8.10: Map Changes

Source: http://world-of-ru.livejournal.com/2843125.html and Wotlabs post by RRW

Hello everyone,

in the patchnotes, you might have read that the maps Karelia, Airport, Mines, El Halluf and Stepps were somewhat reworked. Here’s how the changes look like.

Warning, this post is very picture heavy.


The “pass” leading to the “balcony” (where TD’s usually camp) was smoothed somewhat. The northern part and bases have been made a bit flatter and some of the cover stones have been removed.







The possibility of shooting down on people from the center was partially removed.


The stone in the village sector now has a passable hole to reduce the peekaboo



Bushes have been partially removed from the “island” (these bushes were bugged, providing tanks with more camo due to the “double bush” effect.



The Bush from B6 was removed and the access to the “secret area” was blocked


The beach is now wider


The hill in the middle now has more bush cover



Southern base now has more hilly cover on the approach to the eastern “valley” (before, northern base had an advantage when approaching it). The map was made more hilly overall.





El Halluf

El Halluf was significantly reworked. Now there is a hill in the middle where the village is. The access to water was also changed from one side (the “curve” remained”, but the other side got a corridor there, the water was also somewhat drained)





There is now more cover in the middle too



The place where heavies usually wrestle now recieved a new stone as cover and the access to it has more bushes for cover.




37 thoughts on “8.10: Map Changes

  1. Love all the changes, particularly the ones to El Halluf and Steppes.

    El Halluf should now see more action than mere sniping across each base or the meat grinder that ends up being the north corner. If there’s anything unfortunate about those changes, it’s that it looks like it’s medium and light tanks they’re giving more tactical options to with the update instead of heavies and TDs, which have the fewest options in this map to begin with.

    As for Steppes, finally the south team will have a ridge of its own to work, instead of being forced to take a nigh suicidal spot behind the rock in the center of the eastern flank.

    • The advantage to the north side was such a nice exploit on steppes sad to see it go .. then again getting the south spawn won’t be so frustrating.

    • the only problem I see is that the rock added at the north hill isn’t extended enough for tanks coming from the south to “go around” without exposing themselves to those already on the hill – its pretty much still a “one-way”/”choke-point”; imo, the tanks coming from the south should be able to grab a part of the hill which extending the rocks would fix.

  2. Well it looks like its hard to take advantage of the sniping spot in C6 on El Halluf on the north spawn to flank attackers from the 1 line.

    has the Cap zone been moved on the map or is it in the same place? for encounter mode

    • Good thing Ground Forces look dull as hell, or they’d actually stand a chance of cutting a piece off WoT’s pie.

      • well, as long as it gets Wargaming to do some real Quality control, Bug fixing etc. i really wish Ground control all the best XD.
        PS: Warthunder: Groundcontrol: Where the bad OP Tank will hunt poor tanks down.
        PPS: please let it cut a bit, WG needs to feel pressure, maybe then they will make WoT even better…

      • Dull? How do you know that? Everybody who had a chance to play GF say it’s great.

        I play and like both WoT and WT and WT is simply better. And from what we know so far about GF it outclasses WOT in terms of optimization, graphics and godly sound quality.

  3. If you guys get Graphic lags and so, you may try to go in window mode or to shut down Trackeffects.
    Mine works now normal!

  4. SS thx…

    i consider 8.9 big success, but after playing CT 8.10, my personal conclusion it’s a total fail,
    now i’ll have to play WoT on Medium setting for my Uber PC to run 40+ FPS, it’s a shame they try to fix a totally crappy engine and they believe they can “salvage” their investment in this shit, but we will eat that shit…

    so i invested 49$ in the other game “tank pack” to enter Beta later this month, if it delivers i will break from WoT till their “HD Client” is ready….


  5. As far as I’m concerned, map changes are the about the most interesting thing in patches, so thanks for that.
    It would be very helpful, if it were possible, to include the minimap in those screens, for purposes of spatial orientation.

  6. i think all the map changes are win win. EXCEPT karelia. and the fact they’re gonna remove Port. i think karelia just got made harder and removing port is stupid move

    • Well Port was unbalanced without the new obstacle penetration changes. Nortth got many nice hulldown positions and could shot beneath the wagons. Now with the opportunity to hit through walls AND dmg the enemy behind it, its even more unbalanced. So they need to rebalance the map!

      btw Highway is still unbalanced. Coming from the west heading to the City u will get wrecked from the flank by invisble Tds… they should fix that too!

      But I appreciate the new changes, it should provide more action and less “peek a boo” sitting at one corner per map!

  7. bad, bad changes, they killing a pro places and a good skilled tankers.
    they just change change change, what fun in this game to be?
    need think again x100 again to good places? c’mon WG do noting good with this, more dead, less cover, change of good places, good for what? only for better lose of fail – WG love people to failing.. you makehard work and yooo all map gone to Zero, why is good for, “Balance” ? “unbalance” ? dont touch the map you zero makers, only know is Destroy and Kill the fun, why is good for? noting! “peek a boo” – is 1 think of pro players, “invisable TDs”, not right, is skilled tanker know what place for the enemy.
    blind makers WG so much bad, killing the fun x100000….