Test 8.10: Rheinmetall WT armor bugged

Thanks to Hillin and the Tank Inspector crew for this one.

In test patch 8.10, the armor model of the RhBWT got bugged. The gun shield got misplacd and was sunk into the hull.If you shoot the gun shield in Test 8.10, nothing will happen, the shell will simply go through it.

From Tank Inspector:


And from WoT viewer:

Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger_20-37-43

This post is not to bash WG, but to make people aware of a mistake, that – if forgotten – could lead to quite a broken vehicle.

35 thoughts on “Test 8.10: Rheinmetall WT armor bugged

  1. “This post is not to bash WG”

    Want to be invited to WG community meetings again? XD

  2. ok, i’m bling, i can’t see where to shoot to do nothing
    could someone draw a red circle pls? :) thx in advance

    • how can you not understand this post.

      if you shoot the gun shield you wont do any damage. IT is missing from the armour model

      • Or rather, it’s oddly misplaced- see those two red sheets (the Tank Inspector pic) on the inside, underneath the gun?

  3. This is the most retarded patch I’ve ever seen since I’m playing (7.0)
    I know the intention was good, to bring new features to the game and enhance it, but they fucked up everything, everything that was working fine.

    • And I know it’s the first test phase and everything might get fixed in the end, but still, as it is now, it’s unplayable.

      • It’s the end of year patch, historically these are rushed out to get the Xmas garage in (although one year we didn’t get that until after Xmas).

        Don’t expect all the bugs to be fixed, they will do the easy fixes such as this one but either they will pull features or it will go in with problems which will be fixed probably around Easter.

  4. This is somewhat realistic, its impossible to kill a tank by shooting a pathetic shield… Should be able to kill the crew though…

  5. And I was thinking I was going crazy :). Shoot once from 50 m in the shield – bounce, second one (HE shell) – didnt do any damage. Both went into the shield :)