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I don’t usually repost Wargaming videos, but this is actually quite interesting. As announced earlier, WG did finish the movie about the inner workings of the matchmaker. Here it is:



However, if you expect some breaking new info, you will be disappointed. It’s a basic sum up of the stuff you can already find at World of Tanks wiki mechanics page. The only thing I didn’t know (or maybe forgot) was the fact that MM starts to ignore some of the rules after 3 minutes – I thought the “ignore” order is based on server population.

Still, in case you never bothered to read the basics or the advanced stuff on wiki, I suggest you have a look at it :)

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  1. How terrible.

    Nothing new. Bet they barely scratched the surface in the video lol.

    *puts on tinfoil hat*

    • What else do you need to know, really? It’s quite simple mechanic, only blown out of proportions by player myths (skill MM, bias to winning players, bias to losing players, etc, you name it). The only thing that surprised me a bit was the templates thing – thought they created teams on the spot.

  2. MM weight should be included in ingame stats for that particular tank, so new players, and those tards who make troll platoon unintentionally, can ask themselves : “What is this – MM weight?”
    Then they would be intrigued to dig deeper in forums, wiki and other sites of interest to find out about it, thus (un)intentionally learning more about the game mechanics.

    • I think all they have to know is that troll platoons will always get in to battles with the tank of highest tier from the platoon, everything else they won’t understand anyway.

  3. Very good vid, glad they made it, finally to bust some myths about MM. Now the common players will know the basics of its funcions .

  4. “The matchmaker ignores modules”. Yeah sure it does, what about the stock tank rule that will put you in easier battles for a certain time?

    • That rule ignores modules as well. Even if you buy a tank, buy all modules for freexp, mount them and go to battle, you still get those few battles with preferential MM.

      But really, those few battles are pretty much nothing, so it would only confuse players if it was in this video, I guess. Same with the 3 bottoms in a row guarantee you higher position in the 4th battle, though I think they could’ve mentioned it – if it’s still in work, that is.

  5. Lolwat? They pretty much lied in the video…. For example, a light tank such as VK2801 does NOT have the same balance weight as lets say a heavy of the same tier such as a VK3601.

      • Yes, but they explained it wrong. They compared a tier 8 scout to a tier 8 heavy saying that they have the same balance weight. Which is not true even in this example. But in my example with tier VI, it’s even more pronounced. a VK3601 will never face tier 9 enemies. VK2801 will face tier 10s.

        So their balance weight is NOT equal. They apparently forgot to mention, that scouts work as if they were 2 tiers higher.

        • That’s completely unrelated to MM weight, though. VK2801 just gets enlisted to a different row in the queue (timestamp 2:50) and tables for that can be easily found and they mention them in the video as well (you can even see the MM battle tier table in the forum screenshot they reference)

          • But they didn’t mention it at all. They should have clearly stated in this video: Scout tanks have much harsher MM than other. They only mentioned that “slow” light tanks don’t get MM balance weight multiplier as heavies do. That is not clear enough. This is why in my opinion hey failed to explain that correctly.

            If they try to tell us how MM works, how could they completely forget about this? It’s probably the most important thing, as many new players who reach A-20, Pz38 nA or M5 Stuart are really pissed off because they’re getting into tier 8 matches.

            • If I am not mistaken, there is some scout warning in planning, so that thing will be obsolete by then.

              Also if they wanted to explain everything, they could – but no new player would watch an hour long video. Hell, even this is probably “too long” for many players.

        • Also, yes, scouts have higher MM weight AND shifted battle tiers for MM. So you get into a higher tier battle AND there’s a certain possibility that if your team has, say, two scouts, the other team will have a scout and a heavy (except of a medium or TD – that’s the effect of shifted scout MM weight)

          • Understand it like this . In a game where top tier is tier 7 a tier 6 light is balanced against a tier 6 heavy.

  6. They failed to go into details of the match fixing/rigging procedures (putting players into easier or harder matches depending on performance) neatly described in their US registered, matchmaker patent…

  7. Nice that they’d put this out, but if I hadn’t known already (to some extent at least) how MM works, I doubt I would be a lot better off just by watching it. Much too fast-paced, too condensed that video was methinks.

  8. “MM starts to ignore some of the rules after 3 minutes – I thought the “ignore” order is based on server population.”

    Pretty sure he said one minute not 3, and incomplete teams after 2 min.

  9. what not happens on Queue that they say on this??

    Equal balance type tanks of each team!

    what pappens on Queue that they say on this??
    Different teams “Bad players on one side, good players on other side!”

    Lets see if the Bad team can in ” unpredictabel outcame battles ”

    I would like to see onething on the patch 9.0

    MM improve

    1- Equal type tanks of each teams ” if one team have 6ht, other team should have 6, never less then 5, the same for the other types”

    2- Platoons and MM
    2.1 – Some rules that prevent troll Plattons like a E100 and Ltrator
    2.1.1 A platoon member can only pick a tank with the maximum tier difference of 2
    2.2 – The MM should calculate the average weight of a platoon, and then use that weight to create a battle “following the rule of making a platoon”

    3 I think the MM table is not necessary, I think with some rules that I mentioned would be sufficient.
    i dont know, but i imagine if WG remove the MM table should give more Space for the System no?

    • MM weight is important to certain tanks that do not fit the standard norm. You can’t have an amx-40 constantly getting tier 6 games because it is a “light tank”

      Also the tier difference restriction will ruin scout platoons. An amx-13-75 wouldn’t be able to pair with a tier 10 tank, even though it is currently designed and quick adept in a tier 10 game.

  10. Always love the Mechanics videos. Even if this wont exactly help on the battlefield, always good facts to know. Ill have to admit the MM is pretty effective overall, it has its own issues, but considering it takes no player skill into account and yet can still work with the game well enough to make 97% of my matches fairly balanced, its pretty effective. Now tank balancing on the other hand…. ;D

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