First, I’d like to thank you all, who kept me “supplied” by fresh WG fails – there were plenty today. The 3-day premium on EU server, the crap with 1 percent discounts (yes, I know it’s because of the slots, still looked pretty silly) and US server didn’t have working ingame discounts altogether (did they fix that already?). Unfortunately, I simply can’t post everything – I wouldn’t be doing anything else.

Merry Failmas!

- according to Storm, the statement that World of Tanks (on any settings) performs (FPS) worse than any other MMO game is false
- the IS-6 event is enormously popular on Russian server, Storm states he is proud for the WG folks who invented it, because there hasn’t been such an activity for a very long time (picture by LJ member pastor_rk_):


- Storm adds that with such numbers, tier 6 vehicles will sometimes have to wait in a queue
- Storm states it’s not possiblem to fix such huge tier 6 queues by creating tier 6 only battles, because that would break the even battletier spread rules (SS: as in, tanks have to drop to lower and higher battletier battles evenly), hence some tier 6′s will occasionally have to wait
- “World of Infantry will most likely not come, but WG is working on a new, yet unannounced project…”
- the “unannounced project” will definitely be an online game, according to WG developers, singleplayer games are slowly disappearing from the scene, MMO games are apparently considered to be the future (SS: wut?)
- the main playerbase for Xbox WoT are American players, that’s why the early version has no Soviet tree

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  1. Same reasoning for WoWS, the NA community is big, and so was their navy.
    No Navy for you Russian Communists.
    Not until after the Japanese, American, British and maybe the Germans :)

    • I don’t think it’s that simple, WW II era Soviet Navy was indeed nothing special but during Cold War, soviets did have a formidable Navy, although it differed greatly form US it still had huge strategical potential, thus you can expect many Russians to be interested in WoWs even if the soviet ships in game won’t be impressive

      • Thats not 100% true. The Soviet Union has us firms design “unlimited class battleships” during the 20s and 30s since the Soviet Union didn’t sign the treat. Ships that were not too far off the Iowa class BB’s tbh. I expect some interesting thing to be coming.

      • True, but the game only goes up to the Korean War, and there are no guided missile ships, which limits what produced designs can be used.

        Fortunately the Russians had a lot of paper stuff to dream about.

      • USN and IJN until release
        RN after or at release
        Germans and Russians come 4th or 5th, they haven’t decided yet.
        After that is probably the French and Italians, but that is 2015 territory earliest, more likely later

    • Wasn’t the soviet tree confirmed for release…I remember the tears that were shed on the NA forum when that was mentioned in a Q&a

  2. “singleplayer games are slowly disappearing from the scene, MMO games are apparently considered to be the future (SS: wut?)”
    Of course they are the future. Nice example is bioshock Infinite, a bad story and bad critics. And GTA 5 is so famous only cause of its multiplayer, nobody plays the singleplayer in GTA 5. It’s just cause these companies can make easier money with MMO’s. I don’t think that MMO’s are a bad idea but singleplayer games are disappearing? No, there are just more and more MMO’s…

    • it’s not as simple. As far as I know, the Bioshock Infinite story was critically acclaimed and as far as I know, it’s pretty much impossible to make a good story and a multiplayer game together. Probably the best attempt was the Old Republic – and that was because the multiplayer “open world” element was limited via heavy instancing.

      • Bioshock Infinite was also critically called out for not being a bioshock game.

        And online games are the future sadly, it always come back to the fact that the whole entertainment spectrum in the videogame industry has been explored : all genres have been explored, mashup have been made, some worked, other didn’t, some try to mash even more genre into one, which result in a shit game because of gameplay conflict, etc…

        Players grow bored of feeling like they play the same game with different colors.

        The only genre that make a slow but successfull comeback (unlike the subscription-based MMO, who are dieing a lot and are forced to go F2P if they even want to last for a little bit longer) lately is the arena type, which isn’t a singleplayer genre per se, seeing the light of day with Quake, UT, DotA, etc… and mostly pushed forward by LoL, then HoN, then Dota2, and i skip some others too.

        Technically WoT is also an arena game, as you control one unit and rely on your knowledge and skill to make a difference against players that might have a similar or higher capacities (unless you fall on the siemas, there is no way in hell you brain can fry trying to outplay them)

        MMO is a misused term anyway, it mainly describe a game whose world is entirely open and always changing, either by updates from the devs, or by player influences, kind of like planetside 2, a game using lobbies is NOT a MMO, and anyone using this term for such game is an illiterate, period.

        So no, MMO are not the future, online arena games are, the singleplayer games are falling into dust after a while and almost nobody remember them as, again, they feel like they are playing the same exact game they played last time, just with different faces, and boring scenarios revisited a million time.

        • “they feel like they are playing the same exact game they played last time, just with different faces, and boring scenarios revisited a million time”

          I’m feeling the same with today’s MMO games. Most of them have the same principle, nothing new… Look at WoT and it’s copycats, most of them are based on “destorying the other team or capping something” principle…. I’m mentioning LoL and its deriatives too, of course…

          To be honest, I’m feeling much better with my old singleplayer games with awesome modding capabilities.

    • I have a strong distaste for SP games, have hard time finishing them. But bioshock kept my attention to the end, I thought it was good.

    • I guess they (WG and other puplishers) propaply know better than us how the market shares look like. And I reckon there is a trend towards multiplayer games especially considering Triple A games.
      But there always be Singleplayer games. If the big puplishers deliver less of them, you will find them in the indie scene.

    • dafuq are you talking about?! GTA 5′s story was fantastic, its the only game in years that i’ve actually sat through and played the story completely, always wanting to progress especially because of the heists. what you said doesn’t even make sense either, the MP component fo GTA5 wasnt out until 2 weeks later, and it was still the biggest, fastest, most profitably earnings game ever to date, grossing near what is now, 1.5 billion globally. bigger than anything. why? because of the story, no one got GTA5 for the MP because it wasnt released for 2 weeks, 3 weeks if you count when it was ‘stable’.

      HL2, everyone played the story, ep1/ep2/portal/portal2 etc the list goes on of great single player games over the years, bioshock too, SKYRIM, binding of isaac, dont starve…

      mmo’s are saturating the market, most of them are rubbish or unsuccessful only a few hold any weight these days, wow/gw2/WoT/War Thunder, not many are around that give you a good experience. anyways, thats my 2 cents, carry on.

      • One thing is for sure; Singleplayer games are still alive, at least for next 10-20 years. (When we die, they’ll die too :D)

  3. IS6 for free?

    Time vs Money.. it is cheaper to buy an IS 6 than to afford all the time for grinding ;)

        • And there are kids who don’t have money but play a lot anyway… Yeah, it’s faster to make the money for the IS6 if you have a job/ you can afford it. The important thing in my opinion that this is a game and now if you play certain tanks you get a premium tank for free. If somebody thinks that its a job now to earn 700k xp then he/she is stupid.

      • Well, since my work mostly involves pretty naked ladies I have to take pictures of, I’d rather work that 20 minutes it’s taking me to earn the money for an IS6 :o

        • I volunteer as an assistant for you :)
          I’m even willing to work without payment (or at least the amount for the IS-6 once).
          Where do I have to apply?

  4. - the IS-6 event is enormously popular on Russian server, Storm states he is proud for the WG folks who invented it, because there hasn’t been such an activity for a very long time

    Not sure if one can be happy about this, player activity just because there is an event going…

    • I don’t know whether I would laugh or piss on this.

      When I used to propose such offers on forum a short while ago, I’d get neg repped and none of the WG staff would take me seriously, but now it is great idea.

      Well, FUCK YOU!

  5. according to Storm, the statement that World of Tanks (on any settings) performs (FPS) worse than any other MMO game is false

    WAT ?

    are u serious ?

    • Jingles has a good point about that in his latest Mingles with Jingles (starts at around 7:40ish). He points out that, on his PC, Warthunder runs smooth at 60 FPS maxed out, while WoWp bare gets 20 FPS on the same hardware.

      AFAIK, WoWp and WoT shares the same Bigworld game engine, so some comparison can be made between those two games.

      The bugs with the new graphical effects in the 8.10 test server clients, and those in the 8.9 live client just makes Storm look an ostrich with its head in the sand….

      • War Thunder is okay,but I get stable 50FPS in ArmA 3 on maxiumum settings,but unstable 25 in WoT? WTF?!

          • Let’s just put it to the point – WoT is the _only_ game that has serious FPS issues.

            Some people that don’t have these issues (I know some of them) have a fast internet connection _and_ an actual PC, but even some of these guys with the latest equipment and fast internet connection have serious FPS problems only with WoT.

  6. He does have a point about MM. The way MM is currently working, most tier 6 players will get tossed into battles where it’s only or mostly tier 6s anyway. It’s a flexible system.

    • I confused with the large number of tier 6s I thought there would be a lot of queue dumps to alleviate the long wait times

      • I believe he was saying that MM will make what regular T6 battles it can but while it’s doing that some T6 will have to wait for it to just dump them all into T6 only battle as that is not a preferred match style.

        So MM tries to fit the T6s into slightly T6 heavy normal mm style matches then after the set wait time it begins to push them into T6 only battles until it had enough of the other tiers to go back to normal matches again. Then it repeats

        • When it’s high peak tier 6 time, yep. That’s how it is.

          Unfortunately, we don’t have that happening on the west coast server right now. In the 15 battles I played, I kept getting top tier 6 matches or bottom tier 8 and only 1-2 tier 7 matches. There just isn’t that much of an interest in the mission in America.

  7. I wonder how many people haven’t read the small print about being in the top 10 XP and will camp at the back and do nothing and waste a day or 2 till they realize.
    If it takes a free tank to get people active on the battle field WG should give 1 way every month

  8. Yeah, thanks to this tier 6 event I plan to harvest many pubbies in my KV-5 and other pref MM vehicles.

    • According to the latest development in teamplay I’d rather say World of Zombies – WoZ

      • Other variants:

        World of Bugs
        World of Lags
        World of Retards
        World of Campers
        World of Your opinion is important to us
        World of How terrible

        Sorry, but atm I’m not in a good mood.

  9. Meh i was happy with 250.000 missions. Bring them back damn it. Made a lot of credits from those. I was able to buy X tier easy, but i’m not gonna GRIND that much XP in tanks that i don’t like. Plus i don’t even have french, british or chinese tier VI’s in the first place.

  10. Unannounced game, eh?
    It’s not about tanks, planes or ships as they are already making those… It’s not an “on foot” shooter as they don’t want to make it… It’s not a fantasy MMO as they have said that they don’t want anything to do with elves and orcs.

    World… Galaxy of Spaceships confirmed!

  11. “MMO games are apparently considered to be the future”
    LMFAO here, that will never happens thanks ping and lag.

  12. I closed the window of the link to the latest version of Tank Inspector, and I cannot find this link now. The previous version no longer works, now. Do you have the link to the latest version?

  13. The FPS problem is a real one, WoT averages at 30FPS on my system while Warframe never drops below 50FPS maxed out, go figure. Oh and their engine is natively multi threaded, 64-bit and DX11-compliant. Big World is just a huge pile of unoptimized dated crap.

  14. Anyone willing to attempt this IS-6 event should go work a minimum wage job for a day instead and save yourself countless hours.

    • Good point tbh. You could either spend a day working and potentially being bored, or a whole month grinding and /ripping your hair out over the amount of braindead potatoes that are playing T6 because of the event.

      • OR, or, wait for it… OR, you could play well, and do the missions in half the time everyone suggests, while still having fun since this is a game after all, and spend your REAL money on having fun with your friends or wife… huh? how about that horrid idea?

  15. - according to Storm, the statement that World of Tanks (on any settings) performs (FPS) worse than any other MMO game is false
    Yeah it does better than some games made 10 years ago… Oh wait, it doesn’t

  16. i think only problem is the standard mode is a nightmare and the best mode is more heavy. Some effect not work good. With all effect low i dont have a stable fps with a geforce gtx 650… sometimes an effect drop down my fps. But with my 660ti i dont have any problem :P dinamyc effect not work great for me

  17. - according to Storm, the statement that World of Tanks (on any settings) performs (FPS) worse than any other MMO game is false

    That game is world of warplanes.

  18. The unannounced game is probably the Chris Taylor (WG Seattle) project. I reckon ‘World of War’ (combined arms). MMORTS.

    Considering Taylor is most famous for large-scale RTS, which WG would have factored in when deciding to buy his studio, I am curious to see how it meshes with WG’s obsession with casual appeal to maximise the player base (see earlier post by SS on the F2P model). RTS is hardly the most popular or casually appealing genre, and adding ‘scale’ is quite a nerd-focused attribute; the average person probably deals better with more cartoony, smaller-scale, character-oriented Blizzard-like stuff.

    • Also, something people mightn’t have factored into the IS-6 grind (which I won’t be doing): you get to keep all the credits and XP you earned in the process… so it isn’t ‘just’ an IS-6/gold reward.

  19. (My opinion)-According to storm they got no failures on the engine side,no cheating and low fps story is a lie.He is not so different than SerB if we compare their trolling level.That explains why did he called “i5+gtx 650″ in the first place.

    I had several fps issues with WoT ,tried several combinations did not worked.Until 8.0 patch,after 8.0 i gained at least 10fps and less stuttering.
    So what “Amd” brand cpu users gonna do ? I do not wanna mention about Bulldozers but even 2nd generation of them cannot provide core power like Intel processors do.
    Simply,WG supports Intel processors shown or hidden i do not know.The only thing i know is,Storm does not think multi-core support is necessary (which is necessary,it will be 2014 in a few weeks) I do not believe they are working on 64-bit client either,so that will prevent their huge map projects or will create problems if they ever released.

    For now,Wg just focused on tank trees,fake discounts on WoT.It’s a great game,i love it but their attitude about game mechanics and customer support is really awful.

    I’m waiting for 9.0 and 9.x series patches.We will see what’s going to happen after Havok physics implemented.

    P.s:Singleplayer games will not going to extinct never,ever.If you just visit Steam website or client itself,you will see there are lots of singleplayer games in the store,especially indie games are really popular in these days.MMO is another genre,i agree it has a future but carrying a MMO title does not mean,that game will hit the scores of all times.