29 thoughts on “Girls und Panzer WoT tutorial – part 3

      • Yeah. And damn, Yukari can be sooo cute sometimes… I would definitely roam to asian server and platoon with her. :3

        And type “SIEMKA PL!!!” ofc. Wait… Yeah, that’s a nice idea. :D

  1. let’s teach noobs how to cap so they could cap the shit out of every battle even if there is like 1-2 low HP enemy tanks 100m away from them that they could kill and earn more exp than capping 20 cap points divided between 5 of them and getting shit exp

  2. “What’s that siren noise?” So many people in game are like this and do nothing

  3. I want the continuation of the Manga not an explanation of how to play WoT (even though its nice to read).