27 thoughts on “New Great European Random

  1. So, breakdancing tanks is a new feature? Did I miss something with the update? xD The tank will spin a few times if you hit the ammo rack? :D:D

  2. Hum…

    Perfect exemple of unfair mod avantage with the TD using minimap view angle to kill someone (and zoom in??? not sure but he zoom reaaly fare i think).

    • Mate, you do realize all the mods seen are on woras’ computer, not the replay sender’s, right?

      Everything you saw were extra effects added during production, you have no way of knowing what the player sending the replay was thinking and what he shot at.

      • If you send a video, the video got your mod.

        And i think they have same mod.

        And, i think it was a vidéo, because he check minimap always, and, i don’t think in replay you have minimap check like this (and it is a zoomed minimap).

        So, you are wrong.

        • “If you send a video, the video got your mod.”
          Havent seen more dumbiest statement this month :D

          And by the way – it was me who zoomed the Locastan minimap :)