign attached to it.

      Side note: I agree with your viewpoints SS Fix the home problems first then the rest of the world.

      • Giving money to Czech veterans is fine, they need the help.
        Giving money to African former child soldiers? They should be able to get money for themselves.

        • LOl Local first is not an inhumane concept its practical.DO you really think a government dishonest enough to have child soldiers will be kind enough to let them have money. LOl Naive. A country that doesn’t care about its children doesn’t care about its former soldiers

    • I personally think that every line should have a lemon tank or two. the grind is more interesting learning how to play a tank that is inferior versus a mega tank or a crud load of “vanilla tanks one after another. The T1 Heavy is more fun for the torture you go through the Lee (I liked it but I cant good at it). THE Church GC is a good punishment for a fairly decent td line of the Brits. The T-54 is an acquired skill one that I have one game and not the next three. They make the game frustrating but playable not boring and searching for something more fun.

      ALso, Pleas e Serb and WoT devs stop tryign to fill out every branch of every tree make some with incomplete treess adn make longer playing/ research to reach the next one that happens.

    • Oh boy that thing is absolutely rank, baad bad tank. It’s somewhat decent with the final gun but wouldn’t get my hopes up. It’s big, unarmored, slow. You’d think the depression is good(and it is) but the GC is so tall that your upper casemate(80mm flat armor) is gonna show before your gun comes over the ridge. You can’t 1shot anything and when(not if) you’re spotted, you can’t back up fast enough not to get horribly murdered.
      It’s basically just an opportunist, making you hold your shots until you have a decent chance of dealing the killing blow on something :(.

      As for M3 lee and M7 medium…dunno why they get so much heat, I liked both of’em quite a lot.

  1. SU-101. SU-100M1 was actually quite alright. But the SU-101 takes the cake of worst T8 tank in game, I can’t think of a bigger pile of w*nk.

      • Stock Tiger is fine, I played it before the L70 was buffed and it got on alright. The ARL is kinda crappy but I still think the SU-101 takes the prize of the worst T8 tank in game.

      • SU-101 is much worse. @stock even worse than stock Tiger 1v1
        every damn stick under ur front wheels will make you look up so you cant even hit the enemy at all. That Su was designed to fight against 1000m+ on open and FLAT field. not on hills or in citys with non existens armor.

        The only chance u have in 101 are enemys TOTALLY ignoring you.
        By far the worst tank ever played. -2° depression. 14° Arc. just a bad joke.

        ARL39 was quite fun to play. compared to the 101 it has at least some pretty nasty Alpha at his Tier. no chance against higher Tiers ofc. but not as useless as 101 on T8

    • Wat? I had TONS OF FUN with it! Excellent machine, fast, agile and with a great gun. I even thought about leaving it in the garage for random trolling, but needed the crew and the slot.

  2. The A-44 is amazing with the top gun, best T7 medium imo. you have to work around its bad gun depression which ppl aren’t used to and don’t let them see your sides as its constantly ammo racked. (maybe a little too much if they wanted to buff something)

    • haha good joke…

      best T7 right now is the buffed Panther, 8° gun depression with good gun (although low damage). Right behind follows the T34-1, Troll turret, same gameplay as T44 or T34-2 and quite good gun.

      Side scraping on the A44 only gets you so far, the armor is to weak to do it effectively. 175mm guns have a 50/50 chance to penetrate you, then again who shoot the sides, the turret is paper and all auto aiming noobs will shot there automatically.

      Also the gun sucks for a medium, the damage and pen is quite ok, but the aim time just kills it. A mediums first weapon is its agility, this is taken away by the gun.

    • isnt that great, aimtime is really long, but at least kicks harder than the rest of the mids.

      i didnt played it a lot but i didnt get ammoracked once.

      • A-44 would be really great if not the ridiculously low engine hitpoints. I get it DESTROYED every seconnd battle. If the engine is intact the tank is really cool – fast, agile, can ding sometimes and has TWO great guns – I really enjoyed it with the 57mm ZIS, but 107mm is better after all.

    • I couldn’t get the A 44 to work. Only tank I ever rage sold; after about 24 games and 22% win rate. Very inaccurate, long aim time, no depression. The engine is always getting destroyed leaving you a sitting duck to be focused fired and die. Side scrapping did seem to work either.

      • Same trouble here. I managed to have good stats with it (60 battles, 70% WR, 1580 DMG/battle) but I truly hated that bloody thing and rage sold it. Non existing armor (Stug III can slice you no problem), constant engine damage along with tracks and fire, no depression and terrible, terrible gun. If it had 400 alpha and longer reload it could work, but 300 is not that great because:
        you come out and aim – enemy turns at you, aims, shoot, goes to cover – and you still aiming!
        If you dont take your time to aim, you just miss even on short distances (I actually used auto aim with this a lot and I really never use it).
        You can make it work statistically, but its a real pain to play with A44.
        Other pain tanks I experienced:
        ARL V39 – I dont know why, it looks quite nice on paper, but it was pain to play it
        Sturer Emil – constant gun dmg, too slow and I dont like hard camp which this is only good for
        Both T9 chinese – I just cant make insane aim guns work, constant ammo rack damage, fires, blow-ups, no depression.
        Aufkl. Panther – there is everything bad about it, pure evil
        T95 – too much team/map dependent, mostly you have to camp and you either wont do any dmg/you will get overruned/one shoted by arty scum

  3. Su-100M1 is quite epic in the right circumstances due to its good camo value and the accurate and fast reloading gun. Worst thing so far was an completely stock T28Prototype.

    • 1. Shoot 90mm APCR.
      2. Average 258mm penetration
      3. ????????
      4. “Profit” i.e. buy oodles during an ammo sale and then expend them until you get the 120mm just to stop using expensive ammo.

    • Yeah, i can’t believe no one said this in the original article. When stock, you can’t upgrade anything till you get the new tracks. So you have to suffer until you can get the tracks and the gun, and then you only go from pathetic to terrible. Even fully upgraded its still worthless. This was the ABSOLUTE worst grind i had in a vehicle. If every one had to play this, then they would not complain about most of the other tanks they drove. The E-75 guy had to be a troll.

        • I will respectfully push back here – I love the JgPz IV, my winningest tank (almost 55%, 150ish matches). It needs more alpha to be a real heavy tank killer in the highest tier matches it faces, but its fast, invisible and accurate, and can really mess up opposing teams if you know how to play the ghost sniper role, and good Lord can it eff up meds, scouts and TDs.
          I made the mistake of selling mine. I’m buying it back soon.
          If it gets the 88L71 at some point, watch out.

          • Almost 900 matches anyone? I love this little troll JPz IV…

            Sure it is not easy to play – especially wit a medicore crew and stock, but nowadays it has far better MM and I am using the L70 to mostly great effect. If you can´t pen it, track it for your team. Cammo, cammo crew and cammo net -> invisible.

      • Actually JpzIV wasnt that good.
        It felt like slightly nerfed stug imho.
        The key to success is to use L70, not short 88.
        It sucks hard with “top” gun. But its kinda okay with L70. And yes, L70 is still pretty good gun at tier 6.

    • I love JagdPzIV. Sure, you can’t do much on tier 8 and even some 7 tanks, but there are plenty of tier 5-6 tanks to kill, and JagdPz IV is one of the best tanks for that. Enough armor to bounce most tier 5 guns, and enough pen and rof to kill KV-1 and distracted KV-1S in a few seconds, even from big distances.

      Churchill VII is a worse JagdPz IV in every way, it’s much slower, bigger, the gun has worse RoF, aimtime, accuracy, and frankly the armor is only better in certain areas. And the fact it has a turret doesn’t change much.

      • And no one mention uts fanastic engine which keep getting knock out and on fire.

        Sure it is very stealthy, and troll DPM on the 88. Unfortunately, even the L70 will not safely pen a IS or T29 Hull. Not to mention you just keep bouncing off a T5 HT KV1 and French T6 ARL which armour is never known to be a strong point.

        You may argue I dont know how to shoot Weakspot or I can use the mobility to suprise the enemy. BUT WHY WILL I NEED TO? I am in a TD not a MT. And yet its shell velocity is so freakin bad that you just keep missing. Up close? Yeah you get pen easily by T5 110 pen guns. well than why wouldnt i use the Nashorn?

  4. T-43 was easy tank for me. had a fun with it. problems with tanks is when you could not play normally as stock, stock IS is still easy, even stock is3 is playable. russian bias;]

  5. A43. Overall it is a very good and mobile platform but I honestly couldnt make it work, so I sold it.

  6. I really hated M3 Lee (those were times i didn’t play TD at all), M7 and T21 are not that bad at all.

    The most disappointing or the worst tank i played was Pershing. I really expected a lot more from it. That 90mm gun won’t cut it in 7-10 tier battles. But much worse from Pershing is Cromwell ( i will never understand how to play it).

    • I found the Lee pretty fun, something like a 57% WR till i unlocked both M4 and T1. But I guess its not great since I never used it after those unlocks…

    • Cromwell? Really? Its the most OP fun I ever had on T6. Wits its ROF everything starts burning if you shoot it in the ass :D

      Pershing isnt also bad. Great for hulldown, just dont play it like regular med (T44 e.g.) but bit more like nasty annoyer using terrain to your advantage.

  7. I saw remember from the EXN0M scrrenshoot that you use in your T-54 the gun that leads to the T-62A and not the other. Maybe that’s the problem, because 200 pen is enough, but 2,9 sec aim breaks the brawler ability of the T-54. That could be the reason why you can’t make it work.

    • I’m not advocating its use, but something people ignore when looking at the D-54 is that it has superior muzzle velocity, so you don’t have to lead your target so much (accounts for the higher pen). Too bad it is less accurate and slower to aim. -_-

    • I didn’t have the second gun unlocked by that time (I actually elited the T-54 by the time there was no tier 10 medium tank and no second gun). I do have it now, it’s indeed better.

  8. I just hated playing in the Panzer IV and the hetzer, I just don’t like them. I don’t get why the T-28 get the shit it gets, I found it much more fun to drive then

    • It is the paper thin armor on the T-28 when the Matilda has this solid wall of steel on it at the same tier that give people reason to not like the T-28.

      I don’t hate the T-28 myself but there is no way that I love it either. I would honestly take the M3 Lee over the T-28 any day.

      • I love the Hetzer, its a tank i will never sell. The 105m derp gun is absolutelly fantastic. The T28, i played it back when it used to have the 85mm gun, was a real monster, even if vulnerable to almost every gun in the game. On the other side, there is that Sau 40 french TD… it sports a nice 105 derp gun, like the Hetzer one, but the mobility, protection and even its camo factor are useless! I gave up on grinding mine, and i dont plan to touch it too soon.

    • Hetzer ? Hetzer, really ? LOL
      105mm & sloped 60mm begs to disagree.
      Low shell velocity ? Lead more.
      Low view range ? Ambush.
      Low hill climbing ability/side armor/ROF ? How terrible.
      This is the tank I had the most battles with, and I’m still not planning to sell it. :) Underrated since HE nerf, but still very usable and deathly when platooning with a high view range/ROF TD (T40, FCM, 85B). And NO, I NEVER used a single gold shell on this one.

  9. I like the Hellcat but I can’t seem to do any good in it and all tier 10 tanks samething no good Tier 9 M103? I’m a master at it love that thing but 10? nope

  10. Tank should not be judged by their stock config. I personally dont like playing autoloaders with paper armor.

    And one more thing… Whoever came up to an idea that Pz.Kpfw. 38 (t) n.A. is scout should be shot at sight.

    • Judging a tank by the stock configuration is one thing but if one tank’s stock configuration is worse than another, that’s still a balance problem.

    • yep, totally agree. pz 38 NA is total junk… as a scout. totally fine as a Medium Playstile tank, but T8 Matches? no, thank you my good sir.

      • Pz 38(t) NA is a great scout, one of my favourites. It is one of the smallest scouts in game, so you can hide it in any bush in game. IF you use gold, you can even kill most tier VIII tanks. And if it goes into tier IV matches you can angle it it and farm steel walls.

    • Playng Pz38 nA without binoculars is like playng SPG without ammo, no wonder it sucked. For me it was one of the must fun tanks I’ve played, with the 1.3 aimtime gun ofcourse.

  11. AMX-40 was the wost tank I have played so far. I could have dealt with it if it was a little faster. If its amazing armor was removed and traded for speed it would be playable. I ended up fee exp-ing most of the the ELC because I could hardly win a game in the duck. At tier 4 the duck is definitely not noob friendly.
    (Im not saying a tank must be OP to be noob friendly either)

    • It used to get scout (!) matchmaking.

      It’s pretty sad compared to the (comparable) Matilda, which gets a good sniping gun for when you aren’t on top tier. Well, what’s really sad is that the AMX 40 has incredible gun depression (-18) with the stock ‘duck head’ turret, but you will never get to use it because you will never penetrate anything with the gun selection.

    • Contrary to almost every other player, i liked my Duck, but only when full upgraded. One thing i learned from it was: never attract much atention from the enemy. Like a Matilda with the howitzer gun. If you are top tier, you will wreck havoc among the enemy team, just be sure ur team is covering ur flanks. If mid or bottom tier, just sit in a bush (camo and camo nets are absolutelly needed for this tank), wait the oportunity, lob a shot with the 75mm gun, wait for the enemy reaction.. if he saw you, retreat back to cover, if not, keep shooting, even if using HE, so you will at least cause modules damage and detrack the enemy for your teamamtes to finish). Killed 5 enemies this way on El halluf once, 2 of them where Churchill I tanks that never saw what was hitting them.

  12. Okay, I don’t want to be self-righteous asshole but this is my list:

    Stock ST-I, the D-25T on tier 9?! Terrible and wasteful accuracy to use gold shells and have you seen how long you have to grind to get just BL-9 ?!

    ARV v39 , although I had some success with it and my score is more-less okay with it, it’s still a difficult tank to play, the camo is terrible, it’s slow and has no armor, gun arch is very narrow except fro elevation. The guns are strong one way or another but its still not the WT grade firepower to compensate for these weaknesses.

    • The ARL V939 of 1940 was designed with the 1940+ battlefield in mind as an support weapon. SPG. So the way it is in the game makes any hate at it well deserved as it is not in it’s intended role.

      • I know that Captain Nemo :) In fact, it was designed for 1940′s battlefield that was envisioned by French Army, it wouldn’t even fit in actual 1940′s one. I know that both Schneider 105 mm gun and post-war DCA45 being mounted on this oval-shaped cutie aren’t historical even by most tolerant margins.

        It’s not that I hate it, I actually like this lil’ potato TD. I’m only pointing out that it is very difficult to play.

    • Stock WZ-111 1-4 is my candidate :)
      215 pen on Tier 9 is not cutting it (especially when you have to grind almost 120k XP) -_-

      • …and you’re telling this after stock 110 with D-25T ?

        There are much more difficult stock tanks than this, it might be difficult for you because relatively most of Chinese tanks have painless grind.

        • 110 with D-25T was quite fun :)
          But i have to admit, because of the medium line borrowing guns from the heavy line, most tanks are quite “painless”, but unfortunately the WZ-111 1-4 only has one gun the research :(

  13. Ah yes, A-20… been an old problem of WoT leading to T-34…

    They should give it Covenanter’s Match Maker. They should also give the same MM to Pz38Na. They’re more of cruiser tanks than dedicated scout tanks anyway.

      • Pretty much nailed it, it’s not much of a problem if you have an alternate line this low. The problem starts past tier V when grinding is longer and you have to put up with a difficult tank for quite some time…

  14. CrusaderSP, I have 35 ARTY in my garage, out of 125 total tanks. I could not sell that thing fast enough. Its the biggest argument for using free XP in the game.

  15. People are strange, M3 Lee is awesome and T21 is perfectly fine, I absolutely loved driving them.
    Most of my hate goes towards French tanks, the low tier ones – B1, AMX 40, SAu 40. Also I hated the D.W.2 since it’s basically a German B1. And I don’t hate but sure don’t like driving my Churchills.

  16. Well, where did the Warchild vs. Chech vet topic go? No tank is useless (even use is as meathshield) but somehow, a topic is missing. An interesting one even.

  17. T28/T28 proto. Too slow, no effective armour(ty gold rounds for creds)

    Also the Tortise, it’s the T9 T28. Good guns, bad armour and slow speed make them all outdated.

    • I loved the T28. 400 damage every 8 seconds, you can
      really wreak folks with it. Ideal for sitting back and snipping. Yes slow but not ridiculously so ( T95).

      • Yet the Ac mle. 48 gets an even better gun, better mobility and around the same level of effective armour. It’s just been outdated by the power creep.

  18. M3 Lee
    A 20
    Type T-34
    ARL V39
    T7 Car
    Churchill III

    (Yes I know a good tanker can make any vehicle work, and many people love their crap tanks, but that is completely missing the point here. Fact is there are, objectively seen, tanks who are not as good as similar ones of their tier and kind. Please aknoldedge that fact.
    “But I always dealt 5000 dmg in T8 games with my A20/Pz38na, I don’t know why everyone else is shit at it”
    <That's what I mean.

    • How the hell did Type T-34 made it in to your list ? It’s not even objectively bad.
      There’s another thing… why you’re having premiums on the list? I can understand some tanks aren’t just your type but prems are meant to be weaker.

      • The Type T-34 is horrible, it desperately needs the extra gun depression of it’s soviet counterpart to use that gun properly.

        The absolutely worst tank ingame, according to me, is the AT-8: too slow, too many weakspots, completely blind and crap gun traverse.
        The gun isn’t BAD but it just doesn’t work on this tank, it needs range or a turret.

    • Don’t forget that Churchill III is a prem tank. I’d have to say it’s one of the best (prem) tanks to ride around in. Bounces like hell, max tier VI matching, decent DPM with not bad penetration, I don’t know how it got here…
      It’s almost too good to be premium imo

      • Sorry, I meant the Churchill 7, not 3… my bad. Of course premium tanks are meant to be worse than their non premium coutnerpart.
        The type t-34 is on that list because it is similar to the russian one, but worse (gun depression).

  19. I hate my M60, no armor no camo no speed piece of crap, if it wasnt so special to me I would have sold it. Also I hate my E5, which a lot of people seem to like. Loved the T43 and VK3002DB, every >T5 french tank is bad and A20 is rather crap too. Thats about it for me.

  20. I…..rather dislike the D2. Grinding through the Matilda was a pain in the ass, as was grinding through the A-20 to get to the T-34.

  21. Pfft so many…
    - ARL V39. Almost no gun traverse in any direction. Horrible aim times. A stock gun that couldn’t even penetrate an old overused hooker. Choice of a decently accurate gun with poor DPM but overkill penetration or terribly accurate one with OK-ish alpha and meh pen, but rather long shell travel time. All this mounted on a chassis with poor camo, zero armor (most of which is flat to boot) that turns for weeks and takes ages to reach its supposedly above average top speed. Also, it has cancer. Literally, there’s a tumor on top of it that everybody can penetrate from the whole map, with tier 1 HE (slight exaggeration). It doesn’t help at all that I did the last 40k experience to elite it in two days to get rid of it while AC 46 was still on discount.
    - AT 2. The supposedly good armor is completely negated by the fact that everybody seems to know its weak spots and the extremely close range in which you’re forced to fight in order to be able to do any damage at all. That gun might be good on tanks like T-34 and Crusader because they can flank and use its superior DPM, but when you’re forced to shoot frontally at heavily angled or sidescrapping KVs and churchills, you’re pretty much forced to use gold or simply die. Add to this its horrible speed and traverse and you have a slowly moving brick that can stomp over noobs but has no chance whatsoever of carrying a game with at least 1 decent opponents.
    - Stock AT 8… That thing has the same poor gun as AT 2, only a tier higher and combined with crappier armor, a larger silhuette and bigger weakspots. I’m about —>| |<— this close to dropping this whole line just because of this horrible horrible grind to a decent gun.
    - Stock ISU-152. No speed, no manueverability, unreliable gold or HE shells with high alpha or unreliable high DPM 122mm cannon as grinding options. Also, camo levels seem way worse than SU-152 and the armor is the most random thing I've ever seen, sometimes just dusting off tier 10 shots and at other times being penentrated by 40mm pen HE shots. I just can't wait to get to that damn BL-10 and finally start dishing out some punishment!
    - VK 30.01 D. I don't know what you people see in this PoS tank (and I've had some rather amazing games with it, surprisingly), but this thing is just bad (especially when stock!). It shares very little with the other (now no longer existing) tier 6 german meds, forcing you to grind a crapload of experience just to make it viable. And while I find the L/70 quite adequate on tier 7 meds (VK 30.02 D), the L/48 you're forced to use until you get the improved turret is freaking useless. Also, even when elite, the speed an manueverability didn't seem much better than on VK 30.01 H (then its peer) or VK 30.02 M (its new peer), and both of the others are (were) way better platforms for the L/70 – 01H with its Schmalturm and Minipanther with its amazing RoF. It's older brother however (VK 30.02 D), I find quite enjoyable to play, despite having the same gun a tier higher. It's way more agile, faster and has more HP and armour.
    - T21 – while fun to drive (fast acceleration, decent top speed, good manueverability), I find its gun to be completely lacking. "OMG LIGHT TANKS ARE SKAUTS DEY DONT NEED GUNZ NOOB!" Yeah, it can "scout", but it sucks at that too – too slow for active scouting, too big for passive scouting. Want a passive scout? Go with a Chaffee. 59 16 is a way better tier 6 active scout (that thing was fun to play even with its useless gun just for the sheer trolling factor with its agility) and AMX 12t can kill even E100 and Maus with its superb autoloader gun.
    - T49. Don't get me wrong, it's a great tank on paper, but Wolverine outguns it, and for some strange reason I had the most useless teams with this tank. So I don't really hate it because it's bad, but rather because I only had bad games in it.
    - Churchill I. It's a "decent" tank, but its premium counterpart outperforms in most categories. I stopped the Brit heavy line after eliting this one because I couldn't stand to play any more Churchill based underwhelming vehicles.
    - Stock Tiger H – I had no problem grinding Panther with the L/70 and my 30.02 D still performs decently with it on tier 7, so I figured grinding a tiger with it wouldn't be that hard. Never have I been so wrong! This thing needs a gun with a punch, and thank god for the amazing 8.8 L/71! After getting that, it instantly became one of my favourite tanks <3
    - Pz.Sfl. IVc and Nashorn (and potentially all future WaffelTrägers) – almost as team dependent as arty used to be, but otherwise rather good so far. I just hate the fact that you're depending on your teammates being good enough to keep enemies at distance but bad enough to let you take a shot or two at them. I don't know why it's always either a stompfest where I'm forced to go to the frontline in order to get shots in or a reverse stompfest where my team just melts away and I find myself alone against a fast and?or powerful tank in close range.
    - Hummel. I still have no idea why this thing hated me so. I couldn't hit a thing with it (and that was pre-nerf, even pre-physics). This thing would consistently hit outside the reticle (usually the side that was furthest from any potential targets) and not to mention the team dependancy of arties (even more so after the "rebalance").
    - KV-3. I don't know what people see on this thing, but I liked T-150 waaay better. It's not completely bad, but it's much too slow to be of any use against the army of IS, Tiger H and T29 that seem to be dominating tier 7 matches these days. Just look at the teams in tier 7 matches – you're much more likely to see several AMX M4 45 per side than you are one KV-3.
    - Chi Ha. I have no idea why, but I really, REALLY hated this thing. In fact, I was about to drop the Chinese completely after eliting it, but accidentally bought an M5A1 on discount at some point after. I'm glad I did because the rest of the Chinese I've played so far were all rather fun.

    Wow, this turned into quite the Wall of Text!

    • ” – T49. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great tank on paper, but Wolverine outguns it, and for some strange reason I had the most useless teams with this tank. So I don’t really hate it because it’s bad, but rather because I only had bad games in it.”

      literally the best tank for its tier in the game, and it isn’t close

      • Yeah, if you can’t T49 then you don’t know enough about camo abuse and vision mechanics. I have 151 battles in mine with a 72% WR (It used to be 75% but I hit a bad patch recently :-/)

    • You started off well enough, but then…

      3001.D is probably the best of the German Tier 6s. Your lauded mini-Panther has a reload time 1/5 of a second faster whilst being slower, quite a bit less maneuverable and a rather larger target. What it does have is more armour, but it’s a fairly irrelevant amount for Tier 6 – most guns can fire straight through the mantlet. Most bounces are due to angles, and the D is better than the M at that as well.

      The T49? Crack monkey. That’s all I can suggest for what you’re saying. Lay off the drugs.

      Chi-Ha is also a great tank, mostly it suffers from being Tier 3, rather than any inherent deficiency.

      I’d argue for the Tiger H, but you did say “stock”. We’re not talking stock tanks here, and the Tigger’s pretty darned good when elite now.

  22. I didn’t love the M3Lee but I didn’t hate it either as it got me the M4 which I have a lot of fun with. I really hated the DW2 and free exp’d to the VK30.01 which is a load, too. M6 was a dog, but I got the T29 – good. I really dislike the JagdPzr IV and sold it…really dislike the lack of a rotating turret.

    Hellcat my fav all around.

  23. VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B

    Horrid tank. Weak turret, slow, LFP is huge. And the grind is so long. Sure the lee is bad but its over quick and let’s face it the gun isn’t bad at all.

    Also rans would be the french TD ARL V39, weak armor horrid traverse and huge tumor that a t1 can pen.

    Pz38na and T21 for the WORST MM in the game. Scout MM needs to be fixed but these two need it more then the rest as they are so underpowered for their rank. Either the xp and credits need to be buffed or they need to close up the tier spread.

    • vk isnt that bad, sidescrapping works great, and the upgraded turret is really hard.

      all t4 and t6 scouts have weakness, but crew skills can make up for them, for me t21 is better t6 scout than the rest(12t has poor engine, vk28 is big, 59-16 has no pen,mt25 is a joke)

  24. 59-16. Either way you’re screwed.
    Go with the autoloader and you have great damage but no penetration, which means you’re practically useless versus 70% of the tanks you will encounter. Even the Tiger’s rear can reliably bounce your shells.
    Go with the 57mm and you have okay penetration but no damage, scouts (especially 12t/13 75) will fuck you over hard.

    WZ-120. The tank is fine, the gun is fine… but that gun depression and elevation.

  25. My Favourite Tanks:
    Crusader, Comet, Fv4202, Ram 2, Matilda, Pz.3,
    Least Favourite Tanks:
    M5 Stuart, AT-2, Type T-34, ELC AMX

    • You are serious about the ELC? The most trolling scout in history of tier5 scouts? (although its more of a light TD than a scout, but nvm that :D ) That thing is borderline OP, they had to fuck up its turret for it not to become another T50-2….

  26. AMX 13 75. I don’t know how, but my WR is 39% over 150 battles. A bot can do better than me. Otherwise I’ve seen people doing fine in that tank, I guess it is just not for me.

    • Best way to determine how bad or good a tank is:
      1. Go to WotReplays
      2. Filter for that tank
      3. Sort by number of frags and count how many top gun replays exist
      4. Compare the result with other tanks of same tier and class

  27. Churchill Garbage Carrier is, without a doubt, the worst tank in the game right now. Even the top gun does not make up for it being slow, huge, unarmoured and impossible to hide.

  28. Worst tanks in the game? I wrote a post on my blog about that not too long ago.

    The short version;
    Churchill Gun Carrier – basically worse than an ARL V39 despite having technically a better gun
    Bishop – The gun stats are excellent. The fact that it can’t shoot past ~500 meters is not. And the tank it’s mounted on is garbage; armor is ineffective, it’s a large target, and it’s excruciatingly slow.
    Black Prince – Armor is basically the same you got with the other churchills; alright but not up to scratch for tier 7. Speed is horrendous. Should have gotten the 20 pounder as an upgrade, or less shit speed. Very mediocre tank esp. compared to the other tier 7 heavies which are pretty much excellent across the board.
    VK 30.01 (P) – It’s a giant german medium with paper armor and a horrible stock grind. Fully upgraded it becomes merely “OK”.
    VK 20.01 (DB) – It’s a Panzer 3 but worse. Pointless vehicle.
    Panzer I – Panzer 2 outperforms it completely. Should have been alternate tier 1, or gotten a better gun.
    SAu 40 – Hetzer gun selection except without armor and a lot bigger target to shoot at. Pretty much trash.
    T25/2 – Glorified hellcat. Should have gotten the 105mm (with reduced stats as compared to the T25 AT obviously, but the 105mm nonetheless)

    And all the tier 4 lights with shitty “scout” matchmaking. It’s really dumb that they are expected to be scouts in upper tier battles, especially since most are right in the main line of tech tree advancement. Needlessly subjects novice players to a very difficult, very grind-tastic task.

    • I don’t agree with you on the Bishop, it’s very fun, actually the most enjoyable T5 arty to use and it’s very effective if you get up close and personal with them.
      Also the 30.01P doesn’t have that bad of a grind any more since it can use the short 88 on the stock turret.

    • The T25/2′s problem is that it comes after the M18 Hellcat, but doesn’t inherit its unique mix of TD/light playstyle. It’s (IMO) a medium very reliant on positioning because of its slow turret, weak armour and low HP, but in return it gets excellent view range and gun and decent camo.

    • BP has a less flawed armour model compared to Church7, but I have bad stats in BP so I won’t say anything (it ‘feels’ better, whatever that means).

      3001P has uniquely high alpha for T6 medium with the recent changes, but still with decent DPM compared to its tier-mates. Pretty good p:w, albeit bad off-road terrain resistance. With recent elevation buff it should be fairly effective.

      2001D gets -10 elevation on the L/60 (Pz3: -6) and slightly better side armour for sidescraping, etc. Quite a different dynamic than the superficially similar Pz3.

      Pz1 only sees tier 2 matches, which compensates for its weakness compared to the Pz2.

      T25/2 isn’t as good as the M18, but is more resistant to HE rounds. With judicious use of premium rounds it is fine. Still has pretty troll mantlet and gun depression to abuse, although turret is weaker than the M18.

  29. Amx38, m7, d1-d2, lorr 39 lam, medium 3, i cant think of other now.

    Actually, t-43 is really good with 100% crew and skills & equipment, just like comet and t20, who all get dissed by those who don’t like medium playstyle. If jagdpz4 had at least 150 penetration, it would be much more feared. Same to 59-16 everything is awesome, but the penetration is disappointing.

    • I actually liked the JP 4, it has nice armor, nice mobility and nice DPM and the pen isn’t that bad for T6.

    • JagdPz IV has 150 mm penetration with 7.5 cm PaK 42 L/70, and I have to say I think it’s a great sniper.
      Alternatively if you want to use the 8.8 cm PaK L/56 I think it’s best used as close-range support for medium wolfpacks, using its good mobility to keep up with flanking maneuvers and once enemies are occupied, unleashing its 2444 DpM.

  30. T-43, VK 30.02D, Churchill I, Churchill VII, Pz. 38 (t) n.A., Type 58, AMX 40, DW2 and others but I can’t remember.

  31. I have researched 212 of the 272 tanks in the game (not that this makes me an expert by any means) and so here is my list of poor performers:

    113 – IMO the worst performing T10 heavy. The WZ 111 1-4 was much better.
    Covenanter – abysmal gun for its tier and poor maneuverability for a light.
    ARL V39 – everything you don’t want in a TD – poor cammo, poor gun, poor maneuverability.
    AMX40 – great armor, crap gun, and crap MM. Should be a premium as it just doesn’t fit in where it’s at.
    BDR G1B – gun cant compete at its tier spread.
    M7 – I am not a great scout tank player, but I found this thing wanting.
    T7 Combat Car – hard to complain about a free tank, but the pen is almost unbearable against some other t2 tanks.
    M3 Lee – Admittedly this was my first line I researched so I probably could make this work now, but back then, terrible rage.
    SU101 – Not a bad tank in general, but doesnt even come close to any other t8 TD. Should be like a tier 7.5 or something. Terrible gun depression and armor.

    I have other tanks I was bad in, but I can reason that some of that was just me not being experienced or patient enough to learn them. With the exception of the Lee, these are all tanks I’ve played with between 10-20k games under my belt and the desire to play them well.

    • I agree with most things, but the only good thing about the BDR is THE GUN. The Potato is a shitty machine (and ARL39, made on its chassis, says “Hi, he is right!”) but the gun is the only t7 on t5.

  32. Obviously FV215b.

    It has nothing to do in some maps such as el haluf.
    And because of it’s rear-turreted shape, it’s one of most hard tank to adapt with.

    It’s good DPM, however, has no meaning in this camping meta.
    (to make its good DPM in full use, you need to track the tank at one shot, and its hard as hell.
    and even the shot make it tracked, TD’s behind the tracked tanks can grind 215b before it fires next shot.)

    And the problem comes to its weak armor. yes, it has good upper glacis armor, but its no use against TDs. and side armor is so weak and its long silhouette makes it much vulnerable to MTs.

    • I would say the FV’s main weakness is the module damage and lack of camo (pretty much on par with the E-100) rather than just lack of raw armor.

  33. It depends if it’s stock or not. I hate with passion the Churchill I, but when full upgrade… It begins one of my favourite tank.
    Generally I don’t like English stock tank, they are quite bad (at least meh), but full upgrade it can be very very funny to play, though actually I don’t like the Black Prince (yeah, I’m strange).

    I don’t have others tank I dislike, I find all what I did funny
    From tank I played in Test Server: I dislike French, too much OP in my opinion , no nerf needed for all of course, but I find them too much easy to play. It’s not very fun. IMHO.

  34. I agree about the E-75. Sure its easy to do well in it, but its frustrating as fuck to play. The engine gets set on fire a lot and the ammo rack is fragile as a glass condom for a raging bull. Fix those and I would even play it as a tier 10 (E-75 “Ausf M”), but in its current incarnation I was extremely glad when I could finally sell it.

  35. Hetzer and Jagdpanther. MM curse those tanks fully or let’s say my skill was not enough to handle those beauties. JagdPz IV is good ninjaTD, guns are ok, but boring to play.

  36. 1. ARL39
    2. ARL39
    3. ARL39
    4. ARL39

    you see where this is going.

    Terrible traverse of the gun, terrible traverse of the tank, long aim time, paper armor and the Tumor on top of it all, literally.
    That is the worst TD in the game. I’ve loved the Hellcat, I like the Jagdpanzer and did reasonably well in it, but this piece of crap forced me to play in a three man platoon in order to have any chance of victory. If in randoms alone, even in a full config, you fire a shot and die, or fire none in the game and win, there is NO WAY to influence the game, its like a coin toss. Either the enemy will come to where you are and you’re lucky someone is there with you, cause you’re dead when spotted, or they wont, and you’re too slow to relocate efficiently. The stock grind is stuff of nightmares, not even Marquis De Sade could imagine something that sadistic.

  37. Medium Mk3 is one of the worst grinds. Matilda makes it worth it though. Pershing is only good with the top gun. Stock Cromwell is terrible, I lost enthusiasm to continue the medium line after that.

    • It’s a shame you gave up on the Crom, cause a fully upgraded Cromwell with a good crew is a monster, really, if it weren’t such a box it would be OP.
      Dat DPM and dat mobility :D

  38. What vehicles I you hate the most? Good question!

    ARTY x1000

  39. M3 Lee is awesome – dont get that =) same as for M7 and Amx40 (sure duck is useless in T5-6 battle, but back in old days it was godly in T4 game =)….

    A-44 its pain indeed and i suspect that vehicle is cursed by MM – always T8 or even T9 battle..really not funny with 169 pen and horrible aim time (like really HORRIBLE)…..

    a20 and t21 its just forced evil in a way to awesome t-34 and t71 =)


  40. M3 Lee? Worst?

    Most fun tank ive driven tier along with rest of the tanks ive driven TBH.

    With top gun its bloody good time..

  41. T-54 stock grind was terrible.

    I had it at 49% when I got the top gun.

    Now I have it at 55% at 300-ish games.

    Just…do everything(snipe, scout, brawl, circle, sidehug)

  42. Well, if I start with those tanks that Russians didn’t like.

    A-20, I played it a long time ago, but I still think it’s bad. It’s definitely not worst, but not fun.
    M3 Lee, pure awesome. When you get the idea how to play it, it’s simply devastating machine. Not easy but challenging.
    A-44, I haven’t had it yet, but grinding towards it.
    SU-100M1. WTF? This babe is awesome. Much better than SU-152. I had no problems what so ever with this. Just good.
    SU-101. I don’t even have best gun on this, but this feels damn good. 122mm lacks penetration and accuracy, but top gun should solve those problems well enough. Really Russians, these are awesome tanks.
    M7 MT, yes definitely bad. Grinding towards T57, so no experience from T21 yet.
    AMX 40, probably only tank I have ever used so much free exp. Gun is good if you hit something, armor is awesome, but you are way too slow to get close enough to hit anything.
    T7 Car, it’s a joke with my friends, when we want to take some retarded tank, we have our choice.

    But I do also have some tanks that I didn’t really like, I don’t currently like.
    First, ARL V39. No armor (russian TD’s don’t have too, but they at least have mantlet), gun is good (in AMX AC mle. 46, in ARL everything seems to suck hard), and finally, that stupid thing on roof. You cant even shoot enemy, and enemy can shoot you. It’s not funny at all.
    Second, maybe Comet. I just have some retarded difficulties with it. Sure, I don’t have best gun yet (nor turret), but it has sacrificed Cromwells speed for some more armor, that’s completely useless. Maybe I just haven’t learned to play it right, I will continue my experiments.
    Third, no more. Many tanks are something like average, but bad, not so many.

  43. A-44 is my 4th Medium Tank I played so far
    (the others being T-43, which I hated, but I also hated T-44 with all my heart, they’re just way too paper for me, finally I managed to find a joy in the T-54; VK3002D which I really, really liked; and the Panther which I just got a Mastery Badge for it in a 1500 XP fight with 3.3k dmg… yes, it can be good, but it’s a VERY situational tank, IMO)
    …but I like it. I too consider it one of the best Tier 7 Mediums.

    Just get 100% Camo skill + Sixth Sense, strap on Binocs, Rammer + Vents (or GLD if you really can’t handle the aim speed) and use it as a (very) mobile TD. Yes, it reloads and aims in 1000 years, but when it hits, it hits HARD.

    Also, stop complaining about the armor – using it should be a last resort for a medium anyhow. Not to mention that since the gun handles so poorly you want to keep your distance and avoid knifefights (unless finishing off a lone heavy, this thing excels at it due to high alpha). If you angle the frontal armor and the enemy shoots into that strip that has the highest armor values, it can easily bounce guns like BL-9 (I’ve done it by using the balconies on Ruinberg from the South spawn, overlooking the cap).
    I’ll say it again, due to poor gun characteristics, you mainly want to keep your distance and use the thing’s extreme mobility (it really moves & shifts very fasts, trust me) to relocate when needed and shove that 300 alpha into people’s sides.

    Now about the M3 Lee – OK, I get it. It doesn’t have a turret and it gets penned by everything. Nothing I’m not familiar with, considering I’m mainly a TD player.
    BUT – the shell spread & shell speed are the main things that prevent you from actually using it as a pseudo-TD. The enemy has time to cap twice from 0 to 100 until your shells reach him.
    One way to indirectly buff the Lee would be to give it preferential MM – it is literally USELESS in Tier 6 matches (and I got plenty of those, tbh). Heck, for a Lee even the sides of a KV-1 are tricky business.

    About the FailPz IV – it was the first tank in this game that made me break a keyboard, over 1 year ago. I was using the L/56, go figure, and I bounced off the LFP of a VK3001P that had -wait for it- EXACTLY 1 (ONE!) HP.

    Now, with about 10k more battles under my belt, I can say a GOOD player, with an experienced crew CAN make it work well – but considering it’s just Tier 6 IMO the difficulty of the tank is way off the charts.
    Could perhaps work much better with TD version of the Konisch… and if they buffed the engine HP at least a bit, almost EVERY frontal hit kills your engine and sets you on fire…

    I would also like a small RoF buff to the KV-4, that thing is so good at absorbing dmg, but rather poor at dishing it…

  44. Currently a third of the way through the A-44, and I can definitely see why people would complain about it. The gun depression and armor aren’t as much as problem as the gun is; following approximately 30 minutes of aiming it in (yes, even with a gun laying drive it takes forever), it likes to completely miss. No, not bounce – though it’ll do that too – completely miss. It’s like someone forgot to tell the gun that we got a dispersion buff and now it’s OK for Soviet guns to shoot at more than 100m.

    Speaking of dispersion, the dispersion while moving is pretty bad as well, one recent example comes to mind in which I was flanking a T34; I got around him, and at less than 10 meters managed to miss his rear armor and skim his engine deck. Luckily it still pissed him off enough that he swung his gun around to shoot me and proceeded to be focused by the other four tanks with me…

    If it weren’t for knowing that it’ll all be worth it in about 60,000 exp, I would sell the tank in a heartbeat. I may still yet wimp out and free-exp it out. It’s pretty quick, the depression is horrible but manageable a lot of the time, but the gun refusing to behave makes it frustrating to play more often than it is fun.

  45. All of the stated tanks are “fine” in my book. Hell… even AMX 40 is a fun ride (even though in tier 6 battles the ride leads me to hangar one way or another in a matter of time depending where the first enemy or lake is).

    But Valentine…. my ARCHNEMESSIS VALENTINE.

    Re-bought it for 3rd time to give it a re-go – to no avail, there simply is no hope for me driving this nightmare.

  46. AMX40? Probably me, but I enjoyed this tank a LOT. Good bouncy armor, horribly inaccurate but otherwise decent gun, only its speed was meh.

    I only played 26 battles, which makes it irrelevant statistically, but I won 21 battles of them, which is 81% WR.

    AMX40 ftw!

  47. ARL V39(When I bought this tank the first time,I thought it’s stock gun was a derp gun,but nooo,they were really serious about giving a tier 6 tank a tier 3 gun which can do nothing to it’s competators. ),JagdPz IV(Actually I’m having fun with this tank at the moment but it needs some rebalance too.),T-43,KV-13,Lorraine 40t (I guess,I had a terrible time with it…),Oh and let’s not forget the VK series,VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. A,VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. P,VK 30.01 (D),VK 30.02 (D)

  48. tanks are not really bad balanced on their tiers but with super updated wot mm you will always face tanks 2 tiers over you. That is the fail and that is why tanks without insane alpha or and super pen for his tiers are `pure crap.

  49. I like all the tanks in my garage kinda inconvenient for me is when you mount the 122 gun for the WZ-120 gun depression is meh but I’m doing fine with it.

  50. For me, it is the tanks that upgrade to something essentially identical (now with worse MM!), but also sometimes have awful stock grinds. Personally, I can’t get behind low-tier ‘cactus’ tanks, because it takes so few games, even when you lose them all, to get them elited and move through them.

    T-43 was mentioned – mostly because of it’s annoying stock grind. It isn’t fantastic with it’s top gun (you know, the one the t-34-85 has), but you also have to grind out suspension/turret/etc to even mount it? This is the sort of thing that makes for awful tanks.

    T32 is a bit of a pet peeve. You can’t mount the 105 stock, and even elited, it is just a T29 with worse MM and fractionally better agility. It’s not really an awful tank, but that is just because the T29 isn’t an awful tank.

    T25/2 suffers similarly – it is a bad hellcat with worse mm. It gains 10mm of pen and some armor, but at the cost of most of it’s speed, and an extra tier of MM.

    SU101 is on the list for similar reasons – it is just like playing through a second SU100.

    The french light tree is terrifying. the AMX12t is tentatively fun when you are near the top (which you never are), and the 13 75 is like playing the 12t a second time, with worse mm. Even the 13 90 takes a while to be anything other than the 13 75 yet again.

    These days, I imagine KV-1S and IS may feel like this, but I can’t really comment, as I went through the russian heavy tree when it was still KV -> KV3 -> IS.

    In many cases, it just feels like there is one too many tier in the tree – playing through an essentially identical tank a second time, complete with a massive downgrade stock grind, is just not fun, almost regardless of how good one of them is. It just feels unnecessary and extra-grindy.

    If nothing else, I would really like to see higher tier tanks start off at least as good as their parent – if they mount the same equipment (eg t-34-85 to t-43), why do you have to grind through a pile of slightly different stuff in order to actually get there? I would much rather see trivial (even if *gasp* nonhistoric) upgrades, or better (more different) tanks to fill these spots.

    • Yup, you are right. While the KV-1S shines in tier 6-7 battles, and can be quite useful in tier 8 as well, the IS is totally hopeless for tier 9 battles with the same gun (apart from the very minor accuracy and RoF buff).

  51. Durchbruchswagen 2
    Panther (sorry, 7,5cm damage just isn’t adequate anymore on tier 7)

  52. Sturer Emil – both stock and not (15 shells on top gun just wtf?!)
    t-44 – the mobile 1 shoot amo rack and DPM of autoloader
    pzIII/IV – it’s fast so you can suicide faster since there’s nothing else this thing can do
    M3 Lee – unplayable when not top tier
    somua-sau (no idea how was it called, tier 4 french TD)
    T7 Combat car – yea that thing was fun for 1-2 days when everyone played it and you fought basicly only other T7s

  53. M7? Hard? What? I used the pounder and it was a blast that grind. Something different from M4.
    I agree with A20. I believe the scout MM should be dropped for A20, nA, T-50, M5A1 as none lead to light branch anymore. Only tanks with justifiable scout MM are M5 and Luchs.

  54. Strangely enough only mentioned once. Lorraine 40t, it has ZERO armor, is GIGANTIC, has a gun that can be found for equal effectiveness on the AMX 50 100 which has more armor, is smaller and a tier lower. On tier 9 with a tank of that size and 1550 hitpoints you die SO easily, currently owning the Leopard PT A i can say that it’s miles better than the Lorraine 40t, too big to be a scout, too inaccurate and an autoloader to be a sniper, too weakly armored to take any damage, this thing is build for one purpose only: killing it’s user.

    To this i would like to add vehicles which become really bad because of their matchmaking stretching out 2 tiers which they definitly cannot handle: T21, M4A3E8, M4A3E2, Churchill VII, T-43, VK3002M, these vehicles are fine within their own tier, but rarely end up here. And worthy of special mention: T28 Prototype, it goes 18 km/h, turns like a whale, is enormous and has 50mm on the sides which can be penned by KV-2 HE or ANY kind of arty.

  55. From the commonly complained about ones,

    T-43 – A great tank elited. Bastard of a grind, I grant you. Balance isn’t measured by stock tanks though.
    Tiger H – Hell, I thought it was pretty good before it got buffed again.
    M3 Lee – Admittedly not a great tank, but nowhere near as bad as people make out. It has TD-level DPM in addition to behaving like a TD. Take advantage of that.
    3001.P – Recently changed so that it doesn’t have the Grind From Hell any more. Sort of like the Lee in that it’s not an awful tank, it’s just not very good.
    T32 – It is NOT a T29 at Tier 8. Play it like one, and you’re gonna hate it. Play it properly and pwn the noobs.

    What I found bad:

    JPIV – Someone mentioned “upgrading” to essentially the same tank with a worse MM. That’s the JPIV in spades. Given the penetration of the 88/L56, it’s a StuG with a worse MM.
    AMX 13-75 – Again, the 12t a tier higher. I think it’s worth pointing out that the AMX 12t and the StuG are both *great* tanks. They just suck when they have a worse matchmaker and little better than a health boost to compensate.
    ARLv 39 – There’s enough said about this, I don’t need to add more. It sucks.
    A-20 – A scout tank that can’t maneuver. Genius! Used to be made up for by being the fastest tank in the game, but a PzI.C can run rings around it. And that’s a Tier 3 tank.
    AMX40 – Cleverly crafted to ensure even low tier noobs buy gold ammo. Both to use from it and on it. Doesn’t exceed 35km/h even when hurled off a cliff. Considerably slower when its tracks are on the ground. Slow tanks are not fun, even when they have a decent gun (see T28/T28Proto).
    2001.D – Oh yay, like a PzIII but worse in every conceivable way. At least the Sau40 (see below) doesn’t have a better choice inside its own tech tree!
    SAu40 – Like a Hetzer, but worse in every conceivable way.
    T25/2 – Not actually a bad tank, just a massive letdown after the Hellcat. In fact, an upgraded Hellcat at Tier 7 would be a better tank.

    Personal bugbears: (I don’t think they’re bad tanks, I just suck in them)
    T-34/Type T-34 – A decent support tank. It doesn’t shine, but there’s no excuse for my sub-47% record in both of them. Obviously you’d take an M4 over it any day of the week, but not awful.
    M36 – What’s the point, except to force you to grind something inferior to the Hellcat for the alternate TD line?
    Panther – I know it’s not bad. But I guess it’s like the T-34. I don’t do sniping support tanks.
    T28 – Fuck it’s slow. My win rate is the server average because you’re too slow to have an effect on the outcome.
    Easy8 – Just couldn’t make it work. That was a long time ago, maybe I’d make it work now.

    • agreed with you about the T32
      the T32 is not a T29 a tier highier it’s has simmilar playstyle yes but it’s not a T29 that’s people say is bad
      with the T32 i have 60% W/R in 150 battles i gets wayyyy better dpm and if you combine it with BIA vents and Rammer you fire every 8 secs aproximetrly
      the only thing i dont like in T32 is the gun sometimes….it feel innacurate as hell missing stupid shots and also the thing that in tier 10 and again some tier 9 i am forced to use APCR but from the 150 battles i have played the majority of shells that i have fired is normal AP
      strangely enough my best tank so far is the T32 then comes the ST-1 and then the KV4

  56. Centurion Mk I – the damage output on the 20 pdr is so bad (230 alpha and 1726 DPM, worse dpm than tier 8 heavy’s) i switched to the 17pdr with gold ammo since that gun has 2100+ DPM and a bit better aim time than the 20pdr.

    M3 Lee, the only problem was the extremely bad shell velocity

    AMX 40, i actually like this tank, the gun is quite damn good when firing HE, but the MM it gets is annoying as hell (B1 only meets tier 5, this thing meets tier 6)

  57. i’m very very surprised the T95 didn’t took front row, i guess barely anyone plays it so it’s forgotten(worse is that it hasn’t been buffed in several patches and there are no plans for that)….

    T7 clown car is fun, lack of pen?, it’s a .50 cal wtf do you expect?!?!.

    can’t say i drive any painful tank, but if i have to pick, i’d pick my arty pieces(beating a dead horse), specially:

    su26: idiotic serb nerf destroyed this tank, it went from a superb spg to a utter piece of shit that has no business even in tier 3 battles.

    SU8 before nerf was a love-or-hate spg, low dmg, useless gold shells(instead of “big HE” it was HEAT), bad aimtime and terrible accuracy, some games you could only hit one shell regardless of how many you shot… AFTER nerf, all of the above got worse by taking the su14 glacial reload (takes +40s to reload), with SAME damage, +twice the aimtime(around 12~ s aimtime on traverse), worse accuracy (i’d say close to 60% worse), gave it a small chance… demobilized completely, now the su8 is a rarer sight than the church GC or the O263, i could count on one hand the ammount of su8 i see in a month.

    SU14 and the “-1/-2 split” got the same problems, made worse by zero mobility, terrible reload, terrible aimtime, inexistant firing arc, it’s physically painful to play either of those, again, they are practically nonexistant in game(albeit i see them more than SU8s)

  58. Why the hell is t21 on the bad tanks list??? I had so much fun playing it, so agile and fast, decent gun… just great tank.

    The tank i hate the most is arl v39…. The worst tank i ever played….

  59. Fucking stock Pershing.
    I also hated the Ferdi, mostly because I just couldn’t figure out how to play it.

  60. Hmm, the most terrible experience for me was A-20, JagdPz IV, VK 30.02 (D), AMX 40 (not so much B1 as it gets preferential MM), AMX 13 75 (its hard to play a tank, that you know that there is a better tank in every aspect in the same tier -T71), Valentine (not even talking about premium one), Comet (I just dont like it and stopped the grind), but nothing stands so close as Bishop (this is probably the worst grind ever, Birch gun was pretty annoying, but it does have rotating turret, but this… No arc, no range, no gun, no mobility. Its worst tank ever. Still, remembered type 58 grind (need to research two tanks with this shit). No pen, no depression, no armor, not a very good mobility. Its just begs you to gold-skip this tank (probably, its general intention).

  61. People are bad at the M7? That tank owns bones, I think I’m running like an 80% WR in it in pub matches alone. Pro tip: use the 6pdr, the 75mm is a pubtrap.

  62. “usual suspects”
    M3 Lee is fine. the only problem is that there are people going through the medium line who hate non-turreted mediums or TDs.
    A-44, I don’t really know but it seems to be a pretty solid tank, even better than T-34-1 imo (both have crap gun depression and long aim times).
    M7 MT is fine, people just need to learn to mount the best gun and play it the way its meant to be.
    T21 is one of the best tier 6 scouts (competes with Type 64 and Chaffee for tier 6 campaign scouting role).
    T7 CC needs a special MM to prevent it from encountering tanks it can never pen.

    “Personally, the worst tank I have ever played is the stock Sturer Emil, I just couldn’t make it work. Free XP’d it to the 128mm, then it got better. When it comes to T-54, I just can’t make it work. Not sure why”
    don’t know about Sturer Emil but it does seem to have terrible stock grind.
    T-54 is balanced to say the least, and OP in the right hands (I probably have at least 2.3k wn7 with it and I am not one to care about stats, only wins).

    “And what about you? What vehicles do you hate the most?”
    Churchill GC
    Churchill VII (bought it while it was discounted, never played it since, sold it today).
    T28/T28-P (needs a buff imo, increase MM weight if needed).
    KV-1S (that 122 needs to move to tier 7).

  63. I really liked playing the AMX40, it has such a troll armor, but in one of the patches it received a gun pen nerf and became unplayable.
    The M3 Lee had its moments for me, but in order to get both the M4 and T1 it was way to painful of a grind.
    Which brings me to the Type-34. It’s not a bad tank, but the amount of exp needed for the next tier is plain painfull.
    Every french AT from a non odd number tier, starting at tier IV. But to compensate, every odd tier french AT is quite superb.

    I’m suprised noone has the Matilda as their fav – in tier IV and some tier V matches its a joy to ride.
    Other then that, I really enjoy the Hellcat, PzIc, Tiger II and newly aquired AT2 and AMX 12t.

  64. Well…I REALLY hated the ARL v39 (no gun traverse and yet horrible,heavy-tank like aiming times,paired with apparently no camo DESPITE being about the size of a hellcat (which is a ninja,to say the least),and meh mobility? no thanks.)
    I also hated the T28 Prototype,it was just so…unflexible.If it DID get conditions where it could play its strenghts,it just annihilated everything in its path,but its too slow to keep up with the team in many cases,and the paper side armor means you really have to be careful,because 150+mm guns will penetrate it from any angle.Also,open topped turret on a heavy assault tank? Really?That,by the way,is a REAL pain in the a** when the enemy team has a FV304,for example…that thing will play basketball with your turret,dunking shots in all day.
    Rather disliked the T32,since the only thing it really has over its predecessor is the turret armor (that said,almost 600 effective in some spots.Evil.).I feel it would be great if it got more mobility (particulary traverse speed),since it would effectively be a heavy Pershing…But as it is now,i just couldnt really get it to work.
    Oh well,time for the “Tanks i like”:
    Someone who reads this might thing i have some sort of SM fetish.
    I really liked the Aufklärungspanzer Panther (superb for taking out enemy LTs,since its VERY quick for a tank of its weight and size,and ramming has fatal consequences for Light tanks and even many medium tanks.has a decent gun that can be used for long-range support relatively well),aswell as its little brother,the VK.1602 “Leopard” (Looks cute,is pretty quick despite its weight and size,and has a gun with relatively low pen,but good burst damage for such a small,fast tank)
    Also liked the big Leopards (T9 and T10),light tanks with huge sniper guns are awesome.
    The A-44 gets too much hate in my opinion,it has its weaknesses and downside,but in the right hands and with a little bit of luck it can be absolutely devastating.Its VERY fast,the frontal armor on some parts is ridiculously thick,and the gun,while not very accurate or fast-aiming,hits hard.Quite fun to play,since you can play it very aggressively and get away with it.
    Finally,theres the T30.A T29 with a 155mm cannon? Hell yes.Very flexible by TD standards,especially compared to its predecessor.Fun to play.

  65. Kaktus tank is something that is INCREDIBLY unpleasant to do but you HAVE to do it. It is called KAKTUS TANK from Russian saying “Mice were crying as they prickled themselves but continued to eat a Cactus”.
    There are many “unpleasant tanks for me” – Kaktus tank.
    I would have to say that T21 was VERY bad, however A43 is just as bad and I can’t seem to get T71 working for me as well. VK3001P sucked for me too. I, however, had NO problems with either M3, and had much less problems with T-43 (144pen) than I have now with A-43 (125pen). Many of those tanks are straight up weak, lacking anything worth while. A43 lacks armor, firepower. It plays like a cromwell (which I liked), but with a super crappy gun and less view. I enjoyed AMX40 more than I do A43. That’s how bad it is.
    M3 Lee was easy for me, 75mm has decent pen for Tier 4, and I am used to playing TDs like HEzter. T50 was HORRIBLE. So was Tiger P which ON PAPER had 200mm of armor in reality it seems like it had 20mm of armor:-). To me, tank has to have a good pen gun. If it has it – it will be a good tank to me. To fire at enemy you must see it, to penetrate enemy you must hit it, to inflict damage you must penetrate. So to me, PENETRATION and ACCURACY are primary thing for a tank. For example. Everyone hates Churchill 1. I LOVE IT 105 battles, 64% wins with 480 average EXP. People love KV1, to me it sucks. 427 battle 50% wins and 327 average xp. Why? Churchill has better gun and better view.

  66. A-20 made me give up on the soviet meds. Might give it a try, though, I’m not very far from T-34.
    I also found Pz 3 A terrible, don’t remember why as it was 2 years ago.
    Covenanter was not bad nor good, but the constant engine fires really bugged me.
    AufklarungsPanther is awkward, to say the least, but I manage to make it work.
    Leopard was also uncomfortable, too bad I sold it right before it recieved the 30mm gun.
    GW Tiger…I believe that the 21cm gun hits more than the 17cm one, even though the latter is supposed to be more accurate (WG buff arty a bit pls :P)
    Tiger H wasn’t really good back then, I didn’t like it very much.
    Lorr 39 AM is plain terrible, even before the arty nerf.

  67. Out of the ones I have played I would have to say the Churchill Mk VII or the A20
    The only tanks I’ve ever given up on

  68. For me, the only tanks i really hated were AMX 38, and AT 8 with the first gun.
    (AMX 40 was also bad, but i still managed to enjoy it.)
    For tanks i really enjoy are PZ IC, Renault UE57,Churchill III (if that even counts being premium).

  69. Most of the tanks people complain about are not an issue lol.

    I can hardly think of a tank I hated, I usually learned to play them all properly. I even started doing well in and enjoying the v39! I got 7 kills in that glorious render range sniper.

    And the m3 lee, waaaaay back when I was a horrid noob I got three kills in it. You don’t get it. I. was. horrid. tomato. trash. I got three kills in m3 lee. It has the rof of the e-25 at tier 4 with 100 damage. The only true downside is the accuracy and the tallness of the tank in my opinion.
    Just don’t crest hills with it and you’re fine.

    Amx 40? I sucked in it. But the armour is amazing. people need to stop being negative and look at the positives. I don’t see POS I see POSitives.

    And I’m going down the a44 a43 line soon. I’ve heard you need to play the a44 like a td for the armour to be more effective.

    I can’t wait for the frying pan. I pwned in it on test. Things couldn’t hit me. The tank can use its ridiculously low profile to “Hide” in plain sight via small hills.
    Basically it’s a large ELC with a bigger rotation arc.

    And as a final note, I hope they don’t remove any of these tanks. The m7 is on that list.
    It is my favorite tank. And I’ve seen plenty of camo’d m7 drivers, so I know I’m not the only one who loves it.(or likes it)