Preliminary WoT statistics


Hello everyone,

Maiorboltach from Russian LJ brought us interesting statistics for World of Tanks in 2013.

- in December, World of Tanks registered 75 mil. registered players worldwide
- online peak (for all servers?) this year was 1,152,261 users
- 17 billion tanks were destroyed in 2013
- 201 billion shots were fired in 2013
- the amount of WG employees worldwide exceeded 2200

38 thoughts on “Preliminary WoT statistics

  1. I don’t really see what the number of shots fired stat has to do with anything…

    Imagine someone comes to you and says: “There have been 200 billion shots fired in this game, over the past year. What the hell does this statistic tell you about the game? Is it good? Is it bad?

      • About 12 shots per tank destroyed – That one hell of a lot better than I would have guessed from public matches.

      • Daigensui has the point :P I would really like to know that and the percent of how much the number of them fired has increased.

      • WG have often quoted 5% i think, but when you realise they introduce tanks like the T7 clown car that spam shots its pretty meaningless.

        I would highly recommend the Received Damage Announcer mod (search WOT EU mod forums for it) This tells you what round is been firing from what tanks at you, i was stunned at the amount of gold being fired even at tanks two tiers lower and flank shots, such a waste

  2. - 201 billion shots were fired in 2013

    And nearly twice as much shots of vodka were consumed by WG Minsk alone.

  3. 75 Million players registered, but how many of them have:
    - zero battles
    - 1-1000 battles
    -1000+ battles

    Can we have a statistic like this?

  4. 74mil players – yeah right.. minus all the 0 Battle Fake Accounts that are out there, we speak about the half ^^

  5. - online peak (for all servers?) this year was 1,152,261 users

    And this game was dying since like 0.7.2? It seems like the vocal minority strikes again.

      • The game have been “dying” after every patch since… they started the open beta?

    • From a metacritic user review at May 14 2011: “So in short this is one to avoid. The DEVs are now only interested in scrambling as much gold sales before the game dies completely. This week has already seen a 25% drop in server population.”

      That was 3 days after the release of the patch 6.4 that brought us Löwe.

      So yeah. WoT totally died back then. Just as it has been dying all the time.

      • “Game X will be the death of Game Y” said by morons ever since the first games were published :)

        • The following games have killed WoT:
          Diablo 3
          Battlefield 3
          Mech Warrior Online

          It’s lovely to read the old forum threads from time to time. I didn’t really understand back then why those games would kill WoT and I still don’t. Maybe one day I will understand why BF3 will certainly be the death of WoT ;)

    • 1.000 to count the money that comes from the users buying gold and special gifts from the shop,
      1.000 to run a rigged website with incorrect statements and mixed languages within the single pages,
      199 to administrate the new acquisitions (bank in cyprus, office buildings)
      1 for “your opinion is important to us”
      2.200 – that’s it.