The game is on…

Picture by igalantny (Russian LJ community)

Upper: War Thunder, lower: World of Tanks


Your turn, Wargaming.

The picture above comes from the leaked War Thunder models, picture below obviously comes from World of Tanks. Personally, I am somewhat rooting for Wargaming – let’s see, how the “HD” models will look like: visually, War Thunder is obviously some tough competition.

Of course, game is not made by its graphics and from what I have noticed from War Thunder (economy and gameplay), I actually prefer World of Tanks. But that all remains to be seen. However, one thing that I don’t like is that War Thunder fans seem to be obsessed by one idea: “We are not World of Tanks”. I went over their tank forums and there are all the idiotic myths that we managed to root out (especially on US forums). The point of this is not to bash War Thunder (not before I see the tanks in action anyway), but to state that the grass is not always greener on the other side…

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  1. Jeez they even rifled the barrel. WoT only has a cone for the interior of the gun, guess that’s going to change too (hopefully).

    • Just remember than the KV-2 model, and most other models, is over 3 years old.

      I’m suspecting that there is a reason for why WG decided to remake all tanks instead of making new tanks in itself. I wouldn’t expect the HD models to look anything like that though…

    • yep, i want see real holes in the muzzle braks not only black dots.
      die gun is even more a circle … much more polygons.

      • Remember though, that WoT’s goal is to make the game also playable on low-end PCs, WT’s system requirements is a bit too high for it to be able to make that claim, while WoT has succeed in keeping its promise. Personally, I don’t really care that much about “awesome” graphics, what I do really care is the mechanics and economy, in which IMO WoT is superior (feel free to have different opinions, I don’t care). As I have read somewhere sometimes ago “Judging a game by its graphics is like watching porn for plot”

    • picture is most probably on movie settings. i can all ready tell you that War Thunder is highly optimized and that WoT is not even close graphicly. if you can play WoT, you can definitely play WT.
      i have a 5 years old pc, GF9600 GSO 512Mb, Athlom II X4 620, 4 Gb DDR2 ram, im playing this game on high settings, whit antialising off, and shadow on medium. steady 40 fps on 1680×1050.

    • The lower image is the best World of Tanks can manage it seems. I wish WG would release some screenshots of the new HD stuff though, just so we can get a taste.

        • the lower image is actually World of Tanks Viewer with disabled shadows…
          it looks better in garage, though the model is the same ;)

          • That kind of detail isn’t cheap to make, it’s a tricky line between success and ending up like MWO…

            • The difference being that MWO was made by the most incompetent, forum pandering (gold forums, the ultimate hugbox) dev team I’ve ever seen. It went from “promising” to “content soon (TM)” to “oh god even the golds are complaining” to “dead game” to “clan mechs (SOON)”.

              Meanwhile, the game ran worse every patch, and became even more grabdeal oriented.

    • Is it just me or do the two KV-2 models look different in terms of dimensions ? Barrel length and space between lower turret front and driver hatch don’t seem to match…

    • I kinda agree with you, realism is okay but too many details make’s it difficult to focus on the game. I wonder what system specs they need to get this thing running.

        • Either case its alot better than WoT engine. Now don’t get me wrong, I love WoT as a tank game, but the engine is pretty crappy. No multicore support, I’m glad I can clock my CPU to get this running at 7680×1440 resolution at decent details. Now warthunder does the same at max setting 60+fps!

    • Sorry, some of us aren’t “turned off” at the sight of a company that actually RESPECTS its customers and doesn’t deliver “this is HD modern graphics we’re giving you” top lel bullshit.

      Gaijin from this regard is clearly the better company. At least they realize it’s the 21st century, after all, and that we shouldn’t be “satisfied” with graphics that can be compared to QUAKE 2!

    • Delicious sour whine.
      Doesn’t mean Warthunder tanks will even be good, but nitpicking with “THEY PUT TOO MUCH EFFORT INTO THE MODELLING” is ridiculous.

      • Perhaps you should stop reading non-existent details in other people’s posts. Given the better engine Gaijin doesn’t need to put “too much” effort in the first place.

    • Agreed. While WoT models are indeed in dire need of an overhaul, the WT one seems over the top. The textures have so much weathering it is starting to look silly.

      • Man I smell so much wg penis sucking here. Are you ppl really taking shit about WT because it’s “too good”, that’s just sad. And this is coming from a person who hates WT, JUST SAYING.

    • Ditto. Warthunder is clearly superior in sheer graphical strenght, but I’m going to play in lowest settings anyway. I tried playing in medium in WoT once and I didn’t like it. Too detailed, too polished, especially compared to the environments.

    • Game models can look like a toy, but an engine must be historical!

      As long as the engine is not on the E-50M.


    • Yeah, screw all this attention to detail! And while we’re in the habit of proclaiming our disdain for things no sane person should have disdain for, screw electricity, penicillin, and reliable birth control too!

    • I couldn’t agree more, graphics isn’t everything in the game. If you want to see realistic tanks that bad, why not go to Kubinka or Bovington? lol. Another option, for people who lives in Japan (like me), the JSDF holds annual military exercises that allow civilians to go and spectaate (at the Shizuoka Prefecture for example), you can go and see real tanks in action( not real combat though). Although its not tanks you would say in the game, but hey, it’s something!

  2. visually, War Thunder is obviously some tough competition.

    And considering they actually bothered to get a decent engine that is optimized properly. WoT will never win the visual side unless they get an engine that works at least half decent.

  3. Amagad you can see the rifling in the barrel.

    Still, I think WT is overhyped thanks to the “grass is greener” syndrome. But can’t really say much at this point.

      • I’l try it as soon as they release ground forces. I personally think it’s hard to judge which game is better by comparing planes and tanks.

        • Yup. We’ll see what it looks like when it releases, conjecturing before then is pointless.

      • It is not just overhyped, it is hype-hyped to the moon. If you listen to some people, Ground Forces is going to be the earthly manifestation of christ. And it’s tiresome. Especially since we barely know the basic mechanics of the game, and so everybody is running around screaming “OHGOD IT LOOKS SO GREAT”, yes, it does, but it won’t make the gameplay any less tedious if it turns out to be shit.

        • In the same time on the other side of the fence:
          Every group has retards.

        • I’ve been thinking this as well. I’ve seen lots of visuals and big explosions, but that’s all window dressing to me. We’ve seen a little bit of how the game plays, but not nearly enough to tell what it’s like to drive the tanks, whether it’s balanced or not, if it offers varied gameplay (or if all tanks and battles are copy-paste similar), and whether or not it is fun. We also know nothing about the grind, though we may be able to draw conclusions from their planes.

          Speaking of the grind, I’m already done with that in WoT. I have the tanks I want and I’m happy to just enjoy the ones I have. I’ll have no interest in Ground Forces if it has anything I consider to be a grind. This isn’t a sunk cost fallacy, it’s an analysis of marginal costs.

  4. “I went over their tank forums and there are all the idiotic myths that we managed to root out (especially on US forums). ”


    Some of them are. Some of them are not.
    There’s some very sensible and knowledgeable people lurking on the British section. “anglomanii” for example. BTW you want to know about Australian armour, ask him.

    • I look at the WT forums occasionally, plenty of nice people, plenty of nasty people; i don’t like how they talk about WOT, it’s that same kind of elitism you get in the battlefield community, it makes me feel uncomfortable :/.

  5. WT’s definately very pretty, and runs far better than WoT too. Past that, I’m going to withhold comment.

  6. World of War Thunder Tanks is not World of Tanks.
    Sorry but you are the fanboys here, no objectivity at all.

    game mechanics is one thing, But WoT Client Graphics/Performences is Unacceptable on all level.

    • Fanboys come in all shapes and sizes.

      I play both, and have fun on both, and help both out. Its like which console is better argument. Surely it doesn’t matter what other people do to have fun, if its not impacting your fun?

      Everyone here can bimble off and play World of war planes, or for all I care Red Barron 3d. No skin off my nose.

      • Surely it doesn’t matter what other people do to have fun, if its not impacting your fun?

        Completely agreed, problem is all the fanboys keep bleeting about WT on a WoT blog site…

    • Gameplay is only one thing ? It is the most important thing ,or we would be playing crisis in exclusion of everything else. And you call us fanboys …funny.

    • sorry to correct you , just a heads up, it’s simply War Thunder not world of War Thunder

  7. The engine of WoT is the biggest problem they have. I know people that just bought a killer laptop or PC, and still can’t play it at highest settings. Personally I am one of the lucky few that can play at high settings with decent framerate, but to think it is such a big problem with high end pc’s, is insanity at best.

    In these times it should not be a problem to build a game using all the pc’s cores or at least make use of the cores that are there. I am very interested to see WT Ground Forces in action, but the fact that I had to do challenges in WT to get into the closed beta put me off, I just suck in planes. ;)

    • only complete crap cant run wot on high settings… my brother has pc with amd thurion x2 quad andgraphic card for 130$ – hd7770 and can run wot on max with 40+ fps on fullHD resolution. on laptop with i7 and nvidia gt540m u get +40 as well. i got laptop with i3 and shitty nvidia G610m, and run it on low-medium settings on 20-25fps. improved graphics give me more fps than old render. ofc WT is much better, because i can run it smootly on medium -high, when i cant play WoWP because it overheats my processor.

      • The thing is its so CPU limited, atleast in my experience. Clocking to 4.6 ghz from 3.3 made all the difference. Easily got over 20-30 fps more on average by just doing that, so until we get multi core support, to a certain degree CPU is gonna do alot.

  8. Looks nice and i am really looking forward to this game :)
    But this competition will just lead to another Fanboy-War: “Fukc yu!!!! WOld of Tanks is shitt!!1″ “No u are shit and ur shit wt” and so on…
    From that what i’ve seen and read, WT will still be 2 DIFFERENT games and at the moment i think that i’ll play both :)

    • after 30k battles in WoT, i can only say that WoT is the shit, now is WT better, well in air it definitely is, on ground we shall see, and i can only hope it will be better, because im not returning on that nightmare called WoT

        • when something is better then it is better.
          if you have a need to call me a fanboy, then what are you, a fanboy of Wot?
          how name calling is doing anything here. i dont like WoT any more, as simple as it is, and i see some people are telling things that are not true, so why would i not correct that, not all people are lairs and they just are talking what they heard, this dose not make me a fanboy when i correct them, just a player that is sharing his knowledge. if you are gonna play WT or not is your to choose .
          if i am fanboy because of it, and if i am a fanboy because i like other game more then the first, fine im a fanboy of WT. but your name calling will not stop me to talking about it.
          im not arguing whit no one on his liking of wot, im just stating my opinion on WT.
          maybe you should learn to express your opinion first, and see what will happened, befour you try to offend some one.

          • He’s a braindead WG bot, don’t mind him. He attacks everyone who speaks negatively of WoT. :)

            • If you were paid to love wot/wowp/wg and hate verything else, you would be like that too. Actually, SerB just called me about some nice bonus for my effort on ftr comments. I think all-incusive two week trip to Mauritius with a top model of my choice sounds nicer than (yet another) Mercedes CLS AMG.

      • You say WoT “is the shit” and than claim that is an nightmare. You do know that “is shit” and ‘is the shit” are completely opposite statements, right?

        Anyway, as for the actual game, I will just have to play and see.

        • yeah, but you did understand what i wonted to say, and if you didnt then to be clear, i think that WoT is a garbage atm, well it all ways was a garbage but one didnt have a choice. i really dont see how gaijin can fail when it opposition is wg, i truly can’t imagine (do everything is posible). only thing wg is good for are hollow promises and making shit load of money, and on making shit load of money i bow my head in front of them.

        • Because there are already plenty of WarTards running around wot forums/blogs/whatever spewing their shit around, y’know?

          We (wot players) got this already – you kiddies went off to play another game. Cool. Now would you please, FUCK OFF? Or you think it’s better to start another “bf vs cod” shitwar?

          If it wasn’t for WarTards I wouldn’t give a damn about wt, but it’s too late. Because tards gonna tard and piss me (and maybe some other people too) off in the process.


          • last time I checked SS is writing about WT on this blog to, so piss off. and just to be clear, it is not like i am asking your permission kiddo. i have zero problems that you continue to play WoT, and I hope that I will never see you in WT, enjoy your experience in WoT as long as possible.

            • And how many articles about failthunder can be found on this blog? 10? Oh, wow, that’s like 0,1% of all articles… No, I’m not going to play gay thunder – all thanks to it’s playerbase, elitist wannabes, who think playing this crap makes you better than those “animals” who play wot/wowp.

              I really hope, that at least 50% of tomatoes will migrate to shit thunder and ruin your game. :D

              • Nope.
                WT doesn’t hold players hand like WoT.
                If you suck, you will progress extremely slowly, no matter how many premium vehicles you buy.

  9. Wonder that what is hardware specification of the computer which is photos taken? Shall we use “water cooled” crossfire graphic card? :)

    I choose the waiting of full release of WT to say something. Of course WoT has great advantage against WT. And WT has some advantages against the WoT too. But there are lots of point to affect gameplay of a tank game. So waiting is the best option for now!

    • you have no idea what you are talking about
      but hey .. rant away, maybe it will be enough for WG to update their shit engine

        • Actually, I had a quite decent setup with a quad core processor, but since WoT is very unoptimized and the engine is pretty damn old, I get about 30 FPS. On WT I usually run it on max 60 FPS (capped) at all times on quite high settings. Although, even at lower setting the graphics still look pretty good.

          In short, no, you don’t need watercooled crossfire graphics cards, though it is hard to get WoT to run very smoothly, unless you build your computer for that game specifically. Much harder than it is to get WT to run good.

  10. They will get me in a heartbeat if there is no such stupid RNG and the Game is less rigged like WoT! Best would be if no fucking stupid unrealistic Arty would be there.. ^^

    • nope there will be arty :) and you call can an arty barrage that will (almost always) kill the other tank, just watch the video that came from the Russian conference about WTGF

    • How is wot rigged? And fyi – gameplay from igromir (iirc) showed, that you can call arty barrage… With your tank On an enemy tank that’s 10 meters away.


        • Jesus Christ so what . If it is patented does not mean it is implemented . How many time is that shit going to be repeated.

          • It’s implemented, it was implemented way before they actually made it patented. Why would they otherwise make it patented and not use it? It’s like making an invention you made patented, then locking it up in your basement never to use it or sell it, and pay money for a patent that won’t even last forever. But I digress, it’s implemented, unfortunately.

            • >Why would they otherwise make it patented and not use it?
              Because they decided to ditch it? A patent doesn’t necessarily go away once you don’t need it anymore.

              >But I digress, it’s implemented, unfortunately.
              From my 7600 games that I’ve played, I have never seen a pattern of doing extremely well, then getting thrown into bottom tier matches into oblivion, nor has my matches or win rate done anything drastic despite regularly getting 60, 70, even 80% winrates repeatedly for days. If this was actually implemented, I would have noticed a trend by now, and if it were rigged, I would have seen my win rate oscillate all over the place. Instead, the win rate is extremely steady and any problems I have with losing are because of how each team plays, my own mistakes, and me simply not being able to keep up a 100% winrate.

              If I ever had a concern with the win rate on any level, I can easily explain it by the fact that World of Tanks is a Team Game, where cooperation, understanding the game, and understanding your tank are more important than how well you brawl. The game is built so a player cannot expect to carry an entire game by himself. My chances of success aren’t just because I can play a tank well.

      • Oh, the patent that mixes what tiers you get in a match? The patent which describes a game mechanic that a) doesn’t even seem to be operating, b) if otherwise, gets tossed once the wait time gets long in the tooth, and c) if otherwise, seems to have so little impact that the hopper’s population seems to be a bigger factor every time I play?

        WOT is built on the premise of a 2 tier spread for the majority of tanks. A Sherman can still contribute and win perfectly fine in a game with Pz IVs, SU-100s, and Tigers. The understanding that you will sometimes get into tier 7 matches is not hidden, not malicious, and isn’t rigged to kill winrate in any worthwhile sense of the term.

  11. i like the nice looking tanks at war thunder i hope this is how they gonna look in the game itself.
    and i must say i also love the way of grinding tiers by level like they have with their airplanes :-)
    i think both games have their own good things, i personaly love more the realisme in a game so i think i gonna be more into war thunder ground forces and people that love arcade i think they will lean more to world of tanks. so they are 2 differnt games i think so its gonna be difficult to compare them game play wise.
    and lets be honnest, competition is never a bad thing :-)

  12. I feel as if you are forgeting they are going to remake all the models in WoT. Also what I don`t find clever here is that WoT`s models are very old tbh(considering the rapid progress in graphics).

  13. thanks for the link! I ve been playing War Thunder for some time and I have to say its pretty good IMHO and definately much more fun that WoWp. I like the fact that you dont have to leave battle after losing airplane (tank), the way bombers and bases are set up, 3 different flight models and ofcourse the fact that it will be having sea land and air warfare in one map. I like WoT for sure but it needs something new. new maps, historical battles or somehting fresh to remain interesting for HC player like myslelf.

  14. WT has the better engine, no doubt. And when it comes to gameplay it is up to personal opinion.
    ’nuff said!

  15. Am I the only guy, who misses the old times? I mean – who cared about how the game looked when playing MULTIPLAYER? CS, ET, SoF2, Q2, Q3:A, UT… Good, old times.

  16. And don’t forget Audio aswell. Gaijin have recorded as many sounds as possible from every tank. And on a sidenote, they aren’t as “shiny” in the fights, its just the garage- And furthermore you can adjust and adapt sooo much in WT as far as lights glossyness and things.

    Im eagerly awaiting the second wave.

    • I don’t know if a possibility to adjust every GFX option is useful, I mean you need to know stuff about GFX to know which option affects your performance the most.

      Best example here is FarCry 3 and Serious Sam franchise, they have shitton of options to adjust every sinlge graphic effect and texture and I tell you, it’s a nightmare to configure.

      Majority of players don’t know what decals, post-processing, image filters, pre-rendered frames and other stuff is. It’s jsut something only a fraction of players will know hot to adjust and even then, it’s impossible to write a guide on how to make it right because every PC or Laptop is different, some are more efficient at processing high-res textures, others are better at rendering dynamic effects, other do meshes faster, some have problems with rendering particle effects.

      You know, GFX in games is very complex topic and if you give a common player an option to toy with it, he won’t get it because it requires a lot of knowledge for which not all have the time and will to learn.

      So in short, Too much GFX options = useless.

      • that’s why you have presets as well. N00bs choose presets that match their hardware, 1337 gamers tailor it to perfection.

        Everyone wins

      • ROFLMAO!

        “Too much GFX options = useless”

        You sir, are a complete TOOL that should probably stick to consoles, where the only customization they allow is “Brightness”!

        The nerve of the character… FC3 & SC have too many graphical options… You haven’t even SEEN the customization menu for Serious Same 3!
        Now THAT is a sign of a dev who trusts his customer that he knows what he is doing, and not a complete moron who has to accept predefined settings!

  17. If they could reconstruct WoT and add such awesome graphics than that would be super awesome.
    I wonder how will HD clyend actually look like, also thouse cool tank modifications that WG has prepared for us (or maby they are still preparing that stuff)
    That dude said in the asap 15 video said something about new skins .
    i wana see something like rusted or freshly painted and such

    Im looking forward to patch 9.0, lets see what they have to offer

    • clyend when read in proper English phonetics still sounds just like client, you shouldn’t care so much :) We never had a problem with grammar Nazis around here, so chill bro :D

    • I don’t think that pretty models are much of a threat to WoT.

      Notice that CoD and Battlefield, games that heavily rely on realistic GFX have also a very specific player base that doesn’t play other games much.
      I’m expecting WT players to be just the same way + they’ll be more favoring historicity than game play.
      I’m not saying it’s bad but… I’m glad they’ll go away from WoT

      • I’m glad you stay.

        Btw.: Just look at WoT and ask yourself:
        How many improvements was made during the first 2 years? Now, how many since WT started to become a widely known game?
        You know the answer. Without competition WG would do nothing. They promised (and made a video about) the physics during closed beta, and only released it… You know when.

        That’s how much a threat is WT for WoT. They even buy a psysics engine, because they version is a garbage.

        • We well know the answers and we know the competition is the best engine for developing even better the game for both company.

  18. no six sense nonsense? no space artillery view? no td’s cloaking devices and massive alpha?
    half ppl from our clan will leave wot for good if only gameplay will be at the lvl of planes. most of us played WoWp since early beta and when we started play WT…we just realized how much better planes can be, we hope the same for ground forces…solid kick from competition may only help WG.

    • I sense heavy driver here QQing how his tank is not invincible. Not only that, but he’s most probably shitty player too!! No space artillery view? Good luck with planes 1shoting you whenever they feel like and good luck with airstrikes being called by the tank standing in front of you and you can’t do anything about it. You and your half of the clan won’t be missed. Au revoir motherfucker

      • And here we can see the pest of the WoT playerbase in it’s natural habitat, protecting its game violently from any bashers with the intelligence of a jellyfish.

  19. WT economy is not as bad as you make out. Making credits is quite easy, just don’t suck at planes.

  20. Not sure if you’re an idiot Silentstalker since you make more credits playing events doing HB or FRB.

  21. Look interesting. I think I’ll try WT. But for the same reason as SS (economy) I’m not sure I’ll go on WT. I’ll see what WoT we’ll give us before.

    But… Damn the Pz. IV Ausf. H look really sexy. I want to get it on WoT. Even though some tree of WH isn’t really good, some idea are really great. At least for me, who love collecting tanks.

    • As much as I don’t want to bash SS, he absolutely has no idea how the WT economy is if he calls it worse than Wot’s. Just try it for yourself, play some HB and you will not have credit problems.

  22. and on the topic of grinding, i started to play WT 6 weeks ago, on all 5 nations i am tier 8, that is 40% of the grind in 6 weeks and im close on hiting all 5 on tier9, sry, but grind in WT atm is all most non-existing. im coming from games like navyfield where you needed at least 6 mounts to grind top ship in one nation, that is grind, and WoT all so become grind fest in last year or so.

      • Around Tier 14 it’s really slows down.
        In WoT I reached IS-7 in a year, but I only played Russian heavies (yeah, I don’t have too much free time).
        In WT I reached Tier 17 with Germans after a year, but I play all 5 nations (USA 15, Soviet 13, British 11, Japanese 12).
        +I spent a lot of time mastering the ridiculously bad Italian planes in Historical Battles :D

      • Yeah.

        So in WoT terms that means

        ” i started to play WoT 6 weeks ago, on all 5 nations i am tier 4″


        It slows down like hell when you reach higher tiers, just like in WoT. T14 slowdown in WT is the same as T7 in WoT.

        But in anycase. The biggest concern for me in WT ground forces is the spotting system. As all the info is transferred to all clients all the time you just cannot stay hidden. There are ESP hacks for WT that abuse this, but with planes it doesn’t really matter. Unless they change that part it’s like playing WoT where everyone can always see everyone.

        • so in wot i have maybe 5 tanks and at best 8, in WT i all ready have 100 planes to chose from, i dont have to pay for repair, i can play same planes over and over again, not waiting for battle to finish, all on lvl 8, and fun starts on lvl 5, and oh what fun it is, there is no fun on lvl 4 whit amx40. i just have to mention that i am free player, so cut that time in half for some one that is paying. you will not grind out 8 tier 4 tanks in 6 weeks whit a normal game play, and i played around one-one and a half hours a day. no, wot is not even close here.

    • Tank viewer doesn’t have the dynamic lighting and shadows which are enabled when you are in actual battle.

      But hey, let’s not rain on the WT fanboys parade “omg look how ugly WoT looks and look how good WT looks like, especially if we disable dynamic lighting from WoT!” ;)

        • Is it just me? Who don’t see a point in compared model made from 4-5 years ago to a new game?

          • Oh, come on, stop spoiling the fun! WarTards need to fap over how their game is better than this piece of excrement made by wg. :P

  23. Now if only WarThunder wasnt set to have garage battles forcing you to use your top tier vehicle and then once its gone your stuck with the garbage vehicles left in your garage.

  24. I don’t even care about WoT HD/Warthunder’s grafix, I care about the gameplay. That WoT2.0 project out somewhere on the horizon? Those speculative gameplay and map changes? If Warthunder Tonks HB can give us that, now, I’d be so happy.

  25. I wonder how one specific kind of people will manage to play WT: the people who can’t deal with SPG and cry like babies.

    WT has frigging planes who will be able to kill tanks with impunity (assuming the game has a minimum of realism)…just imagine the butthurt magnitude potential.

  26. Actually – I see what WG did there, it’s really cunning from the business point of view. They could’ve made the HD models this year – but then WT would come out with (possibly) better models. Now the momentum swings back to WG, because they see what quality is WT and they can work based on that and what players expect. And to be honest, if they can even them (or get close to that), it’s enough, because they have other trumps on their hands as well. I am expecting a sneak peeks of new models pretty soon, now~ :>

    (side note: I don’t consider playing tanks with planes together a trump card, rather the opposite)

  27. “Your turn, Wargaming.”

    who gives a shit? Gameplay beats graphics. I have yet to see any article about how WT will offer better gameplay than WoT.

  28. Really beautiful KV-2. Nice weld work WT. WOT model has some sort of hull MG or something on the left drivers plate where the real Model 1940 didn’t have anything but a small plug.

  29. “one thing that I don’t like is that War Thunder fans seem to be obsessed by one idea: “We are not World of Tanks”.”
    One of the worst thing a development team can do is ignore good ideas just because some other game did it first. I remember one of my complaints in mechwarrior online was that you had to sit and watch the battle after you died or you got no credit for the match and I asked why I couldn’t just exit out and hop in a different mech like in wot and was greeted with “this isn’t world of tanks” from a bunch of other posters ( I also got stupider objections but I don’t want to hurt your brain).

    • so in essence you are shitting on WT community because of the third party community. yes very logical.
      and how is Gaijin ignoring good ideas? on what did you percive Gaijin and it’s development team as ignoring good ideas, any examples?
      in what way WG is less ignoring any of idea that community gave them? i played WoT for 3 years, i NEVER saw serb or storm changed new patch on feedback or idea from community.
      in WT that i am playing for 6 weeks, i all ready saw that developers changed whole concept on community feedback.
      so really, what are you talking about?

      ty for information on mechwarrior online, i sure will not play that game now after information you just gave me .

      • “i NEVER saw serb or storm changed new patch on feedback or idea from community.”

        really?, i beg to differ.

        “ty for information on mechwarrior online, i sure will not play that game now after information you just gave me .”

        so basically career knight said they were being assholes and now you want to play?

        says allot IMO

  30. I like both models but wt model seems to be more shiner for some reason but also has better detail such as the better bolts and rifled gun. The only thing that sucks is that WT will not have any prototype tanks unless I am wrong I won’t mind seeing the fv4202 in WT graphics.

    • They already have the Panther II in game which really only existed as a prototype so they already kind of fucked up the ‘no prototypes’ promise, that or they are hopelessly retarded.

  31. I see almost all of WT’s tanks have their historical configurations (Tiger II 105 is separate). It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas. =)

  32. Sigh.. the average player is already bad as it is… least we need in the game is.. distractions..
    -Is that guy afk?
    -No i’m not, i’m just watching this awesome tank :D
    -Hey dude, come help.
    -Fuck you dood, i’m busy, graphics are so good.

    Bout the rifling.. yeah it looks cool, but seriously.. how many times do you watch into your KV-2′s cannon? :/

  33. >HD model
    I don’t give a fuck about that. I don’t need some rusty crap metal looks. I already have tons of shiny anime skin for my tonks.

    inb4 haters gonna hate.

  34. The only thing that Wargaming and WoT can exceel over Ganjii and WT is the E-Sport arena, which so far has very poor support from Wargaming (but it’s getting better rapidly).

    In any other matter… WoT comparing to WT is like game made 10 years ago… horrible optimilization, no multi-core support, bad support for most of the graphic cards, cheap graphics, bugged imbalanced game play, LAG LAG LAG, pathentic unqualified staff hired basing on volountary chat moderating during beta without basic education which gives us amazing 3 fail per week ratio…

    And about WarThunder and it’s economy system, first of all it’s not any worse than WoT was when the game wasn’t that popular and they needed money, secondly not alike WoT used to be it’s still not pay2win. There are no gold amo-like elements which give you advantage in battle and can be purchased ONLY for money (like it used to be in WoT). The “tough” economy system in WT makes it noob-proof, you can’t just buy top tier premium plane right ahead and ruin people’s games. People who suck are actively discouraged to play, and that’s how it should work.

  35. They can make the game as pretty as they want. Apparently that’s enough to win over the lemmings who like shiny things but having actually poured a significant period of time into war thunder, if I can live my life without ever seeing the words “Pilot has fallen unconscious” in an arcade battle ever again I will be too happy.

  36. are people that are playing WoT seriously using a gameplay as a strong side of WoT, really gameplay? pathetic, pls dont play WT ever, it’s just not for you, hide in a bush on A0.

    • Yes, because gameplay is the heart of every game. Right now WoT’s gameplay is good, and we will judge the gameplay of ground force when they release it, not beta. You can say that on WT planes is much better because of it’s gameplay and w/ much better graphics is a huge plus against WoWP. If you don’t agree that gameplay matters, then argue on classic tetris fans out there, I’m sure someone will point out bejeweled graphics is much better than tetris.

      • i agree that gameplay maters, but for me WoT has at best good gameplay, as WT in planes has at least very good game play. and to be clear, i am no aviator, i know squat about planes until u started to play WT 6 weeks ago, and the game is fun to play, fast to pick it up, and if you wont to learn some thing about flying community is very opened and there is plenty of youtube videos to lern something from.
        this is why i raised the question of gameplay in WoT as a strong point, and if it is something that WoT is doing it better, as i dont see it like that. but to be frank, most of people here are discarding WT only because they didnt play the game, and they invest to much time and energy in WoT, something that i can understand, i have 12 T10 tanks in WoT, 30k battles, over 3 years i have played WoT, Rage_Oddball is account, if you wont to check it out. i love tanks, but WoT becomed unplayable (for me), and no it is not the players that are guilty for that, but WG, refusing to make a game that is more challenging and refusing to implement game mods that will force one to use brain and play as a part of the team (sure there are noobs and trolls in WT, but no where near).
        on account of grinding, i am a free player, very very rarely i pay for game, so i understand grind, and i can say that grind is no where near as in Wot, they will change the way you open new planes in new patch that is coming out soon, but even that from what i can see is no where near what WoT have now.
        if you wont to have fun, and you have nothing against learning how to play, WT is very rewording, as it is made that one can make a difference, as in WoT, all your skill dose not worth nothing in matches 29 vs 1.

        • Just wait until Ground Force are released then see to it how players will react. I can’t say anything about WT GF right now because I don’t want to play alpha or early beta since it still sucks for me. I tried WT and it’s much better than WoWP in every aspect, and yes the optimization is nice and smooth. Btw, I don’t like planes, but still play WT time to time, but I can’t grind 2 games at once, so my focus right now is WoT where my friends are playing w/ me, but we’ll see at WT GF once they are out of.. is it Alpha or beta now?

        • Oh, the thought of shit thunder being some noob-free sacred ground while being free to play multiplayer game… So retarded, it’s killing me – call the doctor!…

  37. I like the visual on WT, and how they look kinda realistic in terms of imperfect welds, the top mantlet that looks like a recycled from another destroyed tank. But when it comes to game, I don’t care whether you got the best graphics or not, because I’m more focused on positioning, friendly troops and enemy troops, where to aim and I don’t see much realistic the enemy tank in front of me because I need to shoot and destroy that ASAP or hide behind cover, this is applicable to all action type MMO or MMORPG. But of course it’s good to see a realisitc graphics when I’m dead and viewing other tanks, or looking at my replays.

    But game’s success depends on gameplay, so far I’m interested in WoT’s gameplay and mechanics because they are the only one out there, and we will see what will ground forces when they officially release the game. For planes, it’s WT no question ask.

  38. I bought my way into CBT, anxiously awaiting the 2nd wave invite. I love WoT and sorta hope it proves the bettter tank game, but fans of both titles have to admit that the competition is a good thing for the players.

    Personaly speaking; arty is the worst part of WoT, and as I see that each light/medium can call and aim their own barrage then add in the thought of player crewed bombers dropping tons of HE in a carpet, or pimpoint (Ju87/IL2/P47) dropping HE/rockets/23mm on my upper plate I have a great deal of trepidation for WT winning the “fun to play tanks” crown.

    • maps on WT are 62km large, they will probably be even larger when tanks come in to play, as the engin can suport very large maps, 200+km, your tank will be just a pixel on an aviator screen, so first he will have big problems just to find you, i dont think that gaijin is stupid enough that will paint tanks as soon as they are in range of 5km from you, there is a skill in WT that you have to increase so your pilot can see further in front of him self.
      so sure you will be in problems once you have been find, but not all planes can carry bombs, not all planes can kill you whit gun fire, most of the planes will have to fly low to kill a tank, and remember that there are AAA gun points all over the map, and players will use them to, so this is not some easy task to do any more, on top of that there will be your fighters protecting you, you can dodge attacks, if attacker attacks you, you just need to brake left or right, they cant change direction that fast.
      and to hit a target whit a bomber from 4000m, forget about it, only if you drive in a strait line, and so you know bomb falling from 4000m needs about 20 sec. to target, so yeah… ;).
      the game by all logic should be very fun, Gaijin is not some no name firm like WG, that all most no one heard for until they made WoT, gaijin has some respectful games under his belt.

      if nothing ells, dose that will simple not switch to WT will probably get much better WoT as WG will have to fight some really good competition, and that is all i’m saying.

      • So the gameplay will be completely different from short fast battles in WoT. Than comparing these games is like comparing apples to oranges.

  39. I can’t really understand why so many people are nit-picking at ‘too much detail’ on the tank.
    1. You’re only going to notice this stuff in your garage, in game you will (or probably should be) more focused on the map and whats happening around you. If you are distracted by the rust spots on the lower glacis of the enemy tiger you’re trying to engage 1000m away, you probably have some form of mild ocd.
    2. Now I know a little while ago WT released a patch whereby any aircraft you buy in game comes in a degraded condition, and you have to basically repair fuselage etc. As if you just requisitioned this aircraft after they finished hosing out the remains of its last pilot from the cockpit. Would it not be safe to assume the same thing will happen for the vehicles? And beyond that, if you repair your hull/components, would they not look all shiney and new? (idk. on this count, just speculating)
    3. Since when has any gamer, anywhere, anytime deplored improved graphics in a game? Guess this is the age of free-to-play MMO’s and forum boards now. But it kinda seems like if you have nothing to complain about, you’ll invent something. Either that or WoT fanboys who are lashing out at WT as if them lauding one over the other entitles them to any form of credit for the games creation…. (ps. before anything, I play Wot, and have played WT a bit, but more invested in WoT for now).

  40. why does everyone hate the economy in WT? i personally like it. amd you should look at the rest of the pics. iz pretty

  41. Well, WT servers are down, because 1.37 is coming.
    And Dx11 renderer with it.
    I’m hyped.

    And a little fact:
    New planes are quite polished.
    After a few hundred battles it starts to loose same painting, etc. :P
    So tanks will be rusty when you max them out, not when you buy them…