WG EU fail: Yet again the calendar…

Hello everyone,

just when you think WG can’t fail even more, given the “nice” feedback they recieved from the tanker community for stuffing the calendar with a plane from WoWp, they do it again. And with a typo too, BF-110C is a tier 4 premium, not tier 6. Oh yea, and there’s a bit of leftover code in upper left corner too.

WG fail.jpg

A three-in-on fail bundle :) And to top it off, when you visit the gift shop, you will notice the bundle is discounted with staggering 10 percent! What an amazing deal for a wrongly tiered plane in a tank game! Simply stunning.

At this point I would like to address one more issue, that seems to come up every now and then: sometimes, when a discount is criticized, Wargaming employees argue that we should be grateful, because they don’t have to put such events up at all. Well, yes and no. It is true that Wargaming of course is not obliged to discount its products.

However: putting up a discount is NOT an “favour” to players. It is a discount, no more – no less. A business strategy, not intended to make players happy, but to sell more products – it’s just like when you buy a T-shirt on a discount. If you intend to buy a T-shirt and the discount says 50 percent and then you come to the cash register with it and you get only a 38 percent discount there, will you let the cashier argue that he’s in fact doing you a favor by giving you any discount at all? I don’t think so.

Hm. Reminds me I really should finally give WoWp a proper shot, after the testing is over.

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  1. WG should really clear the WG EU office. Not only is the near daily amount of fails unprofessional, but when a game is as large as WoT those fails are simply unacceptable.

    Even worse they’re telling the player to fuck off, instead of apologizing and fixing their mistakes.

    Really I have few problems with WG, but WG EU simply fucks over the community and allows to continue.

    • +1

      I’ve sent my aplication ages ago, but wg eu didn’t even bother to reply. And I got permabanned on wot forums, so yeah – 0 chance anyway. But guys, why don’t you just send wg your cv and motivational letters? Anyone can get this stuff done better, so if by any chance someone competent gets hired – then it’s all better for eu community.

      …hmm, yeah – who am I kidding – noone competent cen get hired, because upper brass of Paris office would be threatened, since they are donkeys too. :P

  2. Not to mention, it is a crime in developed countrys to cheat on the customers. As the wild-capitalism works in China and Russia I guess… Yeah I will be fokkin’ greatfull at my local grocery shop if they give discount on shoes. Fokin ridicilous…

  3. Maybe I’m wrong, but i have never once seen them say that this would be a WoT exclusive event. Wargaming does have 2 unified games, running a unified event is nothing that should be getting all that hate. Letting aside that there are errors over and over again, I don’t see why people would attack the event as a whole. The tankers are not alone anymore.
    Also 10% is still a discount after all, in my opinion it would be surprising if they would discount at like 50% during the Christmas time when people start spending on stuff for others or just themselves. No real company would run massive discounts on Christmas either, at least I’ve never seen one.

    • If they don’t intend to run massive discounts then why are they advertising them as such on their main page? Wow, check this out. We will give you a huge 50% discount on our great product and then you go to shop and see that it’s actually 38%. Ofc you still don’t have to buy it, but you do feel kind of cheated. Also i know their games are now “unified”, but that still doesn’t mean that all players who started playing WoT because of TANKS want bloody planes in the spotlight and no one wants to get WoWP shoved down his throat. Whoever like planes is free to try out the game. Funy tho, most of WoT players tried WoWP and didn’t liked it, so i think they should stop forcing it on us.

  4. Here in the Netherlands when ythey say on an price card 50% but at the cashier it is 30% you can argue with him and they actualy have to sell it for the 50% discount

  5. “Hm. Reminds me I really should finally give WoWp a proper shot, after the testing is over.”


  6. I’m no WG fanboy by any means, but having beta tested WT and now trying WoWP I actually think WoWP is pretty good fun, and much more responsive to play than WT; plus its interface/UI is vastly superior to WT in every way.

    • You can see the first alpha footage from War Thunder Ground Forces, I think I will say goodbye Wot for a while. :D
      Well, until the Wot graphics will be optimized or the game reach 1.0 status. :D

  7. omg they act like little kids and they try to look at players like little kids who do nothing about how business work….

  8. am I doing my maths right here?

    4.000 gold
    + BF 110 C (1.150 gold)
    => 5.150 gold for €19,98
    5.500 gold still cost €19.95, this would make this “special offer” 6,7% more expensive instead of 10% cheaper.

    god, where to put all the anger and disappointment?

  9. THEY’VE DONE IT AGAIN?! FUCK YOU WG…putting planes on the WoT portal is ludicrous!

  10. Some person made post on forums about this and this was reponse from admin:

    “You do realize that the Winter Surprise Calendar covers both games right? So that when it’s a tank we still publish it on the World of Warplanes portal? If not, well, you do now :p.

    If you don’t like it then I’m sorry to hear that but it won’t be changed and we will continue to post a new offer every day until Christmas because we want all players to be able to enjoy discounts of one sort or another. How this is “unacceptable” I can’t really understand, I mean, you are getting discounts and out of the 7 offers so far, 4 has been for World of Tanks. But perhaps those previous offers don’t factor in to this month long special? ”

    Are we in the wrong?! i think not!!!!!

  11. Oh wow.
    First off, SS you are an idiot on this one. Those discounts are for both games, you know? As in World of Tanks and World of Warplanes. But hey, why ask or wonder for a second? Let us CRY FAIL!!!
    Second off, really, a typo? That’s your big fail? VI instead of IV. I do understand how that can be misleading for those that don’t know better. But why CRY FAIL? Oh yeah, and it’s been corrected already.
    Third off, a bit of code left… You lot know how easy it is to forget something like that? And of course it’s been corrected already.
    All in all, I count 1 SS fail and two mistakes. Yeah, there is a difference. The Cromwell shell affair was a fail. The Stalin inscription stuff was a fail. But these? Really Silentstalker? These are your grand fails? I respect your work and I visit this website out of shear pleasure, but you should know better.

      • Yeah, I’m upset.
        Silentstalker has become an opinion leader, whether he likes it or not. His word has weight in this community. So he should really think a bit more before crying “Wolf”.
        Because if he doesn’t, what hope can we have our “uber-inteligent” average player that comes in here and reads “Three fails in one”?

        • First of all, the man can put on his blog whatever he damn well pleases. Thus, he could make WG EU FAIL!!! his background wallpaper, and would not be wrong, since they keep giving all of us new reasons for that.
          As for one campaign for both games, I’m OK with that, they can put that on their official site which nobody visits more than once anyway, but why is an offer I see on the opening screen of my TANK GAME, tied to a PLANE GAME? It really is that simple, if i WANTED to play the other game, I WOULD! So instead of treating me like a windowlicking moron who they can swindle into whatever they like, perhaps treating your customers with some respect would be nice alternative? As in, giving me a surprise tailor made (le ghasp!) for my game?
          It boils down to the fact that serious gaming industries, and WG seems to be considering themselves as such (if that documercial some time ago was anything to judge by) don’t treat their fan base (note im not saying customers, which is a whole different tin of worms) as CATTLE, and don’t present dilletante level work.

          • There is a wiiiiiide difference between “he can do whatever he pleases” and “he can do whatever he pleases without anyone caring”. His blog, his opinion, my comment, my opinion.
            And the campaign is also on WoT site and WoWp site. See anyone from WoWp complain “aaaa, why do we get tanks in a plane game”? Well, probably because there’s too little people playing WoWp.
            Also, no one forces you to play WoWp. It’s just making a discount, and that is all. Does that hurt any of you? Did any of you feel personally injured by the fact that WG discounted an airplane during a WG (not WoT) discount campaign?
            And lastly, yeah WG EU has their fare share of fails. This is not one of them. Which was my main point in the first comment. If you’d have bothered to read it.

            • Er… a lot of “wrong” there…

              Personal blog = personal opinions, does NOT need to care about anyone else…

              No-one playing WoP..?? There’s a fail big enough for an entire blog…

              No-one forces you to read this or even comment on it.. so why bother if you don’t like it?

              Oh but it is a fail, there are countless reasons, one of which is why is a December Tanks Special selling planes? .. without MAKING IT FUCKING CLEAR THEY ARE TRYING TO CROSS FERTILISE THE SUCCESSFUL FUCKING GAME WITH THE FUCKING SHIT GAME!!!!!!!!! They have done other “events” clearly and intentionally trying to promote that FailPlane, they failed, so they are trying to “sneakily” get money out of you for it or “sneakily” promote it.

              Oh.. and btw.. if SS has a lot of weight with “the community” its because the vast majority of what he says is either correct / interesting / funny / near enough….

              If that weight “sways” the community, as you seem to be implying, then that community has no opinion or intelligence of its own and needs to be “swayed away” from WG trying to “sway them to shit”…

              Or if one person can “rule their opinions”, they deserve any shit trap they fall into…

              Door is top right… X marks the spot…

                • Dingishire, where do I start with you lot.
                  First off, a personal opinion is something anyone has a right to have. That doesn’t mean it can’t be wrong, that doesn’t mean it can’t be attacked, contested, proven false. Can you lot get that through your thick skulls? It is his opinion, that does not mean it is right, or that I shut up.
                  Oh yeah, and personal blog? THIS IS A PUBLIC BLOG!! As in available to the public. As in anyone can comment. As in anyone can give their opinion.
                  I didn’t say nobody is playing WoWp, I said too few people are reading. Although why I expect reading comprehension from the likes of you Dingi I don’t know. And I play WoWp, and I enjoy it. I really like the game.
                  “Sneakily get money from you”… uhm, what? Did SerB burglar your house? Did Storm pickpocket you? Did the WoWp dev team beat you up and took your money? No. They made a discount. To one of their two highly RELATED games.
                  Did not contest most of what SS says is right or useful. Actually said the contrary at the end of the first commentary. But hey, reading comprehension.
                  And no, I don’t have too high esteem of the intelligence or opinions of this community. Most people just play a couple of games not giving a shit about the forum, the portal or this site. Some just come in and read this, never double check or think about it. They just take it for granted. Because SS has a good reputation. And he deserves it, but he also has a responsibility for that. Reading that SS?
                  As for the other smart-asses with “paid under the table”, “b-job” and “butthurt”, yeah, bravo, extreme intelligence, very well contributed to the discussion. As much of a low opinion I have now of dingishire because of what he wrote and how he wrote it, you are nothing compared to him. He at least tried to make a point and give counter some arguments. You just throw shit at the person that doesn’t agree with you.
                  And “kissi-kins228″. You may not have a lot of things in that skull of yours, but imagination you do. How did you get that from my nickname I don’t know.

                • kissi-kins is definately in a tizzy about something..

                  Maybe he shouldn’t eat chocolate and drink fizzy pop at the same time…??

                  WG fail… continuously…. large and small…

                  I like taking the piss out of them… and people like you..

                  Mummy make it better?

                • ktistai: I am not sure what you are about. Yes, this is a public blog. Yes, I criticize Wargaming when I feel it’s needed . No, I won’t stop doing it. Does it influence readers who read it? Good. But ultimately, it’s my right to post whatever I damn please and your right to read it, or not.

                  However, it is NOT your RIGHT to comment here, that’s a privilege. I don’t mind you disagreeing with me, that’s no problem, as long as you don’t insult me.

  12. Imo World of Warplanes is a complete waste of time, why play it if you have a better plane game like war thunder. It’s a very basic game, no challenge. Maps are too small, you’re killed and you’re out of the battle. Didn’t like it.

    • Rapose, like WoT you mean?
      “Maps are too small, you’re killed and you’re out of the battle”
      Doesn’t that sound vaguely familiar?

      • “Maps are too small, you’re killed and you’re out of the battle”

        Dude, stahp dissin’ mah counter strikezz plx. T_T

  13. If this was a cross platform special you think they would post this special also on the WoP webpage.. there is no mention of this what so ever there.. so WoT EU and WoP EU Fail!

  14. i have this plane of WT, it’s even the same tier lol but not premium…..

    – Hm. Reminds me I really should finally give WoWp a proper shot, after the testing is over.

    I did 3 times and it’s massive disappointment

  15. Might be a fail but I was tempted to buy BF110 C-6 anyway as my second moneymaker in WoWP. But if now in 1.1 they’ll release new premium I’ll keep doing some testing with them to decide which I should buy. I have nice memories with P-40 M105 from Closed Beta.

  16. If I didn’t miss it somewhere in the beginning then this isn’t a WoT special – it’s a premium shop special, so it’s understandable that they are discounting planes, but it does leave us dissatisfied because they wasted one day for us – Wot players, and there aren’t that many WoWP players out there who would benefit from this special compared to WoT.

  17. First of all, WoT and WoWP are not unified! War Thunder will be unified. So it was a dumb idea to advertise planes on a tank game site, period.
    But instead of admiting their fault, WG tried to weasel out and claimed on 03 December 2013 (two days after the first offer which was a tank) on the WoWP site that this calender is for both games. Big fail or obvious lie?

  18. Interesting SS how you mention this fail but totally ignore the fail on the NA WoWP server where there is no Pearl Harbour special. EU and RU got it but not NA. One would think that the Americans would get a special but they didn’t.

    You not mentioning it SS only confirms you’re Eurocentric trash.

    • No worries, the Queen will soon repossess her colony, since the man-children in it are incapable of playing along with others, stuck in the penis-measuring stage of puberty. Remain calm, the transition will by smooth and elegant, unlike the ones you usually ‘export’ to third world countries.

      I usually don’t but you were just begging for it…