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Hello everyone,

last week, a few guys asked me, when will I write the next post about the Turán. The truth is, I was willingly postponing it, because the sources I have contradict each other and it’s a bit annoying to glean the truth. Last night, after going through the books yet again, I decided to re-focus the “historical articles” somewhere else.

As you probably know, I am Czech and as a part of the European tech tree preparation, I will be feeding data about Czechoslovak tanks to Wargaming. Starting now, I will start working on more detailed Czechoslovak project breakdown, as there is now a secure and reliable channel (thanks to very forthcoming stance of some WG people from Minsk, which I really appreciate), how to actually feed data to Wargaming, who in turn can use it to create the EU tree. This approach has two advantages:

- first, ideas and proposals (in this field anyway) of EU/US servers will be heard
- second, Wargaming already knows this approach works from the Japanese tree

At the same time, Italian vehicles are being “researched” through the same channel. However, what is lacking is someone with very good (!!!) knowledge of Hungarian and Polish vehicles (preferably a Hungarian or Polish person, as the best sources/archive data are found only in the native languages, just like it is in the Czechoslovak tech tree). If you know of such a person or think of yourself as such a person, please don’t be shy and contact me at

Together, we can help build the EU tree. The results of such research will be published as series of detailed articles in the future, so even you, who just read FTR, have an idea where the research is going. Please note that I do not claim to be essential for WG effort or anything: but every little bit helps, every little bit makes the tree come a bit faster.

Also, please note that the same research is going on for British vehicles, with some possibly interesting results. We’ll see.

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  1. Ugh, damn, if I had the money, I would buy the Slovenian armor book, which is about the slovenian and yugoslavian tanks from WW2 and the cold war….. :/ no moneh :(

    • Ummm, i don’t think that yugoslavia had any of it’s own vehicles, it used mostly soviet and american tanks, the more ”customized” and truly yugoslav tanks start coming around just after the end of korean war, which is sadly the top epoch for WoT :p.

      But i would love to see teški tenk- model A, very interesting :)

      • Well, there was the M4 Sherman, armed with a 122mm IS cannon… And well, yugoslav tanks wouldn’t be that much different that the whole chinese tech tree, not counting WZ light tanks and the WZ heavy prototypes. There were some modifications, especially on the T-54 tanks.

        • Yeah, t54/55, t55a, yugoslavia really started to shine in the late 60′s through to 80′s, it would be great to if wg made a modern tank mode/game as i’d love to see
          the M-95 Degman and M-84D and others (PT-91, T-90, TR-125, Abrams :D )

    • you can not go wrong with these two (especially with the first one if you do not know Serbian)

      “Oklep na Slovenskem” Iztok Kočevar
      “Jugoslovenske Oklopne Jedinice 1945 – 2006″ Bojan Dimitrijević

  2. Finding some post WW2 Polish tanks (or at least Polish modifications os soviet tanks) will be very difficult. There might be some blueprints in Wojskowa Akademia Techniczna (Military University of Technology).

    Well, Minsk could get their Paris minions to look out, I think.

    SerB: Siemka, siemkaland community team! With this Executive Order No. 4827 you’re going to search for Polish tanks!
    Polish community team: oh noez! We’z too busy doin failurez in Paris!
    SerB: Silence! Those who oppose will be sent to Siberia and work for 25 rubles per month!
    Polish community team: qq


    • For post war tanks interesting source may be main polish producer of tanks Bumar. They have their own R&D department. I think they may have some interesting blueprints. Something interesting may be also in HSW (Stalowa Wola Iron Works) archives. I know that in few factories used by germans during occupation survived few production blueprints of tanks or vehicles produced there. Don’t forget about our military musums. They also got very interesting archives.

  3. Damn… I’m Hungarian but I don’t know a thing about “our” tanks… :’( If anyone needs some translation I can help him, just find me on facebook, with the same name :D

    • Same here… i am a Hungarian too, but have no idea where could books about hungarian tanks…
      maybe i give it a try in the local library…

  4. I might know the best man for the job. If I can persuade him, and he’s got enough time, you will be flooded with Hungarian Tank info and develompent. Wish me luck SS! :D

  5. Alas, my nation has already been implemented. Not very well, but it is there.

    And with your support I’m sure that those bugs will have a better chance of being fixed :)

  6. SS, I really hope they contact the Swede who’s name escapes me right now, that you published the other day. He has developed and discovered that Sweden has/had a plethora of projects, revisions and prototypes that would more than fit into the game.

    These tanks might have been influenced heavily by their contempories but they would add a different blend rather than these copy paste Chinese Soviet clones.

    There are so many countries that have potential to be in the game with dozens of prototypes and models. I for one wouldn’t mind trees that don’t make it to tier 10 but I feel all individual countries who had projects, should be recognised.

    I’m hoping the EU branch is just for countries that never managed to retain an independent tank design branch after the war. Italy, Sweden, Israel, various Arab countries, other Commonwealth nations and the Czechs could viably have their own trees. The middle eastern tree will be a massively upgunned copy paste though.

  7. Silent,
    while at it maybe You can drop them a hint to change top AufklarungsPanther turret into something more suitable, like a spotter turret (Beobachtungsturm) on a spotter (well… light) tank.